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  1. Preferentiality.

    Exactly. I cringe when people start spouting out about how they are open minded and give everything a chance and never judge anyone and always have a positive attitude towards new stuff and in love with all the colors of the rainbow. Gives me the image of a Disney cloning vats releasing these people. I put it just down to ego stroking.
  2. Marriage problems?

    If your worried, counseling is the only thing I can suggest.
  3. Norse Mythology Mafia

    Esequiel being killed was hardly a random kill after he gave out information, hard to deny or agree that it is connected to Nintendohnut in some way. Especially so soon after him coming out with the info. Lets just hope it does not discourage any other info gatherers from sharing their gains...
  4. Norse Mythology Mafia

    Probably investigated his home or something. If his investigation led to Nintendohnut living in an armory then we can most likely assume that he (Nintendohnut) is a dwarf. If I remember my Norse mythology correctly, dwarfs helped the Norse gods a lot so I'm gonna peg Nintendohnut one step closer to the good side.
  5. Your favourite/best gaming podcasts?

    Not many but I stick with Giantbomb and 4playerpodcast. Been meaning to check out Mega64's podcast soon. The recent E3 podcasts have been fantastic, despite their length.
  6. Norse Mythology Mafia

    My first post here, nothing specific too report. I am finding everything strangely silent, one would think that by now our investigators and info-gatherers would have gotten some results by now that could forward the conversation. At least no one has been killed so either Tales has not sorted trough the targets or the mafia is biding its time.
  7. Mundi! I want you to play my mafia game :) It's 007 themed, and it's going to be awesome! Sign up here :)

  8. Norse Mythology Mafia

    I'm in, should be interesting.
  9. X-Men: First Class

    Most likely that and it fits with the CIA spending millions on researching mental powers during that time. Just could have handled better.
  10. No problem man, it was early enough to be an acceptable townie mistake. My only problem is being taken out so early in the game :Þ
  11. With every fiber of my being I stab at thee, as long as blood flows through this heart I will hunt you down. I will be the stuff of your children's nightmares. And then, when nothing can be heard but your cries of agony, I will pull the chain and let the beast devour you. Mark my words: I will have my revenge, SIR. JONNAS!
  12. Not liking the whole: "Kill randomly" Vote: ReZourceman
  13. X-Men: First Class

    Could be, but they never establish that.
  14. X-Men: First Class

    Really enjoyed it, best X-men film in my opinion, despite the incredibly lazy writing.