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  1. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven’t really eaten today, but now I plan to drink until I can’t feel. Hopefully 9 beers can do it. Ha who am I kidding I can’t drink that many beers. I get too full. Bleeeeeh. 6 beers , still feel. 3 at 7% two aay 8.3% one at 6.1%. Need more. Then I can rin my life properly. Or just nap til tomorroy. Blowing out my candle not tho
  2. How in the fuck is this being allowed....
  3. Sadness

    I don’t know, ask Pavlov
  4. Sadness

    This thread/game just won’t die hahaha
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I now have in my possession a PSVR. (With a nicely fitting headset more comfy than expected.) now if only I had the ambition to set it up tonight. Honestly they put some thought into the try it at home program. Instructions on how to pack it back up and a return shipping label is provided right away. Also I was mistaken when I read the original email, it straight up comes with Skyrim VR (I originally thought it was a demo). For $300 I don’t think there exists a better bundle. Maybe they’re making up to PS+ subscribers for the previous months of poor games. This is my first time holding move controllers though and, they seem fine other than the trigger is very squishy ala DS3 instead of DS4. I’ll actually set the damn thing up Wednesday.
  6. Death Stranding (PS4 Kojima)

    I agree with Ronnie here. I can certainly handle any of the grueskme shit but it’s becoming more prevalent and a lot of it is poorly implemented shock value shit. It’s a lot like the flak Tomb Raider 2013(2012?) came under for the borderline rape torture porn of Lara. (Though I don’t think the scenes I saw were that OTT or poorly implemented). In regards to these more current games I’ve only seen a bit of Detroit and it’s child abuse scene. If the game wants to have an abuse scene that’s great, but for better or worse I want the scene presented believably and meaningful. It shouldn’t exist just to check a box and make the audience go “oh that’s horrible”. Like 127 hours. (Never saw it but know the story). The way most games handle a situation they want to keep the action rolling. James Franco would have chewed his arm off in the first 5 minutes if it was a video game. I feel I’ve rambled and droned on incoherently long enough but still would like to mention Hellblade and it’s presentation of mental illness. Again, it was handled very well, in a realistic manner. In a way to make people think. It easily could have gone the other way and have people be disgusted and unhappy with how an illness was presented.
  7. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah. Guy got srrestedd is all I got. Home again aftwr all the death business. It fucking sucks. 8 years ago wel all got together for my grnadmas 80th birthday. And then that was it. I didn’t see those family members until.....well some last year and some this year. Aunts and uncles made it for my uncles funeral last year. A very ninor family reunion occured basically. Then this year my geandma. So it’s horrible circumstances but we make the best of it. I got to see and meet a lot of cousins. And as exhausting as it was to constantly socialize (and aleep in a childs bed)(minus the child of course) i come home and its just so lonely. Blrh One cousin. She’s 5. She reminds me soooko so so much of my youngest nices. Nieces. Singular i mean. The look of them the manner they speak. So similar. And I picked up and she latched ahold and hugged me. Then said ahe wasn’t going to let go of me until her dad gor thwre. She was fvinf one armed hugs while I held here hahaha. *held her*. Another cousin sin had a cyst during that soesnt flow roght. She was the fetus. The cyst caused her brain to form around hiiigdjndndndndn form around it. Shes 15 and mentally aboit 8, But just so friendly and sweet. Hugging everyone and wanting to be best friends woth everybody. Rue whiskey beer sadmness. Better than arrests jn my lub tho
  8. Bayonetta 1+2 Hitting Switch In Feb

    I bought the second game and.....then played the first again and never put the second in. So this is good.
  9. Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    Yeaaaaah. Double/triple dip for me. I never did beat 1 or 3. 2 doesn’t exist to me. I got furthest on 1 on the original actually instead of the HD release.
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Got a cryptic as fuck email that prizelogic was shipping a package to me. Apparently that’s the PSVR, should arrive Friday.....while I’m still in New Hampshire so I guess it won’t get signed for yet haha.
  11. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m American (Irish German descent) so....also no. Which @Ronnie my fuck you was meant to be cheeky by the way.
  12. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oor, fuck you get drunk and join in on the fun. Or the not fun. Or don’t. I’m not a cop. Certainly don’t deplete it though. There is a lot of history in this thread. Lock it at kost but I personally hope not.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    Thank you, we’re doing fine. We arrived in time to see her and all. Sat in the room for a while, she passed this morning around 2 am. She was alert for a bit. And could answer yes and no questions by nodding. @Animal very sorry to hear all that, the anniversaries of losses are just so hard, and then your work being snarky. I feel snarky is the best word for it. Telling you you don’t care about the job because you want a day that is important to you off? Fuck them. I called work Sunday night 9pm and told them I won’t be in this week, my dad did the same with his job.
  14. bad stuff thread.

    Off to New Hampshire today to hopefully make it in time to say bye to my last grandparent. My dad called last night to let me know my grandma (his mother) might not make it through the night. Last year it was my dads oldest brother and now this. Plus side it’s a minor family reunion just under not good circumstances.
  15. Destiny 2

    Well that’s shit timing, I’ll be away from my PS4 until next week