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  1. The Trump Presidency

    I watched it last night and
  2. The Trump Presidency

    This post is 2-1/2 years old, and that first paragraph for anyone that didn’t believe it then look at how Covid and just wearing masks has been politicized.... Anywho just bumping this because I received a mail in flyer imploring me that trump needs me to apply for an absentee ballot to vote for him. This is literally stunning to me. For a couple different reasons. Firstly, he has been fiercely against mail-in voting and calls it a hotbed of fraudulent votes, the poster has a quote of him saying absentee ballots are fine because they require a precise process to get your voting rights. Just absurd. Secondly, I live in Michigan, our Governor has already months ago decided to mail out applications for absentee voting to all registered voters (due to the pandemic). Trump had a Twitter hissy fit over this and also incorrectly assumed she was sending ballots to everyone. He was and has been extremely disrespectful towards Governor Whitmer calling her “That Woman in Michigan” and the applications was just another step in his hate towards her.
  3. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Just plain rude. I love my little Vita even if I don’t use it often.
  4. Old NE Members

    I definitely don’t like going and reading old posts of mine. Even if they’re rather innocuous I’ll often still cringe and wonder why the shit I would post whatever it was. Oh well such is life. I do miss being part of a good forum community though. The tight knit communication and some of the cliques and some very real friendships made. I’ve never quite had that last part here, but I think the time zone difference really makes it more difficult. Plus I’m crass and unlikeable oftentimes. But just hoping in and reading posts from names you recognize is nice, and makes a real community. I think I’m rambling.
  5. Share your Youtube holes

    Every morning I crack my wrists, sometimes there’s 3-4 distinct pops in one motion.
  6. A-Z Game - who have you seen live

    Whole reason I went, easily my favorite band. My friend sent me a text asking if I wanted a ticket because her brother bought some. We were center aisle 2nd row (for only $155!!), couldn’t turn it down. Also the Fox Theater is a beautiful building with wonderful seating.
  7. A-Z Game - who have you seen live

    Well this will be short. Not a big concert goer... F- Factory Floor (I had to look up their name) J- The Jesus and Mary Chain N- Nine Inch Nails All at the same show. Was a fucking awesome set, The Perfect Drug live is glorious.
  8. Old NE Members

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on that destination choice. The US is not handling anything well right now, and it’s hard to guess what sort of condition it may be in a few months down the road.
  9. Old NE Members

    I’ll poke through the thread later, but yeah I got a random email mentioning all this so..... Here I be still trudging along. Read through the thread while on break, I was still semi active until a certain user got on my nerves too much and I walked away. Popped in occasionally but not too often. Shared a Nioh 2 beta code with @drahkon
  10. Netflix

    Mindhunter! I’m on episode 5 and just wow. The show easily maintains the same high quality of the first season.
  11. What Have You Bought?

    Still a nerd for nine inch nails. Finally got the vinyls. But alas I am dumb and don’t even have a record player as of yet.
  12. TOOL I have to assume this surprise release of their full discography has been slightly discussed somewhere else. It would be too depressing if I was the first to mention it. But eitherway it is definitely what I am listening to.
  13. Rate the last film you saw

    Reservoir Dogs. Hulu autoplayed it after Veronica Mars ended. Had no plans to watch it but....couldn’t turn it off. Still a classic movie.
  14. Nioh 2

    First come first serve, PMd
  15. Nioh 2

    Received an email today from Sony informing me that I’ve been invited to the closed Alpha. Came with a code, anyone interested in my code? I don’t plan to use it. Crossposting in PS4 discussion.
  16. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Received an email today from Sony informing me that I’ve been invited to the closed Alpha. Came with a code, anyone interested in my code? I don’t plan to use it. Crossposting in Nioh 2 thread.
  17. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Skipping all the post I missed like a fucking boss. This fucking whiskey j have js godduckingaqful. Like. Its worse than hottom shwlf alcohol. But dammit it was expensicw so here i am seinjing ir. Never thought id say this, but i wish i had some gin. I hate gin.
  18. E3 2018

    Fuck off, don’t talk to me like I’m a goddamned child. I’m talking this fucking show, which fuck me for being silly enough to think you were talking this show also in the 2018 thread LITERALLY DURING THE SHOW. Fuck.
  19. E3 2018

    The last of us had gameplay bookended by a cutscene don’t know what CG you’re bitching about there.
  20. E3 2018

    Define “another” scratch that I realized I was discounting COD and Destiny in between padding trailers
  21. E3 2018

    Woah! I thought that dude was in game at first close up. Didn’t catch any far away before that.
  22. E3 2018

    My reaction will be the same. Wow now they’re showing call of duty. Boooooooring. Blight town > e3
  23. E3 2018

    I assumed LOUS by the music but that’s a bad intro. Also heavy handed cutscene “Look we have lesbians!!” Whatever. Looking good so far. Back to Dark Souls.
  24. Devil May Cry 5 (Spring 2019)

    Iunno. I like it but the tempo almost feels wrong. Ideally it should match how the gameplay feels, and in the trailer it definitely did. Hearing it outside of that I’m not as warm to it. Furthering the echo chamber though (carrying over from the other thread with this) I’m not loving the redesign. I don’t mind the short hair that isn’t it at all but his face/head is so square now. Didn’t it use to be a bit more angular? Also not loving the Southern Drawling stereotype of a sidekick. I bet she’s the type to order a Coke and get pissed when they don’t hand her a orange crush. It’s just too damn Deep South strong. I’ve got family in the south I’ve talked with people from Tennessee and Texas a southern accent can be kinda hot. This girl just goes full country singer and it’s awful though.