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  1. Trials Rising

    New forum, new features. We didnt used to be able to do that! Im working on my phone here... That is literally all the effort you're getting. Even less so now.
  2. Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    Might have given a genuine squeak when i heard the starfox sound come through the intercom. Looks SO fun
  3. Trials Rising

    Im sure someone can sort that out Ive never dipped into trials but this looks like a lot of fun. What's the usual proce point on these games?
  4. Trials Rising

    Announced in the Ubi conference. Coming Feb 2019 with a vlosed Beta later this year!
  5. Paladins

    Until Nintendo fix Splatoon so that the motion controls are on both axis, I will find it frustrating. Zelda completely spoilt that.
  6. Paladins

    I'm good with this. My life would be officially over if Overwatch ends up on the switch...
  7. Virtual Reality

    So I've seen a bit of stuff online about using the PSVR with a PC using some middleware. Has anyone tried this yet? How did it all go?
  8. Indie Games

    That's sounds fantastic! Really seems like a great type of couch coop for the switch. Exactly what I need in my catalogue right now and seems more up my street than Binding of Isaac (I love super smash TV!)
  9. Indie Games

    Has anyone picked up Enter the Gunge on? Can't find many details on what the coop mode include. I assumed it was the whole single player campaign but a review inferred something else. Anyone know?
  10. Super Mario Odyssey

    I absolutely love this game. Early stars were so easy but the end game is really getting to explore and ferret around. I can see a lot of younger gamers trying to finish this being like many of us trying to finish Mario 64, a huge undertaking! Currently at 810 moons... Really starting to slow down and only picking up say 5 or 6 moons each time I play. So many levels that I've said "wow, I'm glad I don't have to do that again!" but I don't hate them or anything. They're just hard as nails!
  11. General Switch Discussion

    New Arlo video up, dissecting the success of the launch line up and across the first year of the system. Aside from a couple of points, I think that he absolutely nails it:
  12. General Switch Discussion

    OK, let's say that they fix that (as we're being hypothetical anyway) what then? Would it tickle your fancy bones?
  13. General Switch Discussion

    Just off the top of my head, would anyone be interested ifthe Borderlands trilogy came to switch? It is Unreal engine after all.
  14. Splatoon 2

    Is anyone else going to a local Splatoon event? I'm off to Reading today and really looking forward to it. Been a long time since I got to hang out with any of the street pass crowd.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    Yep.... Shitty shitty fog being the main one. I'll stick with my nice GCN volumetric fog thanks!