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  1. There is so much room to remove the underclock on the current Tegra X1 revision, all they would have had to do is increase the battery a little to keep the battery life the same as the other models. So while I wasn't expecting new silicon or a fancy dock, I was expecting something like that. Here's a video from 2020 with DigitalFoundry using homebrew to remove the underclock on the existing model. At least it puts the Switch Pro to bed for good now.
  2. Metroid Dread - October 8th 2021

    Metroid Dread was the biggest surprise for me and I am so excited for it. Metroid is my favourite game franchise. Already got my pre-order in for the game and amiibo. I ummed and ermmed over the special edition, but I have to remind myself they just end up in the loft now. I do think it's weird that Nintendo are trying to say this is in anyway related to the original Metroid Dread from the 2000s. I'd bet that MercurySteam suggested the name. After Samus Returns, they seem to have a real love of the franchise and it's history. There is only one negative I have about this, and I think it's already been mentioned in this thread, is that it pretty much means there won't ever be a 2D sprite based one ever again This 3D on a 2D plane is nice but I miss the sprite work of Super Metroid to Metroid Fusion so much. I need to hear more of the soundtrack as that can make or break it. The music of Metroid is so ingrained into me that I will sometimes just hum it without realising.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    I don't want to start a thread about it but I need to vent: My Switch will not download or update games at the moment and it's so damn frustrating. Apparently it's a fairly widespread problem since the latest update but argh!
  4. Nintendo store login

    Be careful when spending reward points. My order failed (using PayPal and ApplePay) and it’s eaten all my platinum points! Hoping they’ll be back in the morning! Update: Took a couple of days but I eventually got them back and was able to purchase.
  5. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    I know we're out of the woods regarding the shutting down but how did either of you manage to buy something from the Japanese PSN? My revolut card can't be added as a payment method and I can't seem to find a reputable place to buy Japanese PSN cards.
  6. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    Don't forget to update your games too. Nobody is sure if updates are still going to be downloadable and Sony haven't said anything. There's already early PS3 (pre-unified updating) games which lost the ability to update when their multiplayer servers went. https://delistedgames.com/tips-tricks-and-reminders-for-the-playstation-store-shutdown/
  7. I am enjoying this, but like Nicktendo above, I think I preferred Hyrule Warriors. I do like the BotW touches they've added to it to make it feel more in line with it (e.g. the map, the cooking). The performance of the Warriors games is always a bit sketchy but this seems to be worse than the others on the Switch. It very rarely feels fluid.
  8. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    For peeps who have got a PSVR: https://camera-adaptor.support.playstation.com/en-gb I don't know if I completely missed it but I had no idea they'd launched the site to request one yet.
  9. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Mine has been despatched from Amazon too. Though it's currently in Leicester and I'm Birmingham-way. Looks like it'll be an evening drop if it manages to come today.
  10. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Still no despatch email from Amazon for me either. And after last week's Xbox Series X fiasco, I'm not holding much hope out for getting it tomorrow.
  11. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

    It's got a very nice crisp screen on it. Much better than I expected. I wonder what the resolution is on it, I googled but can't find anything.
  12. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    So Amazon never did get the Xbox Series X to me on release day. But I did have access to another so I used that instead. It's probably bad but I too have enjoyed playing original Xbox games and Xbox 360 games more than anything else on it so far. It probably doesn't help that I have a 3080 in the PC so the Xbox One and Xbox Series X games aren't anything special to me. I'm well aware that's on me though. The 3080 by itself costs 50% more than the Xbox Series X. Reading that back it sounds like I'm being really down on it, but I'm not! I can not understate how much I've enjoyed playing the Xbox and Xbox 360 games. It's even improved over the Xbox One X experience. I really hope they open up the BC to more games moving forward. I wish they'd update the Games & Apps filter so that by console type didn't group Xbox and Xbox 360 together and also split out Xbox One X enhanced from Xbox One.
  13. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Amazon are still saying mine is on track for today... but they've still not despatched it...
  14. Pikmin 3 Deluxe

    Anybody else pick this up yesterday? It’s just as good as it was on the Wii U with the added bonus that it seems to load a lot faster. Gyro pointer control works fine. Not as accurate as with the Wiimote for obvious reasons but it’s totally usable. One slight complaint would be that it’d be good if you could set Joy-Con connected controls separate to unconnected Joy-Con controls. Gyro pointer works fine when the Joy-Cons are detached but when they’re attached it’s very awkward and it totally disables the cursor movement with the right analogue stick. So basically similar to what @Londragon above found.
  15. But that's really not the best way to go about it. Surely hobbling the systems main feature of being a portable that can be played anywhere by tethering it to a good internet connection is a bad thing. We're about to get a Doom Eternal port, it's not like with hard work and some compromises it's not possible to port current games. I'd rather have some graphical compromises than a tethered streaming rental.