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  1. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    The Japanese exclusive enhanced version of this is now on sale on the eShop too. But be aware there is no translation patch as far as I can find. Story of Seasons Twin Villages+ 1480円 Ends 19/10.
  2. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    More discounts in the UK eShop worth looking at: Steamworld Dig (initially released for 3DS and then released pretty much everywhere) £1.39 Steamworld Heist (same as above) £2.19 Steamworld Dig 2 (released elsewhere first and then ported to 3DS) £2.99 Virtue's Last Reward (available elsewhere, I don't think there's any touchscreen specific features) £3.99 Harvest Moon Skytree Village (3DS exclusive, but this isn't Story of Seasons) £5.99 Harvest Moon 3D The Tale of Two Towns (An enhanced port of the DS version.  Also known as Story of Seasons Twin Villages.  An enhanced re-release was released in Japan only) £3.59 They all end 17/10 The Japanese eShop has a much better showing, here's a few Japan exclusives: Touch Detective Rising 3: Does Funghi Dream of Bananas? (Has a Switch release too) 100円 Touch Detective: Funghi's Big Breed 100円 Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX (Enhanced port of a PSP game, also Japan exclusive) 500円 Monster Hunter Double Cross (Enhanced version of Monster Hunter X, a further enhanced version was released for Switch globally) 500円 EX Troopers 500円 These end 26/09
  3. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    Some exclusive Natsume games are on sale at the moment: https://en.psprices.com/region-gb/discounts/?platform=3DS&sort=date&page=1 A-Train and the River City games. Ends on 27/09. Probably worth mentioning that the new Theathrhythm game is unlikely to support the touchscreen because it's based on the arcade game (thanks to Glen-i for explaining this). Which means that you shouldn't scratch the DLC for the Curtain Call off your list if you particularly enjoy playing using the touchscreen.
  4. I really hope it has touch screen as an option on the Switch.
  5. Ubisoft Delisting

    There was an update to this situation a few days ago. https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/help/gameplay/article/decommissioning-of-online-services-for-older-ubisoft-games-october-2022-update/000102396 Unfortunately I'm still yet to understand what 'activating' the DLC means. Does it mean buying it? Does it mean starting the game? Does it mean getting to a certain point in the game? Still means that it's dead if you ever lose that install I think. There's a bit more specifically about Assassin's Creed here: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/168795/decommissioning-of-online-services-for-several-ac-games-october-2022?lang=en-US It still doesn't make it clear what 'activating' means though.
  6. Considering it's taken years for EA to improve their reputation (or perhaps those around them just got worse?) being bought by Amazon could take them back to how they used to be. On the flip side, I'd love a Command & Conquer TV show. Not that I have much confidence with Amazon's Prime output.
  7. That's awesome! I wonder if it's gonna be an Amazon exclusive over here too.
  8. Harvest Moon 64 was released on the Wii U VC in 2017, which I believe is well after the disputes over the name. So maaaybe? I think we're less likely to get any of the Square Enix games as they've had zero presence on NSO so far. Cruisin' USA might have Midway issues? Bomberman surprises me though because Konami have been prolific on NSO. All the others on the diagram are just a matter of time.
  9. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    This is fairly off topic but it came to my head while I was creating the lists. After looking at all the Wii U and 3DS stuff the past couple of weeks, it's really made me sad how little love the Wii U got. From DLC just stopping half way through or barebone ports. I think the worst thing I saw was the massive changes that Breath of the Wild underwent to fit the Switch. I mean this is loads better than the black screen it ended up getting. The weird thing is though. There are some Wii U exclusive games you should pick up before they're gone forever. Nintendo Land is great and I don't think we'll ever see anything like it again. Game & Wario, which isn't great but does use the Wii U's features really well. It also seems to have gotten to stupid prices physically. Xenoblade Chronicles X, The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker and The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess are the three still exclusive games that I'm shocked haven't been ported. They use the touchscreen mainly for inventory management, which I really wish Switch games would do. I would even say that ZombiU is the definitive way to play Zombi because of the asynchronous local multiplayer, the awesome use of the GamePad and the Wiimote support (multiplayer only). The Call of Duty games on Wii U support Wiimotes too and that is a great way to play those games. Controversially, I still believe Pikmin 3 is best on the Wii U while using Wiimotes. The 3DS got a lot of love though. There are some real gems on there and I'd argue even the games that got ports are worth picking up on 3DS because of the dual screen nature (and the 3D!). I'd really be interested on people's less-known recommendations.
  10. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    Wii U DLC List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KQO65KspW3G7afbziiBiDyOGNIgS-7tfWeJXSsvFDG4 Wii U Exclusives List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rpfLgRUFJ3dzJBbykQZn4YiHe05LgGOKWMR7lNyMmko
  11. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    I've started trying to put together something for this, but I really doubt I'm going to be able to finish it completely. I'm currently at E in the alphabet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U7_MTXjmnT7kli3CA039R0FExIW3qgNNtueHMMH-DC0 Update: I've finished the list.
  12. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    I've mentioned this list before https://www.resetera.com/threads/wii-u-3ds-eshop-shutdown-exclusive-games-dlc-and-features-list-thread.553420/ so it might not be good enough. I've also been unable to find a definitive list of digital exclusives, let alone first party only.
  13. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    So I may have gone a little bit mental and actually ordered a Japanese Wii U and 3DS so I can access their eShop. As such here a list of Nintendo 3DS games that are unavailable in the European region: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10TMkT2PocjHm4MpHNab27iVUJN7cPJu3fhzLIkZLGrY It's just quickly knocked up from Wikipedia. I've added stuff like Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Tempura, because we got a version of Yo-Kai Watch 3 based on the Japanese 'third game' Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki. I've put together a list of 3DS VC games that are unavailable in the European region: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DnAjAXtynKOG6KUqOLWs2K3dZho2NhtEcTTYKzQUIyU/edit?usp=sharing and a list of Wii U VC games that are unavailable in the European region: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QvMkYK0fA-C8KXhIz8TDVoYN5J9dwNcyM84H_L2b4yU and a list of DSiWare games that are unavailable in the European region: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15m_jsxVn5Cgm0wD2JSQPo1BB9MQW-FeNgmQyQ0YclWY/edit?usp=sharing
  14. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    Starting to put together my long list of 3DS/DSi games now. This is mostly taken from recommendations around the internet, I'll later go through and narrow down based on games I'd actually like. Doesn't include any games that I already have, so it might not be a great list for anybody else to use! Aero Porter - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/AERO-PORTER--678646.html A-Train 3D City Simulator - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/A-Train-3D-City-Simulator-984188.html Attack of the Friday Monsters A Tokyo Tale - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/ATTACK-OF-THE-FRIDAY-MONSTERS-A-TOKYO-TALE--781531.html Bugs vs Tanks - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/BUGS-vs-TANKS--769317.html Gourmet Dream - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Gourmet-Dream-1173979.html Conveni Dream - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Conveni-Dream-1115233.html Publisher Dream - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Publisher-Dream-752757.html Bookstore Dream - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Bookstore-Dream-523448.html Johnny's Payday Panic - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Johnny-s-Payday-Panic-1069136.html Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Dedede-s-Drum-Dash-Deluxe-950473.html Liberation Maiden - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/LIBERATION-MAIDEN--641297.html Pokemon Dream Radar - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Pokemon-Dream-Radar-523679.html The Denpa Men - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/THE-DENPA-MEN-They-Came-By-Wave-679041.html The Denpa Men 2 - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/THE-DENPA-MEN-2-Beyond-the-Waves-760354.html The Denpa Men 3 - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/THE-DENPA-MEN-3-The-Rise-of-Digitoll-874100.html The Starship Damrey - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/THE-STARSHIP-DAMREY--754414.html Cave Story - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Cave-Story-879350.html (3D has been delisted) 3D Classics TwinBee - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/3D-Classics-TwinBee-275152.html 3D Classics Xevious - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/3D-Classics-Xevious--275174.html 3D Classics Urban Champion - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/3D-Classics-Urban-Champion-275163.html Mighty Flip Champs - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Mighty-Flip-Champs-264149.html Mighty Milky Way - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Mighty-Milky-Way-264160.html Art Style PiCOPiCT - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Art-Style-PiCOPiCT-261872.html Art Style INTERSECT - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Art-Style-INTERSECT--261839.html Art Style Code - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Art-Style-Code-261828.html Art Style Aquite - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Art-Style-Aquite-261806.html 3D Space Tank - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/3D-Space-Tank--261377.html Dark Void Zero Paper Plane https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Paper-Plane-264567.html#Overview Art Style NEMREM Art Style KUBOS Art Style BOXLIFE Reflect Missile Electroplankton DSiWare Series (?) Ferrari GT Evolution (I have weird nostalgia for Asphalt Urban GT on DS, and this by the same people) https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Ferrari-GT-Evolution-263060.html Face Pilot https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Face-Pilot-Fly-With-Your-Nintendo-DSi-Camera--263049.html Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon (Made by the same people who did Metroid Prime Pinball!) https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Pinball-Pulse-The-Ancients-Beckon--264666.html A Little Bit of... DSiWare Series (?) 2-in-1 Solitaire Game & Watch DSiWare Series e.g. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Game-Watch-Judge-263335.html Dragon's Lair & Dragon's Lair II (Controversial but I don't like this game but interested about how it is on DSiWare) https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Dragon-s-Lair--262818.html https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Dragon-s-Lair-II-Time-Warp-262807.html Jagged Alliance https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Jagged-Alliance-263830.html SteamWorld Tower Defense https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/SteamWorld-Tower-Defense-265260.html Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Puzzle-Quest-Challenge-of-the-Warlords-860567.html Shantae Risky's Revenge (Available elsewhere now but might be nice to have the original version) https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Shantae-Risky-s-Revenge--265084.html Rayman DSiWare https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/RAYMAN--264930.html Bomberman Blitz Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition (Available elsewhere but I'd like to see how it plays on 3DS) https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/New-Nintendo-3DS/Minecraft-New-Nintendo-3DS-Edition-1275925.html Mario vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Mario-vs-Donkey-Kong-Tipping-Stars-954726.html Hydroventure Spin Cycle - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Hydroventure-Spin-Cycle-692446.html Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-games/Jake-Hunter-Detective-Story-Ghost-of-the-Dusk-1452674.html Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI- - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Langrisser-Re-Incarnation-TENSEI-1099926.html Legna Tactica - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Legna-Tactica-1182440.html Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Lord-of-Magna-Maiden-Heaven-990094.html Mighty Switch Force - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Mighty-Switch-Force--275295.html Mighty Switch Force 2 - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Mighty-Switch-Force-2-773329.html Aura Aura Climber - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Aura-Aura-Climber--261894.html Zenonia - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/ZENONIA--265821.html Cat Frenzy - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Cat-Frenzy-262378.html PictureBook Games: The Royal Bluff - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/PictureBook-Games-The-Royal-Bluff-264655.html Sanrio Characters Picross (From the people who made the Picross e Series) - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Sanrio-characters-Picross-1395729.html River City Tokyo Rumble - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/River-City-Tokyo-Rumble-1141801.html River City Knights of Justice - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/River-City-Knights-of-Justice-1237676.html River City Rival Showdown - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/River-City-Rival-Showdown-1306696.html Thorium Wars - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-DSiWare/Thorium-Wars-265645.html Thorium Wars - Attack of the Skyfighter - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Thorium-Wars-Attack-of-the-Skyfighter-1398944.html Here are some (non-exhaustive) retail games that are cheaper digitally than on CEX: Inazuma Eleven 3 Lightning Bolt https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-games/Inazuma-Eleven-3-Lightning-Bolt-796260.html Inazuma Eleven 3 Bomb Blast https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-games/Inazuma-Eleven-3-Bomb-Blast-796144.html Inazuma Eleven 3 Team Ogre Attacks https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-games/Inazuma-Eleven-3-Team-Ogre-Attacks--846138.html Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Wildfire https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-games/Inazuma-Eleven-GO-Chrono-Stones-Wildfire-952795.html Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Thunderflash https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-games/Inazuma-Eleven-GO-Chrono-Stones-Thunderflash-952796.html All the Shin Megami Tensei games Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson & Senran Kagura Burst Shantae and The Pirate's Curse Yo-Kai Watch 3 All the Etrian Odyssey games Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology 7th Dragon III Code VFD Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright Rhythm Paradise Megamix Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Kirby: Planet Robobot Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth & Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Culdcept Revolt Stella Glow Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure Yo Kai Watch Blasters Red Cat Corps https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-games/YO-KAI-WATCH-BLASTERS-Red-Cat-Corps-1403164.html Yo Kai Watch Blasters White Dog Corps https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-games/YO-KAI-WATCH-BLASTERS-White-Dog-Squad-1403163.html Ultimate NES Remix Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King It seems all the EA DSiWare has been delisted within the last 12 months or so. Need for Speed Nitro-X, Bejeweled Twist, MySims Camera are no longer available. Other games that have disappeared: Mr Driller Drill Till You Drop Games with Ports. Mentioning these seperately because sometimes that second screen does make a difference. Mercenaries Saga 2 & 3. These two plus the original game have been releaesed on Switch as Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, largely unchanged. Rune Factory 4. Released as Rune Factory 4 Special on Switch with very few changes. Picross e Series. There is a sequel series on Switch called Picross s. I'm unsure if there is cross over in the puzzles. The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. The expanded version is available on Switch as The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. Steel Empire - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Steel-Empire-1076921.html. Available on Steam. Corpse Party - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Corpse-Party-1149770.html. Available on Switch with a few additional features. This Switch version was also ported to Steam later on. I'm gonna struggle with looking into the Wii U side of things. My Wii U is currently packed away (along with everything else) while I'm renovating my house.