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  1. Isn't this one of those N64 games with a hidden one player - two controller mode which plays more like modern FPS? Yeah it is. It's a shame this can't be activated with the two Joycons.
  2. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    Just a reminder that there's only two months left until the 3DS and Wii U eshops close forever. There's also only a month left to buy Fire Emblem Fates. Anybody's long lists down to a short list yet? The sales for both the EU and Japan seem to just be rotating now between the same set of games. So I think it's time to start buying.
  3. Are You Ready For Nintendo's Next Console?

    We're definitely at the end of the Switch's life but we're still getting really solid games. Up until 2022 I was using it for playing pretty much any game in it's portable form but the Steam Deck has taken that away from it for me. But that doesn't stop it being an amazing machine on the first party output alone and it's still probably my most used gaming device. The theoretical Switch Pro wouldn't have helped with Pokemon Scarlet/Violet's performance issues. If you overclock (more accurately: remove the underclock. Which is what the rumour was) the Switch, the performance issues remain. That game's issues stem from the engine itself. This wouldn't have entirely gone away even with a much more powerful machine to brute force it. Either way I'm past wanting a Switch Pro now, that ship sailed in 2021. Do I want a Switch 2? I guess yes but it does make me sad that it'll likely be a straight forward successor rather than something game changing.
  4. N-Europe turns 25!

    Long may it continue!
  5. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    These are on sale again. Ends 30/11
  6. Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

    I've been playing this game over the weekend and I love it. I've done three gyms, two titans and one star boss. Seems to be loads of variety of pokemon, is it the most we've ever had in a game? This has been said a lot online but the performance is janky, visuals are a step back from Sw/Sh and it doesn't feel polished at all. When I'm back in the house I'll use my old switch to play it docked and OC'd to see if it helps. Some of the gameplay seems to be a step backwards from Arceus in places e.g. why no overworld catching and the crafting is now limited to TMs. Which, in world, doesn't seem to make much sense. How do bits of Pokemon end up being a disc?
  7. Wii U 10 Year Anniversary

    Can't believe it's been 10 years. I remember being in my first job waiting for the pre-orders to go up. Then being on here with you guys on release day while I was working as a junior dev in a tiny office waiting for the notification that it had been delivered to my parents' house, where I lived at the time! If I remember right these are the games I bought at launch: Nintendo Land (bundled), Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, New Super Mario Bros. U, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and ZombiU. I loved the Wii U but here's some of my highlights: Nintendo Land = Great party game with lots of asynchronous games. Pretty sure this came bundled with my Black Wii U. ZombiU = A game that was supposed to show us the mature third party support. That never really happened BUT I still firmly believe the Wii U is the best place to play this and it still has a great local asynchronous multiplayer. Pikmin 3 = I think it was a title update that brought in Wiimote control for this game, and it was glorious. I still prefer this to the Switch DX version. Lego City Undercover = This was a great exclusive. No longer exclusive and I think all the Wii U specific features were ported to the Switch version. Super Mario 3D World = A mario game with solid mechanics. Better on Switch now though. Splatoon = I guess this is Nintendo's take on the FPS genre and it was lots of fun. Only let down because it had no real single player story and I'm not much of an online multiplayer person. Mario Kart 8 = This was an almost perfect game. Better on Switch. Super Mario Maker = This is the sort of thing I'd wanted for years. Really enjoyed it. Very much superseded by it's sequel on Switch though. The Zelda HD Remakes = A fresh lick of paint on already excellent games. Twilight Princess HD was basically the version we would have gotten if the Wii had joined the HD generation. Miiverse = I'm not one for social media but this little Nintendo style social network was so nice. I'm guessing it was costing too much money to moderate though. Pokken Tournament = A new look at Pokemon via the fighting genre lens. Better on Switch. The Wii U times were tough but there was shining gems in there. I know some people like to write it off as a prototype Switch but the asynchronous gameplay was great... when it was used. Plus it was the first time we got to see Nintendo characters in HD. As an aside here is a list of Wii U games yet to be ported to the Switch: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Xenoblade Chronicles X NES Remix 1 & 2 Nintendo Land - Unlikely due to using Wii U's unique features. Yoshi’s Woolly World Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Paper Mario: Color Splash Wii Fit U - Unlikely, seems to have been replaced with the more game-like Ring Fit Wii Party U - Unlikely due to using Wii U's unique features. Star Fox Zero - Tough one, this uses the Wii U's unique features but... did it need to? Game & Wario - Unlikely due to using Wii U's unique features. Splatoon - Has a sequel on Switch that has everything this game has and more but is still technically a different game. Super Mario Maker - Has a sequel on Switch that has everything this game has and more but is still technically a different game.
  8. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    A few more Japanese exclusives on sale on the Japanese eShop this week. Kunio-kun Nekketsu Complete: Famicom Compilation 600円 No translation patch available but some of the Famicom games should be playable without knowledge of Japanese. Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun Special 100円 No translation patch available. A remake of Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-kun. Downtown Nekketsu Jidaigeki 500円 No translation patch available. I'd say this one is pretty much unplayable without knowledge of Japanese. BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma 100円 No translation patch available. This was released in English, but only in America. BlazBlue Contiuum Shift II is also available for 100円, but had a worldwide release. Jake Hunter Rondo of Revenge 500円 No translation patch available. This is a visual novel type game and would be impossible without knowledge of Japanese. Stardust Amazoness 500円 No translation patch available. Looks like an RPG in the vein of games like Senran Kagura. I think it would need a knowledge of Japanese to play. Ends 07/11.
  9. I get that this film probably isn’t for me, a long time Mario fan. It’s being made to bring in new fans. But seeing that trailer made me more sad than I expected. I thought I’d at least be okay with Jack Black as Bowser… but I’m not. [emoji3525]
  10. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    The Japanese exclusive enhanced version of this is now on sale on the eShop too. But be aware there is no translation patch as far as I can find. Story of Seasons Twin Villages+ 1480円 Ends 19/10.
  11. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    More discounts in the UK eShop worth looking at: Steamworld Dig (initially released for 3DS and then released pretty much everywhere) £1.39 Steamworld Heist (same as above) £2.19 Steamworld Dig 2 (released elsewhere first and then ported to 3DS) £2.99 Virtue's Last Reward (available elsewhere, I don't think there's any touchscreen specific features) £3.99 Harvest Moon Skytree Village (3DS exclusive, but this isn't Story of Seasons) £5.99 Harvest Moon 3D The Tale of Two Towns (An enhanced port of the DS version.  Also known as Story of Seasons Twin Villages.  An enhanced re-release was released in Japan only) £3.59 They all end 17/10 The Japanese eShop has a much better showing, here's a few Japan exclusives: Touch Detective Rising 3: Does Funghi Dream of Bananas? (Has a Switch release too) 100円 Touch Detective: Funghi's Big Breed 100円 Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX (Enhanced port of a PSP game, also Japan exclusive) 500円 Monster Hunter Double Cross (Enhanced version of Monster Hunter X, a further enhanced version was released for Switch globally) 500円 EX Troopers 500円 These end 26/09
  12. 3DS and Wii U eShop purchases to end March 2023

    Some exclusive Natsume games are on sale at the moment: https://en.psprices.com/region-gb/discounts/?platform=3DS&sort=date&page=1 A-Train and the River City games. Ends on 27/09. Probably worth mentioning that the new Theathrhythm game is unlikely to support the touchscreen because it's based on the arcade game (thanks to Glen-i for explaining this). Which means that you shouldn't scratch the DLC for the Curtain Call off your list if you particularly enjoy playing using the touchscreen.
  13. I really hope it has touch screen as an option on the Switch.
  14. Ubisoft Delisting

    There was an update to this situation a few days ago. https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/help/gameplay/article/decommissioning-of-online-services-for-older-ubisoft-games-october-2022-update/000102396 Unfortunately I'm still yet to understand what 'activating' the DLC means. Does it mean buying it? Does it mean starting the game? Does it mean getting to a certain point in the game? Still means that it's dead if you ever lose that install I think. There's a bit more specifically about Assassin's Creed here: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/168795/decommissioning-of-online-services-for-several-ac-games-october-2022?lang=en-US It still doesn't make it clear what 'activating' means though.