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  1. That makes a lot of sense. I mean it's not a massive issue or anything but it does feel like a lack of polish. Like you said though, there was very tough time lines on a dev studio who's never lead on a project before. I hadn't spotted that one! Another partner Pokemon issue, that I found really amusing, involves the beach. Just before you get there you can talk to a man who says something about leaving footprints in the sand and how Pokemon love to do it too. Except when you actually arrive, your Pokemon just floats above the sand leaving no footprints. It felt like a big "d'oh!" moment. They should have at least cut that line. I've had that weird no interaction bug again a few times. I thought it was something to do with the day/night time turning over but yesterday it happened well before then.
  2. This hadn’t even occurred to me. Good call! More things I’ve noticed. They’re not terrible or anything but it seems to show a lack of polish: The message boxes seem to change between filling the entire width of the screen to only being in the centre of the screen. It’s been done on purpose but I’m not sure why. Maybe Sword & Shield did it too but I’ve only noticed it here. It’d probably have been a better idea for partner Pokémon to return to the Pokeball when on the marsh land or on those bike only paths. As it is they seem to float on the top which is weird.
  3. Played up to the third gym so far. I'm enjoying playing it so I'm glad I picked it up. What I'm not enjoying is how it's a tilebased map but the analogue stick allows for analogue movement so it feels really awkward to line up. Thankfully the DPad allows for the 'correct' movement for the map. Also don't like that at points performance takes a massive hit for seemingly no reason. I've had points where I just can't click on anything because the game is busy doing something else. It's very bizzare. I can still run around but I can't click anything. Oh and what is with that really strange depth of field effect? Where the top third and bottom third of the screen become overly blurry. It's not a nice effect at all and it's applied at random. It's so annoying I'm thinking of dumping the game and switching over to an emulator to disable it. I commend them on allowing the touchscreen for the Poketch! I just wish they'd carried it over for all the UI, but that's an annoyance with Sword & Shield too. My final thought, this is probably on me though, no Pokemon on the overworld is something I'm missing a lot more than I thought I would. I believe these games have been built from the ground up in Unity so it's a bit of a surprise that so much Sword & Shield-ness is in them. The battles, the Pokemon/Box UI, the partner Pokemon, etc all act like how they did in Sword & Shield as far as I can tell. I wonder why ILCA had to start from scratch. What's with the lack of support for Pokemon Home too? It wouldn't be too bad if it was free but Home is a paid service.
  4. Animal Crossing Direct October 15th 15:00 BST

    The price for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion is crazy. Edit: Sorry that pricing took me for surprise. All the stuff getting added in the Version 2.0 patch is awesome!
  5. Metroid Dread

    I'm onto the final boss fight now. I've enjoyed this game so much. MercurySteam have really nailed the Metroid formula.
  6. Metroid Dread

    Eeeee it arrived today! First impressions: I loved the intro and the music. The EMMI were annoying to begin with but got used to them now. On the first boss now (or maybe second depending on how you look at it)
  7. Metroid Dread

    Amazon managed to not ship mine out. Gutted as I was looking forward more to this than the Switch OLED which is arriving today.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    I really really doubt the 'Switch Pro' ever existed now. The guys who reverse engineer the Nintendo Switch System Software have even shown that the new display driver and Dock software (though they even misinterpreted this!) were really the only new things added for ages. So while I don't doubt there is a new Nintendo console being made, of course there is, I do doubt anything this guy says. He's going "No no, I wasn't wrong... errr... Nintendo just changed their minds!". As long as he keeps saying it, he'll be right at one point. Like peeps above have said, March 2023 is when I'm expecting the new console. 2017-2023 is a good 6 years. That's roughly around how long the past couple of generations have been.
  9. Nintendo Direct : 23.09.21 (11pm UK time)

    I reckon the last 20 minutes of this will be them justifying a Nintendo Switch Online price rise. Maybe a new mini console too? Might make us a bit hardware heavy the end of this year though with the Switch OLED and Zelda Game & Watch already coming out. If there's even a sniff of Metroid Dread I'll be turning it off for a couple of mins, I want to enjoy that game properly not being shown every single thing in it before I get to experience it.
  10. There is so much room to remove the underclock on the current Tegra X1 revision, all they would have had to do is increase the battery a little to keep the battery life the same as the other models. So while I wasn't expecting new silicon or a fancy dock, I was expecting something like that. Here's a video from 2020 with DigitalFoundry using homebrew to remove the underclock on the existing model. At least it puts the Switch Pro to bed for good now.
  11. Metroid Dread

    Metroid Dread was the biggest surprise for me and I am so excited for it. Metroid is my favourite game franchise. Already got my pre-order in for the game and amiibo. I ummed and ermmed over the special edition, but I have to remind myself they just end up in the loft now. I do think it's weird that Nintendo are trying to say this is in anyway related to the original Metroid Dread from the 2000s. I'd bet that MercurySteam suggested the name. After Samus Returns, they seem to have a real love of the franchise and it's history. There is only one negative I have about this, and I think it's already been mentioned in this thread, is that it pretty much means there won't ever be a 2D sprite based one ever again This 3D on a 2D plane is nice but I miss the sprite work of Super Metroid to Metroid Fusion so much. I need to hear more of the soundtrack as that can make or break it. The music of Metroid is so ingrained into me that I will sometimes just hum it without realising.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    I don't want to start a thread about it but I need to vent: My Switch will not download or update games at the moment and it's so damn frustrating. Apparently it's a fairly widespread problem since the latest update but argh!
  13. Nintendo store login

    Be careful when spending reward points. My order failed (using PayPal and ApplePay) and it’s eaten all my platinum points! Hoping they’ll be back in the morning! Update: Took a couple of days but I eventually got them back and was able to purchase.
  14. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    I know we're out of the woods regarding the shutting down but how did either of you manage to buy something from the Japanese PSN? My revolut card can't be added as a payment method and I can't seem to find a reputable place to buy Japanese PSN cards.
  15. Sony to shut down PS3, Vita, PSP stores

    Don't forget to update your games too. Nobody is sure if updates are still going to be downloadable and Sony haven't said anything. There's already early PS3 (pre-unified updating) games which lost the ability to update when their multiplayer servers went. https://delistedgames.com/tips-tricks-and-reminders-for-the-playstation-store-shutdown/