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  1. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    As always I'm rooting for Animal Crossing! [emoji120] Really looking forward to hear more about Super Smash Brothers as well.
  2. Nintendo Event - TONIGHT 10pm

    I just hope they don't bring back the vitality sensor.
  3. Kirby Star Allies

    The game looks really pretty and alot of fun! That being said it's kind of hard to get hyped for another traditional Kirby game Will still pick it up and enjoy it alot though, planet robobot was a blast.
  4. Nintendo Direct Mini

    I've never gotten the chance to play Tropical Freeze, so I'm really happy it's getting ported! Kirby looks a bit formulaic, but great fun. The Mario Tennis game looks gorgeous, I've never played a Mario Tennis game though. I wasn't really expecting any huge announcements, but I am really disappointed there's still no mention of virtual console
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Still waiting for that January Direct anouncement.... I also love how fast it is to pick up the switch and play a game. I'm not really waiting for themes as I found the 3DS ones always rather ugly. (but I'm not opposed to the idea of course) I'm really hoping they finally specify the paid online service and finally show their virtual console plans.
  6. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

    I think it's interesting Max and Archie are in their original design from Ruby and Sapphire, as opposed to their redesign in ORAS. The games are supposed to be in an alternate dimension and could tie into more of the multi dimensions hinted in at the previous games.
  7. Playing Mario Kart 8 with the gamecube controller just feels so right! It's a shame the rumble doesn't work because it's probably not officially supported. Still beats sharing joycons for multiplayer over a mile though!
  8. I really hope this isn't a standalone mobile version of Animal Crossing. I've been craving for an HD version since the WiiU... As a companion app this could be great, although I don't see that happening since they specify there will be no 3DS or Switch games discussed.
  9. 3DS eShop Thread

    Thank you! Was indeed able to get the funds on the 3ds that way
  10. 3DS eShop Thread

    A while ago nintendo added the option to pay with paypall in the eshop online and on the switch, but I cant seem to find the option anywhere on my 3ds? Is this a switch only function? Could I add the funds on my switch otherwise and use them in the 3ds eshop, or are those funds not linked to each other? I just want to preorder the virtual console Pokemon Gold [emoji14]
  11. Monster Hunter Stories (3DS 2016)

    What a lovely game, really enjoyed the demo so far! I love the character designs and the vibrant world, such good lucking visuals on such limited hardware! The battle system is alot of fun too, I'm normally not a huge fan of turn-based battles, but these are very quick and full of action. It's hard to go back to the 3DS after being spoiled with the Switch screen though. I really hope we end up getting some big 3rd party support on the Switch rather soon.
  12. Pokemon Direct 6th June 3PM

    From a business perspective all of these make sense! Pokkén can have a much bigger audience on switch than on Wiiu, and the Sun and Moon engine is perfect for a quick sequel to make some money back. As a switch owner who had a WiiU these are kind of disappointing though. I guess it will be a few more years before we see a new main Pokémon generation. It probably was best to get this out of the way before E3
  13. New Nintendo 2DS XL announced

    I wonder if this will be able to play xendoblade chronicles 3d? It seems to be more of a new 3ds but without the 3d screen, so maybe this has the increased power too?
  14. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Such a nice update for a 3 year old game!! I really love the campsite, the music is so calming. Too bad I don't have any amiibo cards, but I'm really glad my regular animal crossing amiibo's are getting some use I tried playing the puzzle league minigame and it's actually really challenging! Also apparently villagers won't move onto spots where you placed patterns anymore (paths etc). That's a really nice touch as my town has tons of paths. It's just a rumour that's going around though but I sure hope it's true. Still a bit annoying that people can't just pick their skin tone, as you can in Happy home designer, but a very nice update indeed!
  15. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Heading To Mobile

    It does to an animal crossing veteran.