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  1. It was. The world just couldn't handle that amount of sexiness. It almost broke the internet.

  2. Yeah my account has been deleted. I didn't realise Phube was using my picture. When I get home I'll see if I still have the original on my computer.

  3. Hey Grunch, are you related to Sir Joseph Bazalgette perchance?


    Apparently today is the 151st anniversary of the opening of the Crossness pumping station. So if you are then cause for celebration I reckon.



  4. Alright, I'll let you off. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Where are you? I was looking forward to seeing you. :(

  6. I think you need to start learning what to say now you've got a sports bike.

  7. Why you close the meat thread?

  8. It got 8 thanks as you predicted (not including your own).

  9. Dude, just noticed you're 5 posts away from your 30,000th post. You got anything special planned for it?

  10. Just a heads up, your sig is currently the imageshack logo.


    Unless that was your intent, in which case I apologise.

  11. Hope it was a fun birthday. Are you gonna stick around for a while?

  12. Happy birthday, if you ever visit anymore!

  13. Happy birthday, Dave!

  14. Of course. What did you think I was talking about?

  15. I hope you're watching Arrow.

  16. When I become a gazillionnaire I'm definitely gonna fund a season 3. Right after I've funded Firefly.

  17. I hear you've finished TSCC. I'm here for you, man.

  18. I still watch them after a while. Haven't seen the latest one yet, but I will get round to watching it eventually.

  19. These are lies. I have been in the chat room many nights. You should consider getting an alarm clock.

  20. Why you never come chat no more?

  21. Come in the chat room, Grunch has diarrhoea.

  22. Why are you not in chat? This is unacceptable, I expect you to be in there whenever I may perchance a visit.

  23. No chat tonight?

  24. You won the picture caption bro.