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  1. Happy birthday, Dave!

  2. I just watched TV. Some politicians want to ban all "violent videogames" meaning they would be forbidden to sell and to produce. Since the last amok run we got the USK which "controlled" all media in a way which was solely to movies before. Something like the PEGI. Of course, now they want to ban the USK and create an even more restricting system. My idea would be behaviour-passes just like those we got for "Fightdogs" a few years back...
  3. It is outragoues. Just yesterday there has been an amok run here in Germany. I know it is horrible but luckily nobody but the shooter got killed. Now, only a single day after that incident German politicians have found the apparently only reason this stupid moron decided to kill everyone in his school. It must be those computer- and videogames. I just don't understand them. What is their problem with the gaming community? This guy was talking about guns and killing nonstop. He ordered weapons via the internet and bragged about running amok for years. Now that he finally done it, it is only to "killinggames" he did that? It seems like nobody asks about his social environment which clearly has to be the best in the world, ever! We poor gamers in Germany have to face more restrictions soon. After the last time a schoolboy ran amok in Erfurt (which was the first kind of this incident in Germany, ever) everything was blamed to the videogames (oh yeah, movies too, but Harry Potter released and then they just made some extra rules for movies allowing 6 years olds to see movies rated 12+). Ever since then videogames are overrated in every point of view. For instance Resident Evil Deadly Silence was rated 18+ and therefore taken from many internetshops, like for instance Ebay and Amazon. Ever since then imported games, and even if it is the Barbie Creator, are for grown-ups only. What will it be next? Gears of War is completely forbidden in Germany already, so I guess we Germans will miss on even more games and will have to face severe cuts to others, won't we. It just strikes me that just gamers in Germany must feel the need to kill real people after enjoying an evening of, say Resident Evil. Maybe this time they notice those magic mushrooms in Super Mario! It is not fair to blame everything on games, again!
  4. European Event- General Chat

    Oh well nevermind. Seems like it's the normal page...
  5. European Event- General Chat

    Breaking: Nintendo has just changed its website. The european one. It's just a server error message, but it's different!
  6. European Event- General Chat

    update anyone? Why doesn't he say anything?
  7. European Event- General Chat

    Finally, I got eurogamer back!!! I couldn't get a decent connection before!!!
  8. No way. I just said Japan will be first to announce... I know that it will still be Sep. 13th in Europe! Just by the way. Why do we have to wait a whole other day for the press event? Isn't it curios it's a (nintendo release day) friday?!
  9. Let me think. Japan will have Sep. 14th the earliest, so I guess they'll be first to held their press event... Then we go east on the planet (travelling with time, weeeeee) to New York, and then more east to London... That should do it, right?
  10. The Official Leipzig Conference Topic

    Nintendo has released news that there will be an American Pressconference on Sep 14th with Reggie. So, when do we get our date? Source: Gamefront.de
  11. Playstation Discussion Archive

    The only "new thing" Sony showed was their stupid card thingy eye toy game... and oh. I just hope Nintendo can sue Sony to the ground. That's just not fair. They even called it an "innovation"... and it looks somewhat stupid to hold the ps controller in both hands while going up and down... (I hope that's just not the rage talking, well no, it ain't) It's really not a very fine move by Sony.
  12. 1. Zelda - Ocarina of Time (N64) 2. Super Mario World (SNES) 3. Secret of Mana (SNES) 4. Final Fantasy VI (SNES) 5. Zelda III - A Link to the Past (SNES) SNES just rocks... but there are plenty of more titles I'd like to... nevermind. Those five are just undeniably great!