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  1. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    You heard correctly: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/323369/zelda-skyward-sword-review-a-rare-perfect-score-in-edge/
  2. RAGE

    60fps on this bad boy!
  3. Crysis (360 and PS3)

    I've only played it briefly but my god they've done a bang up job on converting it. 1600 points is a steal I'd say.
  4. Aliens: Infestation by WayForward for DS

    I'm a few hours in and it's a great little game. Pretty much Metroid Fusion meats Aliens. For anyone who's played Alien3 on the SNES then you'll know what you're in for.
  5. Aliens: Colonial Marines

    Hot damn. Hope it's gonna look that sexy on PS3/Xbox.
  6. Hot damn. Hope it's gonna look that sexy on PS3/Xbox.
  7. Battlefield 3

    Anyone else finding the graphics worse than BC2? (on consoles anyway)
  8. Gears of War 3

    So has everyone's Shopto orders yet to arrive? I'm not home yet but I was hoping for it to be there waiting!
  9. Special / Visual Effects

    Totally agree. I've been getting pretty sick of visual effects (with the likes of Transformers, comic book films etc) but then Rise of the Planet of the Apes came along and renewed my faith.
  10. Sonic Generations

    One side-kick is never enough for Sonic Team! WE WILL SEEEEE.
  11. GoldenEye 007 Reloaded

    Since it is using Infinity Ward's engine will it be running at silky smooth 60fps?
  12. Sonic Generations

    And so it begins.
  13. Sonic Generations

    Hmm, not terribly impressed. I'm nitpicking really but I was sort of expecting 60fps (after Sonic 4) and this is meant to be Sonic in the past so why does he look like regular Sonic's retarded twin? He's never looked like that in the 16bit era. Still, music is nice.
  14. Lindsey Lohan as Lana Lang? Really?
  15. The Hobbit

    That's all well for a TV show, but for a film you want to keep that cinematic feel with 24ps. It also keeps it in line with the Rings Trilogy.