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  1. Rock Band

    Really irritating issue that imho. Its easily rectified by pushing harder on the bar, but that isnt doing the wear and tear any good on it. I took mine apart to see if it is something that can be fixed and saw the problem straight away....The gap on the downstroke magnetic sensor is possibly too big (upstroke is a lot closer on mine). The problem is the gap cannot be closed without screwing the warranty. The only fix I can come up with (and I havent tried it yet) is to add a lair of that flexible magnetic strip used for fridge magnets and magnetic insoles.
  2. Rate the last film you saw

    I agree that the film was supposed to be empty in feeling, but the way it was done was boring....They could have removed the whole section of nothingness and it wouldnt have impacted the story in any way. It wasnt like it built a character or aided the storyline, it was more like a city scenery wankfest. I feel I could have fallen asleep for most of the film and would never needed to ask if I missed anything. The movie recommendation you suggest...count it on my list to be watched...It sounds like it could be interesting.
  3. Rate the last film you saw

    Battlespace 0.5/10 What a pointless piece of crap. I'm sure there was supposed to be a story happening and it was told in the worst possible way. Ever. I am Legend 2/10 Mentioning Omega Man in the same sentence is insulting. A dire piece of crap devoid of story or real action.
  4. The Cycle of Cool

    The word rubbish as pointed out by more than a few people in this thread was never really in or out....It has always been in my dictionary, but usually gets replaced by the word 'Shit' (I am a trooper like swear person). The only word I can think of in recent times that has had a minor revival is 'Ace'...In my Junior school years this word was used to saturation point until someone introduced the meaning to be an abbreviated form of 'A crap effort'. "My Rubiks cube is ace" "Haha....You mean its a crap effort" *Slap* A word that still is a joy to use although politically incorrect is 'Spacker' Would love to see that make a true return as it rolls off the tongue so easily and gets the point across. One phrase more addictive than smack once it habitually takes over: "you fancy a beer ?" "Yeah man" The net introduces so many words these days its unreal, but most are netspeak or txtspeak so they can be difficult to introduce, although 'for the win' occasionally creeps into rl conversation with me
  5. earthquake

    The place has a lot of historical buildings (And road crossing ducks). May have caused some structural damage imho. Im surprised it was felt as far as it was. At first I thought it may have been mining subsidence in the local area, then I got a text from my other half 40 miles away in Leeds saying it had woke everyone in their house. Oh well, I experienced floods last year, earthquake tonight and the end of HD DVD last week....Armageddon is approaching.
  6. earthquake

    I'd be surprised if it was cos it wasnt felt all the way across England.....I could be wrong though.
  7. earthquake

    Apparently was 5.3 and epicentre was Market Rasen according to BBC now http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7266136.stm
  8. earthquake

    Sorry... I didnt realise the arse kicking I gave GH2 the other night was going to cause such aftershocks (Kick the bucket achievement finally !!) I will try not to rock so hard at the game in future. :P
  9. Jeremy Beadle dies

    Lol.... If I had have seen the post earlier I would have passed comment. ...And yes I probably am going to burn in the fires of hell. Just to be different though: Spanning back to when he first appeared on game for a laugh it seems his biggest contribution to Brit TV was dressing up as an Arab. At least the hand was funny.
  10. Xbox Live Arcade/PSN Thread

    There should be 5..... Last level had Adam Freelands Fear....Fantastic level too. I downloaded it earlier and intend to have it all unlocked before the end of the day.
  11. I agree....I would happily join you. I genuinely dont think I coud come up with 10 celebrities I wouldnt want to punch, and then I would probably get bored of listening to their pretentiousness after 10 minutes. The Self Righteous Brothers had it right imho with the comment: "Celebrities....Who do they think they are ?"
  12. Quirky or Strange Things That You Do

    I can crack my schlong.....Cant even work out how I learnt that one. Also I can make my left big toe crack anytime as many times as I require. (as a habitual finger cracker of many years, none of my other joints do this without a "recharge" period). I also talk to myself often, but only because there are a lot of ignorant people out there.
  13. Singleness!

    I had an excellent time whilst I was single........Then I got bored of going home to an empty bed too often, then I met a gorgeous girly and all has been good for the last 4.5 years.
  14. I think the question I need to be asked is which celebrity would I not punch....