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  1. Game of Thrones

    Yeah kind of agree with the above. There's also a distinct chance that all of the white walker storyline will be wrapped up next week - what an anticlimax that would be after a seven season buildup! Hoping the white walkers crush it and the rest of the series will be one long sprawl of escape and death. Thought this week's eppy was terrific though. Reminded me why I love the show, after the tepid opener. Reminded me of the bit in Witcher 3 before the battle at Kaer Moren where you're getting smashed with the other main characters. Excellently written, some great lines amidst some touching moments. Loved it.
  2. Football Season 2018/19

    Just about calmed down by now, 24 hours after the fact.. Just an unbelievable, preposterous game. For sheer drama I think it might actually be the best match I've ever watched, compounded by the fact that I was sat in the quiet carriage of the train from London to Edinburgh watching on the spotty wifi, trying not go absolutely fucking mental when goals went in or VAR intervened. Those mental first 10 minutes, us crumbling to pieces when Sissoko went off, Llorente bundling it in against the run of play, De Bruyne and Sterling playing brilliantly, Wanyama leathering it out of play in the last ten, utter deflation when Sterling scored, and the incredible drama of the VAR decision.. incredible night. As someone on reddit put it - imagine not being a fan of football!
  3. Personally I'm totally torn. Have to admit a massive grin came over my face looking at the first couple of shots of gameplay, and when the amazing woodwind music started playing, but upon reflection it's the same style that put me off playing a Link Between Worlds. Just wish they'd try something different for a change. I'd love to see really detailed handrawn-y sprites, much like the Banner Saga or Hades, something still pixel-y like Hyper Light Drifter or even something a bit darker and more unusual like Below. Four Swords on the gamecube seemed to be going that way with those amazing cel animated explosion swirls like from Wind Waker. Would've loved if they followed the handrawn route! Still. Psyched to play it. I played through some of LA on my phone last year. That game holds up!
  4. God of War (PS4)

    Ah no, wasn't sure if I'd be able to do more exploring if I go home or if that cuts it off?
  5. God of War (PS4)

    Yeah definitely, there was a few times with bosses where I was only getting about 20% of their health off before dieing, before I changed up my tactics and got through it, definitely a sign of a game that's not just a button masher! And yeah agreed on the interactions - having Mimir around was a good narrative choice too. Not sure if this has been posted but this video's a really good watch on how they make the combat feel so satisfying Finished it, fiinally, the other day. Is there some sort of true ending? I got credits coming up over the gameplay but only a couple screens, so not sure if I need to go to the other realms and the valykries or whatnot?
  6. Apex Legends

    Rather enjoying this, mad how quickly people get stupidly good at these games though, always the champions it flags up at the start of games have hundreds of kills already. Only thing I don't love about BR games for me is getting munched by people who put tens of hours in every week. Surprised this / fortnite / pugb don't do ranked games now the playerbases are so massive. Definitely a really cool game though, great effort by Respawn on well everything runs when you're in a game. I kind of miss the more chilled out looting at the start of Fortnite / Pubg with their bigger maps, quite nice when you're catching up with friends on PSN. But it has a really nice pace and feel to it. Who's everyones legend of choice?
  7. General Switch Discussion

    That's mental. Fair enough I guess. What's actually on the horizon for Switch in the next two years now? Bayonetta 3? Genuine question since I'm a bit out of the loop. Love the hardware but haven't picked up the switch in months
  8. God of War (PS4)

    Bump! Went on holiday shortly after starting this at launch and onyl got round to dipping back in this week. Holy shit this game is incredible! On a technical level I can't think of a single game that betters it - it just looks and feels astonishingly good. Coming off a couple of open world games it's feels like there's not an ounce fat in the whole thing. And then the art direction is astounding, the interactions between Kratos and his son feel very real despite the mad setting, and the difficulty seems pitch perfect amount of challenge. Yeah. Amazing game.
  9. 2018 Reflections/2019 Resolutions

    Love this thread. Very motivating stuff seeing everyone else's goals and successes. My 2018's resos were.. Read 15 books (again) Had to sneak in a couple of 100 page-rs before NYE but just about made it! Run 250 miles Injured myself so nearly didn't make it but a couple runs in late december got me over the line! Finish an out-of-work animation project on my own rather than with a colleague Success! Do two pages of sketchbook work a week Failed hard at this one Make a little bit of headway into learning Italian.. And failed hard at this one! Found having goals to be really motivating last year - so I've got a whole bunch for 2019 Read 15 books Watch 20 movies released in 2019 Finish 10 games as I so often give up halfway through / endlessly play fornite Run 260 miles Get my 5k time down to under 19 minutes Improve my half marathon time Page of sketchbook per week (minimum) Swim 40 times Write something fiction (probs a short story) Finish two out-of-work animation projects
  10. Assassins Creed Odyssey

    Bearing in mind that most of the reviews have been really good for this game, generally more in line with Sheikah's views but.. I picked it up having played some Origins (and actually really enjoying it, mainly for Bayek and the amazing setting, though quickly tiring from, as you mention, the repetitive sidequests). I was really looking forward to Odyessey but.. I'm not sure if it's just coming off the back of RD2 but man this game is SO janky. Constantly freezing, stuttering, glitching out.. the horse movement is riculous on the fairly vertical islands, the Greek accents are really awful in places, and there's way too much in the game to my mind, with the ship battles and the conquest battles. It so far seems even more of a departure from the stealth than Origins was; a couple of times I tried to sneak in to a camp and then it cutscened into a mellee showdown. That all said Kassandra is a pretty good main character and the side quests thus far are more diverse and interesting than Origins (the branching choices help maintain the interest). You also get quite a lot of choice in how to build your character so you can go for a stealthy build - I think once the game opens up you're forced into direct combat less (?). So yeah I'm pretty early into it and plan to keep playing, but for me it's got a general aura of naffness that means I wouldn't really recommend it..
  11. Virtual Reality

    Sounds awesome. Looking forward getting that! PSVR has had such a strong year, tbh I thought it would be gathering dust at this point (like my switch is..) but Beat Sabre, Tetris effect, Moss, Wipeout VR all look like must plays to me. Some of the PSVR package deals are mental atm, hope it has helps the sales pick up some speed. @RedShellI've never had any motion sickness using it myself (though weirdly I get carsick easily). Friends who have tried it have had less luck though!
  12. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/Xbox One - 26 October 2018)

    Wheeeww. Finished it up. In light of the final few hours I really see now why reviewers had the response they did. The game truely hits upon greatness in the final arc of the story. Something in the enormous length of the game really does add up to something pretty emotionally investing. Finishing it I had a feeling that I've had only a handful of times, maybe finishing The Wire, the Harry Potter books, maybe the Witcher 3, of time passing, characters having grown or changed completely, and me personally feeling sad for leaving behind something I've become pretty invested in. The music and the general atmosphere in particular really added to the emotional payoff. That said it's easy to forget how deeply frustrating or boring huge stretches of the game are earlier on.. Further spoilery thoughts Curious to hear what yous all thought!
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/Xbox One - 26 October 2018)

    I'm on chapter 6 and weirdly the KKK stuff totally passed me by. Like I've not seen them once.. odd. I am so up and down with this game. It has moments of being absolutely outstanding but then it has moments of being incredibly tedious and repetitive. The game would be so much better in my book if the missions that start off as non-violent or different stuck the course and didn't turn into (boring AF) gunfests. For all that the detail is impressive I also find it a bit.. pointless, at times? I rarely find any of the details particularly surprising or imaginative, and it just reminds me what an insane budget the game has and reminds me of the stupid amount of hours they make their staff pull. Not sure I'd find such a level of detail to be a plus for a book or a film. I'm also not feeling the characters in the way that everyone else seems to be. If I had to describe members of the group beyond the most broad characterisation I'd struggle - Bill and Micah seem incredibly generic and thinly sketched, for example, and I couldn't tell you anything about the reverend, or half the women in the camp.. Can't help but think the game could've done with something akin to ME2's loyalty missions. That's all pretty negative but I have definitely enjoyed a lot of the game - it's been a long time since a game had me sinking in hours every evening, and at times the general atmosphere, the fog effects, the swamps, are really excellently done. I also found all the side quests around Saint Denis to be really gone fun and a fair bit more varied than elsewhere on the map. Everything does feel like it's coming together in this last act too. What's everyone else thinking now the game's been out for a wee while?
  14. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/Xbox One - 26 October 2018)

    Really though? So far it seems completely different from GTA in tone and pacing. Bit like saying someone who doesn't care for Unchartered would definitely not like The Last of Us. This is a genuine top tip. Embarrassed by how long it took me to work out how to get to the map even without this. Also to manually save. I am dim. Anyway. Deeply impressed with it thus far. Absolutely loved the first couple of hours, which had such a great Revenant vibe with the snowy mountain and the astounding weather effects. I'm actually find my interest slightly dropping off as the world's opened up - I had been enjoying the interactions between the camp members but between missions if you try and talk to any of them they generally have nothing to say. Seems a bit at odds with how full of detail the world is. Presumably they develop more through the main story missions. Has anyone gone for a bath yet? An.. interesting experience..
  15. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4/Xbox One - 26 October 2018)

    Yeah I do kind of agree with this. Often with these kind of games it seems like reviewers are too awed by the technical prowess and studio reputation to give an accurate judgement. Fallout 4 springs to mind - though I expect this game to be much higher quality all round. All the discussion I've heard of the game has a tonne of caveats but the scores as you say seem weirdly high in comparison. A lot of the game seems like kind of a slog? TBF I've never really gotten on with Rockstar games for whatever reason. That all said, I think I'll be picking it up this weekend. Kind of tempted to get Ass Oddessey instead but loads of people I know are picking up red dead so I'm keen to dive into the chat...