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  1. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4)

    Yep, was in two minds whether to buy this but it seemed a good lockdown game (especially as my hol to Japan was cancelled ) I looove it so far! I can see the critisms - tonnes of games like this around and it doesn't add THAT much new to the mix. But.. lots of little touches make it really work - Strolling through the countryside feels so chillers - lovely ambience with the natural sound design and the occasion chime of music - a nice tonic after the constant stress of tLoU2 - Love the Haikus! - Game has a great sense of overarching direction / mood / vibe to it. The particle team could probably chill out a bit but the world feels really wonderful and cohesive, even down to the nice paint wash animations on the storyteller cutscenes and the UI. - It's basically an Assassin's Creed game but it's so dope to see what those games could be - not falling apart at the seams, no level gating bollocks, voice acting that isn't hammy AF, not crumbling under the weight of a billion stats and systems Not totally sold on the main chap and his voice actor. Bit bland / po-faced. Also feel like I may have seen half of what the game has to offer in my first couple of sessions - but hoping the game can spring some surprises - looking forward to playing more!
  2. Last of Us Part II

    Great hearing everyone's thoughts on the game. Finding myself talking more about things I didn't like or wasn't sure of just as that stuff is all quite interesting, so would like to confirm that I thought it was fucking brill. Keep us updated on your progress @Fierce_LiNk - it's about where you are that the game starts to get a bit more divisive in peoples opinions, so would love to hear your blow-by-blow thoughts!
  3. Last of Us Part II

    Finally finished the other day too. So much to chew on. What an epic! What a videogame! Ultimately found it a really interesting and rewarding experience - I've been enjoying finally getting to read through all the spoiler tags and writing about the game elsewhere online (Also had a little look at the LoU2 sub and instantly bailed out - what a bunch of nutters). Feels incredibly reductive to boil this game down to upsides and downsides BUT to spare y’all a massive essay... Overall I’ve spent so much time thinking about this game that, though I’m not yet sure where I ultimately land, I’m really glad it exists, that Naughty Dog have taken so many risks and unusual choices, and ultimately pushed the medium forward narratively - and for all the bits I found distasteful or punishing, it's been ages since I've been so continually keen to get back to my ps5 after work and play more. Whew.
  4. Last of Us Part II

    I see your point a lot more clearly now - actually I don't necessarily disagree and am probably too early in the game to say for sure where I land - as I say, some of the stealthing does seem pretty dated - I'll come back to this thread when I'm done to see if my opinion changes. The game that I really think of reading your post, though, is Red Dead II. I wound up quite liking that game but all the discourse seemed to be about story rather than how awful and totally monotonous the gameplay was but still garnered insane critical acclaim - and that game has much more of a gameplay > cutscene > gameplay structure. Here, I do think the gameplay here supplements the story - As Julius notes, it's not told just through cutscenes, and much of the relationships are fleshed out by 'unlocking' optional conversations whilst exploring nooks and crannys (there's one lovely early section in a synagogue which fleshes out a secondary character) - the gunplay feels suitably desperate to the story it's telling, finishing fights with your last bullet, scrambling to find a melee weapon to kill off a last, rather than arbitrary in the way of many AAA games. @Julius has covered a lot of it in his (excellent) post so I won't repeat too much, but I agree, touches like how beautifully constructed the guitar mini-game is really elevate those moments above putting your controller down and watching them Lastly - I think it's a good sign when a game inspires this much heated (and well written) debate from all sides. Whether or not you like what it ends up doing, it's great to see a massive game that's divisive in this way (similar in a way to sayDeath Stranding last year - not for me but I'm glad it exists) especially given how bland and 'safe' a lot of AAA games are these days. Yeah my bad you are right - I'm always getting confused between the titles of that and Rise of Skywalker (generico names don't help). My points apply to the latter so I basically agree with you. I don't think LJ is a great film (I thought it was ok, LOVE knives out tho) but certainly the online hate was way overboard and as you say there are certainly parallels. As with that film though - just because a load of internet folk hated on it doesn't mean it was a failure, as you note - and same with this game. I would also throw in that some of the hate for LJ was bound up with...
  5. Last of Us Part II

    This is such an odd point to end on. People like games for a variety of reasons - they don't have to be the reason that you happen to play games. Equally, many people didn't get into MGSV for the reasons you state. The games that have really stuck with me over the years - Outer Wilds, Shadow of the Colossus, Edith Fitch, Inside, even something like Celeste, haven't done so solely because of the gameplay, but because of how the gameplay has supplemented a story or 'vibe' that has resonated with really me. People always talk about LoU's story because the gameplay is perfectly tailored around the story that it's telling, capturing the desperation of the characters. It's cool if you prefer games that just feel great to play, but that's your preference - it doesn't mean that other people are engaging with games for the wrong reasons. See the strong sales and critical acclaim of Life is Strange of early Telltale games. Again - I've read a lot of books - I did an English degree! But games can be unique in how they can tell stories - and it's a diservice to games to claim otherwise. As an example, in a weird way, no other medium has managed to capture the experience of losing a parent and the strange relationship between father and son afterward as God of War did for me. Lastly, there are some parallels to Last Jedi but in the case of that film, its failure was ultimately more about the execution of that film - a totally whack, poorly directed mess - than simply that it didn't show how they imagined their characters to end up. For Lou2's flaws, (from a few hours in) it feels like it's doing exactly what its creative leads are setting out for it to do. (Side note: totally see where @Goafer's coming from (not opened that spoiler mind). This game isn't for everyone - I can totally see why people wouldn't want to engage with this game - that's cool - again it just shows how games now are way more diverse than ten years ago, and that different games are for different people)
  6. Last of Us Part II

    Interesting that all the negativity on this thread is from people who haven't played the game, whereas everyone who's played it seems pretty positive? (Just skimmed through mind, given I noticed a couple of spoilers). Anyways just popping my thoughts in the mix - about 5 hours in and it's such a masterful game, certainly in terms of directing and of technical finesse. I've always found the 'read a book if you want a story' argument a bit bizarre. I read a lot, but I also play games because they can tell different stories in unique ways. Last of Us and this sequel are I think a pretty great example of that, where a lot of the story of the world is conveyed through optional environmental storytelling. Figuring out the story of deceased survivors through letters and clues scattered around abandoned buildings still makes for some really beautiful moments. That said the game certainly suffers from so many games in recent years having been inspired by the original - the gameplay feels a lot more familiar, and it hasn't really evolved as much as one would hope in 7 years - still a fair bit of moving boxes around et all - and think I've thoroughly had my fill of stalking through long grass and pressing triangle in games at this point. Still - excited to play more. The most notable and impressive thing for me (alongside the directing of sequences and the way the music works) is the quality of the acting and VOs across the board. Really puts into perspective what a complete embarrassment 95% of games are in this regard - one of the few games where my partner will actively sit down and watch me play rather than have to leave the room because the acting is so awful (looking at you, every assassins creed game). Can't praise the leads highly enough - and the writing feels so much more engaging than Unchartered - that's what really carries the game for me.
  7. Sign me up to team 'console looks nasty AF' Loads of great stuff on how there - very to my taste with lots of cool indie or stylised sort of stuff. Even if not many are exclusives, makes me excited about games over the next couple of years. Kena and Little Devil inside I loved; loads of personality. Deahtloop, Jett, Returnal, ghostwire, cat robot game, rocket league smash em up game, all look a blast. Camaan! Surprised so many of y'all are up for the digital version. Disk all the way for me
  8. Sony crushing it so far. !!
  9. weird robot cat game looks interesting. Annapurna have such a solid track record that my interest is piqued! Athia looks dope but pretty early Spiderman looks cool but oddly little footage if it's coming 2020. Maybe it's more of a DLC type thing / lost legacy style?
  10. Disney+

    Thanks a lot for this info! Jumping in the episode you mentioned sounds best for now, will do!
  11. Disney+

    This all sounds very exciting. I currently have disney plus and tried starting clone wars but the first episode is pretty uninspiring and the animation is preettty dated. I'd like to watch a couple of the more recent episodes before i cancel my subscription (as I'm not interested in much on the service.) How do the arcs work? Can i just drop in some way through the last season or would I be confused AF?
  12. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (November 15th 2019)

    Finally getting round to finish this off after pausing it for christmas and then the outer wilds. Am I just a bit shite at this kind of game or does the difficulty seriously spike at times? I was finding it all quite enjoyable until the fight with Don't want to drop it to story difficulty again as it was way too easy and anti-climatic, but also can't really be arsed to spend ages getting gud enough to finish it. Some of her moves seem a bit cheap (plus that crap robot the spawns halfway through thats a pain in the arse to kill because of the lock on. Basically the difficulty spikes have soured it for me a bit because the rest of the game doesn't feel like those overly tough frustrating experiences until now
  13. Outer Wilds

    That was a really bloody awesome doc. Bit depressed by how young that main guy is for what a masterpiece the game is. Some really interesting stuff about the evolution of the game and also how many technical challenges were added by things like the scout launcher and the ship. Also mental that the guy from Heroes owns the studio or whatever? Thanks! Finished the game the other day. It is unbelievably good, and the climax is really amazing. One of y'all check in when you've played it!
  14. Outer Wilds

    Ah nice one - yeah I love Danny O'Dwyer's work - I just watched a couple of minutes of this and I'm excited to come back to it - going to finish the game and then sit down for a full watch. Yeah totally, it's not for everyone for sure. I actually think it's pretty poorly suited to game pass as it's so purposefully obtuse for the first couple of hours. Kind of agree re the text, though playing it in a short space of time I found I almost always remembered if I was somewhere that I'd already been and read the text. That said, I actually think the game does a really great job of hinting at possible directions for you to explore, so I've so far only really felt stuck once or twice. The ways that different routes and explorations feed into information about roadblocks on other planets is pretty masterful, I think. Someone described it as a Metroidvania where you're not collecting abilities to progress, but knowledge, which seems pretty spot on. I think I'm close to the end now and it really keeps astounding me. Some of the moments of revelation the game gives, like working out how to get somewhere that you first heard of hours previously, have made my hair stand on end. Excited to see where it's all going to end up!
  15. Outer Wilds

    Has anyone played this? It's a time loop game of 22 minute cycles in the style of Majora's Mask, but is kind of an exploration and mystery game, a kind of mix between Breath of the Wild and Her Story, where you'll read a hint of somewhere to visit on one planet and find out about the mystery of solar system by following up on that lead. Kind of hard to explain without getting into spoilers but it's really quite amazing!