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  1. Fortnite

    Yeah I got a strong BotW feel from the last season too. Filling in the map this season I definitely felt the same! Had the same experience of doing quite well and winning a couple recently - the ranking and bot have definitevly helped without making it feel tooo cheap. Nice that they've stripped back a lot of the gubbins that made the first game season pretty inaccessible / a bit of a mess at times. It's fun!
  2. Greedfall (PC/XBO/PS4) - Sept 10th

    Just landed on the island so not too far in yet but generally.. really enjoying this. Nice to see a proper, meaty, serious western RPG - some great touches of old bioware games with the different ways that you can tackle or resolve quests, morally grey options. Definitely easy to see how low budget it is but I'd definitely prefer more games like this than big budget games with crap writing or no soul. Looking forward to playing more!
  3. Virtual Reality

    Hard to pick just one but it would have to be Superhot VR - Just en insane and unique experience, literally dodging out the way of bullets, plucking them from the air, spinning around and throwing shit at enemies. The stylized look looks great in VR (compared to more realistic games which look a bit janky) and the way enemies crumble when you hit them.. love it.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    GF spilt water on my PS4 so the disk drive it broke D: Considering replacing it with a pro but tbh I'm really struggling to actually see any palpable difference when I watch gameplay comparisons on youtube. Seems like the biggest case of emporer's new clothes ever. Or is it that you only can really tell the difference when it's on a TV? Has anyone here upgraded, and is it worth it? thanks?
  5. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Wipeout collection is sososo dope on psvr!
  6. Thanks alot!! Gotta get started on the next one!
  7. Thanks alot man! Good to hear
  8. Thanks very much man! Glad you enjoyed it. The music is all from youtube's audio library - so those tracks are probably on a tonne of other videos! Using music from elsewhere seems to be a legal minefield so didn't seem worth the risk Thanks very much! Yeah it took a while, to edit I was keen to make it fairly high production value-y. I did the editing in Premiere, and the graphics and animation bits in After Effects. Bit of a faff going between the two but all ultimately a fairly enjoyable process
  9. Hey pals, I made a video essay.. thing.. about pixel art in recent games and why it's so eternally popular (Celeste, Hyper Light Drifter, Octopath Traveller et all) It would be great to get some feedback from you lot in case I get round to ever making another one Sorry, hope this isn't not too self-promotiony - you can all put a voice to my posts here in any case!
  10. Football Season 2018/19

    Called it!! That shit was fucking crazy. Might've eclipsed the quarter final second leg against City. Right on par with last night. I literally cannot believe it. Can't believe how done for we looked after half an hour in the first leg. Can't believe how bringing on Llorente turned the game on it's head completely, Ajax could not deal with him. Can't believe Moura's third, the timing of it, the ridiculousness of the angle he had to completely perfect between two Ajax players, the keeper, the post. Can't believe we, Spurs, are in the champions league final. Bloody hell. Just an incredible incredible season for football. Nothing brings emotions out like this game. Jesus christ.
  11. Diddy Kong Racing Conkers Bad Fur Day Lylat Wars Pokemon Snap OcarinaOT Fanks
  12. Game of Thrones

    Yeah kind of agree with the above. There's also a distinct chance that all of the white walker storyline will be wrapped up next week - what an anticlimax that would be after a seven season buildup! Hoping the white walkers crush it and the rest of the series will be one long sprawl of escape and death. Thought this week's eppy was terrific though. Reminded me why I love the show, after the tepid opener. Reminded me of the bit in Witcher 3 before the battle at Kaer Moren where you're getting smashed with the other main characters. Excellently written, some great lines amidst some touching moments. Loved it.
  13. Football Season 2018/19

    Just about calmed down by now, 24 hours after the fact.. Just an unbelievable, preposterous game. For sheer drama I think it might actually be the best match I've ever watched, compounded by the fact that I was sat in the quiet carriage of the train from London to Edinburgh watching on the spotty wifi, trying not go absolutely fucking mental when goals went in or VAR intervened. Those mental first 10 minutes, us crumbling to pieces when Sissoko went off, Llorente bundling it in against the run of play, De Bruyne and Sterling playing brilliantly, Wanyama leathering it out of play in the last ten, utter deflation when Sterling scored, and the incredible drama of the VAR decision.. incredible night. As someone on reddit put it - imagine not being a fan of football!
  14. Personally I'm totally torn. Have to admit a massive grin came over my face looking at the first couple of shots of gameplay, and when the amazing woodwind music started playing, but upon reflection it's the same style that put me off playing a Link Between Worlds. Just wish they'd try something different for a change. I'd love to see really detailed handrawn-y sprites, much like the Banner Saga or Hades, something still pixel-y like Hyper Light Drifter or even something a bit darker and more unusual like Below. Four Swords on the gamecube seemed to be going that way with those amazing cel animated explosion swirls like from Wind Waker. Would've loved if they followed the handrawn route! Still. Psyched to play it. I played through some of LA on my phone last year. That game holds up!