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    Medicine, practical jokes.
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    Student Legalised Drug Dealer


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  1. I know you're not around much anymore but happy birthday :)

  2. I lurk, therefore I am.

  3. Cox of Black.


  4. Bappy Hirthday!

    Cheers everyone! Not been around much; occasionally lurking but not having much to say/type about anything! Glad to know that I'm still remembered anywho!
  5. Happy birthday, even if you havn't been here since the day before my birthday. :D

  6. Cinema Ticket Prices

    About £4 with a student card. Just pop into your local shop for some snacky goodness before you go it - only a fool buys cinema food!

    Booyah! Congrats! You know it needs to be called James
  8. How much do you spend on food a week?

    About £20 a week for me; but that tends to be the essentials - I rarely snack around the house, so not too bad really!
  9. Jeff Buckley For Christmas No.1!

    No. They murdered the Tears for Fears classic.
  10. Post a picture of your car!

    1.5l - mine's a 5 door too, which is convenient if you're giving lifts to friends!
  11. Post a picture of your car!

    That's how I roll. (Yes, I'm aware I'm the only person under 40 who drives one. Great car though.)
  12. Your Curry of Choice

    Curries are one of the most awesome foods in existance, fucking love them. A few off the top of my head - jalfrezi, (a decent) korma, madras, dupiaza, rogan josh, tikka massala. All great. Must be eaten with garlic naan and rice, onion bajis and poppadums. I really want a curry now, but gots to eat healthy like.
  13. Foxes

    Me or Dan?
  14. User Image Gallery

    Triforce - shush. You're either clamouring for attention, or are going induce an eating disorder. 10 stone @ 5'7 is fine. BMIs not exactly great in determining whether people are overweight or not. It works for most people, but not for others. Use it with care as a guide.