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  1. The audience in the cinemas

    I wasn't at the cinema at the time but my housemate stood up and booed at the end of Spiderman 3.
  2. Reasonable Hosting

    +1 for TSOhost. I use them to host my clients site. Cheapest and great support. A great little company!
  3. I can't believe the cheapest iMac is now £999. That's up from £749 a year or two ago. Even the mini has had a reasonable price bump. I realise the £ and fell against the $. I'd love another mac, I just can't justify their price.
  4. Modern Warfare 2

    started up Call of Duty: MW2 the other evening. Once the menu screen had loaded up then mouse became unresponsive, this continued for somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds, until the game minimised and the IW4 Console became visible. The console produced and error report, it appears to be ignoring a large number of assets on my computer. The ending two lines of this report are extremely worrying, they are as follows: Cheat detected. Com_TouchMemory: 0 msec. Using sum: 0 So I contacted Valve explaining everything and I got a reply back saying I'm banned from playing MW2 online! I wouldn't mind if I had cheated, but VAC has detected a false positive. I'm not bothered about losing the ability of playing MW2 online as I don't really play it that often, its more about the principle! I found this on Wikipedia. I know Wiki isn't a reliable source, but this suggests that there are others with this issue. I've sent this reply to them. I realise that the chances of getting this sorted are 0.005%, but I don't think I'll be any Steam based game in a very long time, if ever. Anyone else had any other issues?
  5. The Android Thread

    Perfect! I was looking for a 3G data counter. I only have a 500mb limit, so I've been super careful and been turning the 3G off if I don't need it! And ill get one of those cases on eBay! I might have a look for a dock while I'm at it!
  6. The Android Thread

    Woohoo! I've just bagged my self a desire! I love it! Any free apps that you guys can recommend? Or a case? I won't even get my phone out when im walking as im scared ill drop it!
  7. iPhone 4/iOS4

    The phone is £349 with tesco, but if you can swallow that initial expense then its a very competitive deal.
  8. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Tesco have just announced their iPhone 4 tariffs. My plan is to grab a twelve month contract with Tesco, then take a second year for £15 a month via simplicity with o2. £20 a month - 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 1Gb of iNet - Over all cost £589 £15 x 12 months - Over all cost £180 Tesco & O2 combo - £769 O2 - £879
  9. 3DS Console Discussion

    I hope online play is integrated into more games. And lets drop the friend codes! It looks like it could be a great system! Are there any rumors regarding a PSP2 or any other rival from sony / microsoft?
  10. iPhone 4/iOS4

    I think I'm going to hold out to see what Tesco offer. I've always wanted to jump onto the iPhone wagon, we'll how competitive their price point is. Alternatively, I'll keep my eye on prices for the HTC desire. If the Desire works out to be a fair bit cheaper then I'll go down that route!
  11. NHS Pays Fat People

    Paying people to lose weight is so infuriating! There is a serious lack of money, public sector workers losing their jobs and we're paying people to not eat burgers and do some exercise! I could rant on for ages, but it just angers me.
  12. Modern Warfare 2

    Does anyone play the Hardcore online modes? I had a friend introduce me to it the other night. I'm only level 13, so I can't access it on my own.
  13. PC Gaming Discussion

    add roebuck86 to your steam friends list. I'm well up for some TF2 action!
  14. Have you got any unusual habits?

    I'm 23 and I suck my thumb. Very few people know I do it, even close friends don't know. Its so hard to give up!