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  1. Pokemon X & Y

    Bidding on eBay right now for number 2
  2. Pokemon X & Y

    Looks like i will have to get b/w. What do you think to b/w?
  3. Pokemon X & Y

    Hey Guys, is it possible to transfer my Pokemon straight from Heart Golf to X/Y? From what i read it looks like it isn't possible
  4. 4chan/

    It's not who views it that makes the image illegal. Its the image in the first place.
  5. Avast all the way. I love the boot time scan.
  6. My webpages have went... small

    Ctrl 0 will put it back to the default size.
  7. Problems Making This

    If you would email me the psd that would be amazing too
  8. Your Unlikely Likes

    I love getting into a cold bed, and just stretching.
  9. Problems Making This

    Basically that, if you explain it to me i could sort it to exactly what they want. THANKS!
  10. Problems Making This

    My friend wants to make text which resembles this. I would be grateful if someone could send me a tutorial to get this or similar effects, or if they would actually make a PSD for me.
  11. NHS Pays Fat People

    The thing is they should have to pay the money back if they EVER put it back on to keep it fiar. Martinist, they should, although it is easier to gain weight than to lose it.
  12. NHS Pays Fat People

    The NHS are trialing a pay for weight loss incentive program, lets see how this works. What are your thoughts on this?
  13. What Can You Play?

    Does anyone know where i could get a cheap/affordable keyboard? I would prefer a 61 key key board, but its not important.
  14. What Can You Play?

    I had a recorder when i was younger, but it never took my interest. I have seen some good Recorder players, but i prefer listening to it when there is more than one person playing.
  15. What Can You Play?

    I couldn't see the difference untill i put them side by side. Another one of my friends has a severely out of tune Piano, so out of tune that even i can tell. How often do you have to retune yours?