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  1. I don't know why i keep watching these, knowing that the more they explain the backstory, the less scary the series becomes. I remember when i first saw the pilot, i wasn't even sure what i was looking at. It was this bizarre spectacle with no explanation and that's what made it creepy. The more you see it and the more it's explained away, the less scary it gets. Same with the aliens. Also, David fell flat somehow. They set him up in that first scene, but for me he didn't compare to Ash or Bishop. Some of the visuals were interesting, but that's about it.
  2. Sorry guys, i'm drunk right now. (that's not to say it didn't happen - maybe that's why i started drinking)
  3. I had a dirty dream about Tom Selleck. Again.
  4. Cos my brain is... special? It sees more than 3 and automatically goes into "NOPE" mode. So then i just play Tetris on my phone instead.
  5. Yeah if there's more than 3 peeps in the room i basically don't speak.
  6. Have decided to listen to this on repeat, forever!
  7. Went back on the dating site about a month ago. First date i've had from it was on Sunday. We went for a few drinks, then i waited at the bus station with him while he waited on his bus home. He proceeded to try and feel my arse the entire time, and whispered "I think you should send me a pic of your tits when you get home". Sigh.
  8. Guess i didn't imagine it'd be so tiring. On work nights i feel mentally/physically exhausted, and like all my energy i had for the day has gone towards my employer, not me. Then on my days off i'm just kind of in a dazed recovery... then another week starts all over again. Can't believe i used to spend whole days playing SNES. Seem like a different lifetime.
  9. Yep, am so maverick.

  10. You have a new visitor's message!

    Excellent graffittiability you possess - have you been practicing?

  11. Ama graffiti your paaaage!

  12. You have a new visitor's message!

    Long time no see!

  13. It was like a generic company contact card that you had to fill in. He did pause and seem to have a "wtf am i doing?" moment when he stopped and corrected it!
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