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  1. I lurk, therefore I am.

  2. Bappy Hirthday!

    Cheers everyone! Not been around much; occasionally lurking but not having much to say/type about anything! Glad to know that I'm still remembered anywho!
  3. Cinema Ticket Prices

    About £4 with a student card. Just pop into your local shop for some snacky goodness before you go it - only a fool buys cinema food!

    Booyah! Congrats! You know it needs to be called James
  5. How much do you spend on food a week?

    About £20 a week for me; but that tends to be the essentials - I rarely snack around the house, so not too bad really!
  6. Jeff Buckley For Christmas No.1!

    No. They murdered the Tears for Fears classic.
  7. Post a picture of your car!

    1.5l - mine's a 5 door too, which is convenient if you're giving lifts to friends!
  8. Post a picture of your car!

    That's how I roll. (Yes, I'm aware I'm the only person under 40 who drives one. Great car though.)
  9. Your Curry of Choice

    Curries are one of the most awesome foods in existance, fucking love them. A few off the top of my head - jalfrezi, (a decent) korma, madras, dupiaza, rogan josh, tikka massala. All great. Must be eaten with garlic naan and rice, onion bajis and poppadums. I really want a curry now, but gots to eat healthy like.
  10. Foxes

    Me or Dan?
  11. User Image Gallery

    Triforce - shush. You're either clamouring for attention, or are going induce an eating disorder. 10 stone @ 5'7 is fine. BMIs not exactly great in determining whether people are overweight or not. It works for most people, but not for others. Use it with care as a guide.
  12. El Oh El PETA

    I was going to eat pasta for tea tonight. After watching this I'm going to purposfully pop to Sainsbury's and buy turkey.. and eat it.
  13. 4Chan: Your opinion on it?

    Just checked it out; pretty shit.
  14. Caleb Pike

    Congratulations! Hope you're all doing well!
  15. Writing Dissertations

    I would advise against those sites.. they take your money and produce a work that is apparently "original". At the end of the day you could get back a piece of work that is plagarised, or shit, or both. Best of luck, I'd hate to do one.. good job I don't!
  16. Getting Married

  17. student debt

    Ah yeah, I think I have.. I heard it off Radio 1.
  18. student debt

    This is why Dan Dare is King. Meh.. I'm walking out of uni with £35k worth of debt, £42k if I take an intercalated Bsc. At the end of the day I'll be walking out with two (possibly three!) great degrees. The Government kinda' shot themselves in the foot with regards to universities. They wanted more people to go, but at the cost of introducing tuition fees as they could no longer afford it!
  19. Aye, I think that's what pushed me over the edge.. Xmas music in November..
  20. Yeah, right on. I couldn't really give a crap about what I got in terms of presents.. I know my family can't especially afford to get me some expensive shit, I'll probably ask for a memory stick, and a holdall or something. At the end of the day, if I get to have a peaceful day with the family, eat Christmas dinner after having a couple of pints with my old man and then play a few games or whatever in the afternoon then I'm happy. It dispares me that people hype up Christmas so soon, its fucking November, bonfire night has just been.. the three Wise Men haven't even seen the star yet.. chill! Also dispares me that the true meaning has been removed due to rampant consumerism.. great.
  21. Its November... Don't get anything if you have it all - save your family the cash. Credit crunch and all.
  22. ROAD RAGE!!!

    Many things: - Middle lane drivers - Old people doing 40 in the middle lane - Tailgaters - People who don't leave junctions clear - People who don't indicate on roundabouts - Boy racers - Boy racers who mod their shitty shit cars to make them look good, when they could use that money to get a decent car - Insurance companies. £1500... why?!
  23. It's Oh So Quiet...SHHHH! SHHHH!

    University consumes my life at themoment. And I can never be bothered to post anymore since when I do - the thread dies!
  24. Labour all the way. They've changed this country so much mostly for the better. Minimum wage anyone? NHS improvements anyone? Economy (up until the stock markets started falling.. not exactly Labour's fault!). People need to really think back to before they were in power to see how shit this countr had become. People died for your vote.