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  1. Happy birthday cous!!

  2. Wish I could take credit for it, but that banner was all down to Fresh, it does look good though!

  3. Shorteh, the PS3 is yours if you want it.

  4. Glad to hear it got there safely, enjoy!

  5. Thanks man. I'm gonna wrestle that "Best Sig Award" from Redshell even if it kills me! :heh:

  6. Ashley!



    Add meeeeeeee.

  7. Just added you on the 3DS


    My code...


  8. Formula Subs


    That's the site of the guys who are subbing the Tethe'alla Episodes!

  9. Haha, most definitely.


    Is it because we're not there though...?

  10. Riiiiight, cheers for the heads up, don't use that account any more but I'll check it out now.



  11. But you're so far awaaaaaaaay :heh:


    You need to move to Somerset :wink:, saying that there was someone who went to the college I worked at who always reminded me of you!

  12. Well I wasted £1,500 on my course! :weep:


    I need to find a job with more people my age, or rather more girls my age... single girls...

  13. So so at the mo.


    Quit my job to go back to college which I then failed big time so need to find a job ASAP, especially since I'm planning on moving out in the new year. Thankfully I've got some relief work with the job I quite, the two sites are actually fighting over me cause I'm that awesome :heh:


    Luckily I've got a fair bit of money saved up that'll keep me going for the time being!

  14. hehe, any message from you is interesting ^_^


    How are things?

  15. Ah, cheers for the heads up d00d, will come in very handy!

  16. Hey, are you definitely coming doen on the friday for the meet?


    If you are then the hostel will be £16.50 for the night if that's cool. Need to know asap for the numbers!

  17. Dys, are you definitely coming down to the meet on the friday?


    If you are then the hostel will be £16.50 for the night, need to know for the numbers :p

  18. Hey Moogle, £16.50 each night cool for the meet?

  19. Happy birthday nightwolf, hope you have a great day, you deserve it! :heart:

  20. Mmmmm, okay maybe they can be :heh:


    I reckon I'll be able to top it come next week though, it'll be emo of epic proportions!


    Why are we trying to out emo each other again?...

  21. They can't be that bad! I wouldn't have to do much, my last photo is more or less there, just spike my hair a bit more and make it black and white and I'm set.

  22. Hehe I'm sure they will, looking forward to them!