N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

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24 minutes ago, BowserBasher said:





@Kounan  last night of the year guys. Get those points and finalise your places. 

I completely forgot that it was Thursday, 8pm just passed me by without a second-thought. :p

I won't join part-way through, my place on the leaderboard is all but finalised in any case. :D

All the best though, and thanks for all the GP's and Battle mode runs we've had this year, it has been fun. :peace:

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15 minutes ago, martinist said:

100% attendance, nice.

Snap. And I think I’ll be taking the most points award too. 

Great year everyone. And some great racing tonight. There was one race on mushroom only that had three of us close all race, think it was Sunshine Airport. Slipstreaming and mushrooms, bumping and overtakes. Great race. I might try to find it on MKTV

Anyway. Highlights from me. 


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Sorry for the delay. Here's last week's results.


Which means we're at the end of the second half of the league and the end of the year. So it's time to get those final results up. Forgive me for being quick with this one, there's still the whole year results for me to do.

3rd Place



2nd Place



1st Place







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And now, the moment we've all been waiting for! No, not the actual end-of-year results. What are you, new? It's the pointless end-of-year award ceremony!


So, first of all, time to acknowledge the Teacher's Pets out there with;

The Perfect Attendance Award

This award goes to the person who showed up for all 138 GP's this year. This is a very special award in that it comes with a certificate I slapped together in 5 minutes!


I'd mention the honourable mentions, but I'm the only qualifying person who didn't get more than 90% attendance, so well done!

On 12/17/2020 at 9:04 PM, BowserBasher said:

Snap. And I think I’ll be taking the most points award too.

That's not an actual thing, but this is!

The Blue Shell Award


This award goes to the person who claimed the most second places throughout the year. It must be nice, not having to be paranoid about getting hit with one of those.

@BowserBasher claims it this year, with 34 2nd places! Good for you! I hope you enjoyed the comedy of watching the person in front of you get blown up.

@viceview51 was the runner-up for this one.

The Ultimate Rivalry Award


This award goes to the two people with the smallest point difference between them. Making me have to swap your rows all the time, I hope you're bloody happy!

@BowserBasher and @viceview51 were the winners this year, with a 1.8 point difference between them.

The Balanced Player Award


This goes to the player who not only achieved more than 10 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements throughtout the year, but also had the smallest difference between all three of those. In other words, a great balance between all their top 3 placements.

@BowserBasher has a difference of only 4! (34 1st, 34 2nd and 30 3rd placements) That's very impressive!

@viceview51 is the runner up with a difference of 7. That was actually better than last year's winner, but alas...

And now, the final results. You'll be glad to know that I'm not utilising shoddy MS Paint skills this time!


Go, Go, Cruddy MS Paint Job!


Ah, you can taste the low-res!



Thanks to everyone who took part this year. Let's face it, it's been difficult for a lot of people and I can only hope that the N-E League brings you some much needed levity in these difficult times.

Massive thanks to @BowserBasher for taking on far more responsibility than he'd be expected to when lockdown prevented me from performing my duties. I think you deserve a 20% raise. You've earned it.

And thanks once again to @RedShell for providing the best looking graphic in this thread. It really brings people's guard down so I can shock and appall with my graphics. I know you haven't been able to attend the League for most of this year, but it'd be fab if you could whip up a logo for 2021. In your own time, of course. There's no rush.

Anyway, I've been thinking about the attendance of people, with only 5 making the 50% attendance threshold, I'm thinking that a change of day might be required. CPU's may help make things feel less empty, but it's no substitute for people you can moan at afterwards. So I'm gonna open a thread shortly that will ask people what day and time might better suit them. I expect you lot to show up there and give input.
Because of that, I can't give an exact date for the start of next year's league, but it'll be sometime around the end of January.

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