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  1. Dare you play with Hellfire?

    Parabéns João, para sempre o nosso Don.
  2. Naruto: Shippuden (usespoilerboxesplz)

    It always makes me sad when a manga reader says "oh boy, shit just hit the fan, the series must be ending". Not only are they being short sighted, the mere thought of it ending is like imagining the end infinity. Completely understand that, it will start going down as soon as Kishi runs out of Naruto lore (Sasuke, Uchihas, tailed monsters, etc...). Although, I wouldn't mind if he started doing spin off series of it, there's so much to explore in that universe.
  3. Metroid: Other M

    He seems picky with that kind of stuff. personally I never notice this things in English, so I'm immune to it. The cheesyness might be less noticeable to people used to anime.
  4. Naruto: Shippuden (usespoilerboxesplz)

    But I don't want it to end anyway...
  5. Minecraft!

    Lost around one hour just watching the videos, incredible how someone can be so entertaining just talking to himself. I played this around 1 year ago, the free online version that's just world builder stuff, though I did more grieving that building.
  6. Only bad people don't have MSN

    I can almost hear the sigh at the end of that. Anyway, I use MSN a lot, if I'm at the pc than its online. However, I don't talk to more thatn 5 people regularly, and quite often ignore the rest that honestly don't really remember how they got there. Everyone creates their own system, just depends on how you're more comfortable and if your friends are willing to do the same.
  7. Tattoos

    I still have no idea.
  8. Tattoos

    I know nothing of Street Fighter, is that supposed to be a fireball?
  9. What the fuck is going on?

    Didn't I photoshop'd that to look like he was pissing in Sarka's mouth?
  10. OCRemix

    Never frequented the site much, but occasionally came across some musics that I really liked. Like these two from the top of my head. Super Mario World Monstrous Turtles! Audio SnappleMan - Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles (Title) (short unfortunately) Audio
  11. Diagnose Me!

    I've seen that on House MD, Mr_Odwin. According to him, its bacterial vaginosis.
  12. Diagnose Me!

    Shit, he's starting mitosis. Two Rezeseseses!
  13. Weight Loss 2010!

    I've lost around 30kg since the end of February. Still look flabby though, so I've started going to the gym.
  14. The Best Moments Of Your Life

    I can't think of a single objective thing... Just ups and downs through life, not a single moment of insane happyness. This shit makes me cry.
  15. 3rd Parties. Where is the innovation?

    3rd parties won't come because Nintendo doesn't feel the need to relate with them, specially in the west since third party support for Nintendo consoles have been great in Japan, but they're too autistic to try the same deals that landed them Monster Hunter Tri or Dragon Quest, in the west. Quite honestly they don't seem to think too highly of us, all they have is a few very controlled studios. This then extends to public relations with the western gaming press which then extends to the hardcore gaming community perception of Nintendo consoles. Another reason, that I agree with you, is the graphics. Ever since the bit wars, video games have always been easily rated by their graphics, it's the most noticeable change between iterations of the same franchise and can easily hide a game's shortcomings. Developers can more easily build hype around their game with a pretty new face than around their new innovative mechanics. It is just human nature, everybody likes graphics and that's something developers can easily offer on powerful machines, on the other hand, new innovative game mechanics aren't perceptible in screenshots and there's no realistic way for every developer to come out with one for their games.