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  1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I had one of those emotional Nintendo moments on the second galaxy. Some big round lake planet which you freeze to go ice-skating. Ugghh just beautiful, music and everything. Its so nice to play a game that is well, totally a game. Nothing is made at the expense of gameplay. Who cares about a storyline, give me more gamage. Point and shoot to kill gets old so quick these days. The only way to have innovative level designs really is to do something crazy like Mario Galaxy. Or maybe something like Portal on the PC.
  2. Anyway, you would have to be disappointed if a device that gets released halfway through a generation inst more advanced than a device released at the beginning. In saying that the Wii (and Wii Motion+) seem robust enough to be hi-tech for many more years. Developers have only really just nailed controls for it etc. Imagine what the Wii 2 controls could be like, again you wont be surprised if it furthers advancement yet again. In the end it is silly to rely on such 'future developments' for your entertainment. The real meat is in what you are playing right now.
  3. Legend of zelda the movie 2009

    what a relief that its a fake. i completely forgot that it was april. I cringed harder than ever before when i watched that. That movie would destroy Zelda in one single foul swoop.
  4. Most beautiful natural sight

    i'm tempted to say something cheesy like my Girlfriend. I would have to say a clear summer Night Sky on the Beach with a Full moon reflecting of the ocean.
  5. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    This is all Balls. MP2 was fricken decent as!. Just a little to hardcore for some it would seem. I loved the dark world and the bubbles etc. And the art was top notch to whomever dis-regarded it on the previous page.
  6. Nintendo is not stupid

    Also stop using 'also' so much. And yea i agree people are getting too paranoid. Wii has'nt even been around half a year yet.
  7. Experts Expect Sony PS3 to outsell Wii

    If it does outsell wii i dont really care. I mean the main things is at least the pie will be alot more balanced this time around. Gamecube had what? %15 - %20 of the market last gen? ill be happy with %30 for the Wii.
  8. wii game drought?

    Hmmmm, im looking forward to SSX and Scarface.
  9. Space Station Tycoon

    yea i think this look cool. I would like to build/manage a space station.
  10. Looking Good - The Case for Good Graphics

    Yea Nintendo NEVER said good graphics RUIN a game. They simply prefer that the resources involved in creating a game have a more even balance between gameplay and graphics. To make a game 'sell' on the Wii it HAS to have good gameplay. Plus if you really care just pick up a 360.
  11. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    bottom line is.... what other game compares?, perfect or not.
  12. Controller Sensitivity

    No No no no. It doesnt have to act like a lazer pointer. That is probably one of its lesser technologies. TV size is irrelevant as the Wii has no clue how big the T.V is.
  13. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    HUH? you have to be joking. I always thought thats where they stood out from the pack.
  14. Amazon Pre-Order Sells Out!!

    This is the only instance where i am glad New Zealand has little to no Nintedo product awareness. I'll be the first and only customer in line thursday the 7th of Dec. WOOHOO!.
  15. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    ^^^ actually mirroring is probably the best way to go about it. I really dont see why there should be a problem? Simply changing links hand would not work easily because all the collision detection and enemy animations would have to be re-worked.