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  1. The Quality of Wii Games

    The quality of wii games is indeed very low. I'm sorry to say this but super mario galaxy is crap. I have played it for 15 minutes and I was bored. Give me normal levels, big ones with land not small planets where i have to run upside down, or also the new move where you have to shake the controller is bull.... . ALso mario party 8 is not that as fun as the old ones because like half of the multiplayer games are crap becasue of teh motion sensless controls, this also counts for super monkey ball. Super paper mario is also too kiddy for me. Mario vs sonic is fun for 2 minutes because only two or three mini games are fun and the rest is crap. The games which are actually good for the wii are sadly enough gamecube games. The legend of zelda and resident evl 4. Both originally made for the gamecube but they implented some wireless controls ( which works very well). My brother keeps telling to me the wii sucks and i always said to him wait for mario galaxy and sonic and resident evil umrella chronicles. The first two sucks and resident evil is not getting very good reviews but that isn't a problem for me, i have to play a game before i can really judge a game. SO nintendo or game developers give me normal games, no crappy games with the use of the motion senseless controller. Resident evil 4 and zelda just used it for aiming which was enough and which is fun to do. And also the wii online is crap, name me one game which is online and good, and not this crappy football maro game. Mario party 8 and mario vs sonic would have been great agmes online but no tehy are just releasing those games very quickly to earn money. I bought a ps3 recntly and that isn't worth the money. I always hated the x box and still do but I have to admit that the x box 360 is the best console out there right now. In other words nintendo you let me down, and I think also other gamers too which loved nintendo games in the gamecube / n64 / super nes era. Go ahead make games for my grandmother. Everybody I know and a lot of people on forums keeps saying my wii is under a lot of dust right now and regret to have bought one. The only games I play on the wii are virtual console games which shows how low the quality of wii games are.
  2. About 6 month or more ago we had to sign an agreement saying that our stars will only be valuable for 1 year, and if we didnt sign that agreement we would lose all our stars. its a little bit crap that it turned out this way but at least they promised us to put some good things on the stars catalogue and also that we could convert our stars in wii point. I still haven't seen any of those. What is nintendo doing? Our stars won't be availible anymore within 6 month I believe. Do you guys know when this could happen? Do you have heard anything about it lately?
  3. Hi, I have an hotmail account and I want to forward my emails to my wii. I search everywhere on the web but cannot find how to do it. Can somebody help me out here please. Cheers
  4. Ah what a shame I always loved rogue squadron.
  5. The wii has great games announced such as resident evil, smash bros mario glaxy etc etc. But I still miss a star wars game from lucas arts . Does anybody knows if there is a new rogue squadron in development for the wii???? And Im talking about a real star wars game not a lego star wars.
  6. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    Hi, I am really looking forward to resident evil 4 wii edition. I have already finished the game several times on the GC but the wii controls would give a totally new feeling to this game. Unfortunatly I have seen a movie where they show how you play the game. I notice that to move the cursor, you have to use the nunshock. So you cannot aim with the wii mote. If this is the case than I wont buy this game because there wouldnt be anything new to it. Here is the link to the video I have seen and please can somebody tell me that I'm mistaking. http://www.wiionly.nl/nieuwsitem.php?nid=1753
  7. Nintendo Product Placement

    In a dutch game show, the winners gets a nintendo ds. And its not a game show for kids but for adults with really difficult question.
  8. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    If this is true, and the game will have online play, then this game will rock as hell.
  9. Nintendo is not stupid

    Hi, I hear a lot of people complaining about the lack of good wii games and that the only service will be like shit. I think that Nintendo is beeing quite right now is because they are working on good games which will offer great online play. They are not stupid. Pokemon, Super Smash bros , Metroid and it wouldnt surprise me that also Mario will have great online play. The reason why I say that Nintendo is taking online gaming very seriously is because of some facts. They are already online with the wii, you can read the news and download games. Now they are making good online games because they dont want it to suck. And come on when was the last time when Nintendo released a bad game ( except from Mario sunshine). They also have a contract with gamespy, which shows that nintendo are taking online gaming very seriously. Microsoft and sony are also online so in order to compete with them nintendo need online gaming, because they don't wanna lose core gamers. Nintendo will have the largest market share at the end of this year and then Nintendo will bring their good games. Do not forget that the wii already sold 6 million units and tehy are selling more then 1 million units each month. In this rate nintendo will have sold 15 millions of wii by the end of the year. The gamecube only sold 18 millions of units. Good times are coming for a Wii owner, so be patient. Oh yeah and I have to agry that wii games are little bit expensive. But I know some game stores which sell all wii games for a maximum of 50 euros. I live in the Netherlands and those game stores which i'm talking about are in The Netherlands, Belgium and France. So maybe only you guys in Great brittain are being srewed
  10. ps2 headset

    Hi, i want to buy a headset for ps2. But do i need to buy the official one or can i buy any usb headset? Thanks.
  11. List of compatible SD cards

    I have this one and it works perfectly: http://www.alternate.nl/html/productDetails.html?artno=IMBR21
  12. Hi, I have a samsung lcd tv 27 inch with gamemode. Is it better to buy a component cable or a rgb cable for the wii. Which oen give bettter graphics?
  13. broken laptop

    My laptop is broken. I think the harddisk doesnt work anymore. Does anyone know how I can change my harddisk? I want to do it myself if its possible. I have an Acer laptop.
  14. does anyone know which games are comming out tomorrow on the VC?
  15. New Game Annoucement...Soon!

    No, no, no, you are all wrong. The game is Golden Sun.