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  1. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Ok! I know the first few hours of the game involves a lot of cut scenes, but I managed to get 2 hours in last night and didn't have to recalibrate the Wii remote once! I have no doubt that I'll get on really well with the controls! I was sitting on my bed, in a dimly lit room, with the sensor bar in clear view, so if it does recalibrate using the sensor bar, that'll be why I've had no problems! As for the game itself... WOW! The characters really come to life unlike previous Zeldas and the limited amount of sword fighting I've done so far is really good! I can't wait to start attacking some enemies that will be blocking my attacks!
  2. Modern Warfare 3

    How are the controls in this CoD? I fancied playing one the other day, but opted to get Black Ops for the Xbox (partly because it was pre-owned for13 beans), but also because I remembered how diabolically bad the controls for CoD3 were. It sometimes makes me wonder why Nintendo don't give away some of their code to 3rd party developers for free. I mean, it'd be no skin off their back if they gave the code they used for Metroid Corruption to 3rd parties to use in their first person shooters. In fact it would help boost sales of these games if the controls were better.
  3. [Spoiler-Free] Zelda: Skyward Sword

    Mine arrived today and I might get some time to play it tonight. After reading the N-Europe review and seeing that even they had problems with the controls, I am a little worried though. I thought Gamespot were just being crap when they had problems with it, but I trust N-Europe.
  4. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    I ordered the collector's edition off eBay this morning for 30 beans with free postage. Can't wait to play 1 and 2 in widescreen
  5. Google Buzz

    When I first heard "Google Buzz", I thought..."wow, sex toys from Google".
  6. Metroid: Other M

    The Game website says that Other M will be released on 24th September. http://www.game.co.uk/Games/Wii/Metroid-Prime-Other-M/~r342343/ Not sure if this is true however because they list Mario Galaxy 2 as coming out on the same date too.
  7. Need For Speed: Pro street Wii

    I'll definitely be getting this! I loved Carbon, I still play it regularly.
  8. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    With this game AND the 3rd Resi movie this year... It's going to be a goood year
  9. Raving Rabbids FREE for PC!

    My girlfriend loved Rayman Raving Rabbids before I sold it. So we downloaded it on her PC but sadly all the graphics are messed up Boooooo.
  10. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I did AS level Music Tech at school and part of one of the modules is all about making MIDI sound as authentic as possible. In my experience solo instruments are often noticeable in MIDI, where as when you start layering more and more instruments together and tweaking the sounds, it begins to sound better. This being the reason why solo piano pieces sound horrible in MIDI. And there's also the fact that MIDI can sound better depending on how much money you spend. With the right sound module MIDI can sound great. But I agree with the fact that MIDI doesn't sound as awesome as real instruments. It can be pretty damn close, but never bang on. However, when you're playing a game, you're looking at the visuals, listening to the sound effects, concentrating on the task at hand, controlling your character, watching your enemies...so many different factors that take your attention away from the quality of the music going on in the background. So when you're playing a game its really pointless having orchestrated music when MIDI can sound pretty close to the real thing.
  11. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    It pisses me off when people complain about MIDI soundtracks. Especially in Metroid, most of the sounds used in Metroid songs aren't even possible on real instruments. And if Nintendo didn't say whether a soundtrack was MIDI or orchestrated I bet a lot of reviewers wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The only time I've ever listened to MIDI music and it's made me cringe is in the opening for Wind Waker when that MIDI violin is playing the theme. Made my ears bleed it did.
  12. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

    I wana know why Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody or Nightwish aren't in there!
  13. Dell Laptops

    I bought myself a Toshiba cus I didn't wana risk getting a Dell and it then being shit. But my Uncle bought one and it is really nice, so yeah, you should be ok with a Dell.
  14. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Basically on a HD TV the graphics on the Wii will be a little jaggy.
  15. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Why does everyone seem to dislike Metroid Prime 2 so much? I like both Primes equally.