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  1. Questions

    hopw do I get back in the discussion?
  2. Questions

    Here's a question- what's your msn name agin thirtynine?
  3. Questions

    I just love the way she preaches. And Mcphee, didja get my pms? This argument has stopped mate.
  4. Questions

    She's talking utter shit, just ignore her. The ones aren't revealing anything
  5. Questions

    Me and ashmat are mates now. Wer're having a discussion on msn about n-e, and we've got choices to make.
  6. Questions

    I'm sorry Ashmat Take this to MSN. Try to get on, hey hey? I'm in a bad mood right now
  7. Questions

    Can't you read or something you prick? I just said at the bottom, next an asterix, I was joking. I would like you to link me to a naked woman. I dare you. rokhed has been here a long time. But, you stupidly forgot, that you're contradicting yourself. Your standing up for a newbie, then insulting me on being a newbie? WTF? Just,. seriously, stop. Now
  8. Questions

    1) Yes, he was. You, as well, are not basing it on fact either and that's your main downfall. 2) I don't know if you know the difference between a rhetorical question and an insult (and a mod and admin) so here's a quick English lesson: Rhetorical Question- Do you admins know how to do your jobs properly? Insult- You admins are fucking fuckers grow up you pricks and start acting your age.* 3) I have been in the hot people gallery. But, as far as I'm aware no pictures have been posted so far of a middle-aged man in women's clothing. You can clarify this, and that the whole purpose of hot people's thread is to post hot people. 4) How does the shite taste up that arse your licking? i admit, I've been here hardly at all, but long enough to make a full decision on who my friends and enemies are, and long enough, obviously, for rpkhed to act his usual self. *I do not mean this as a direct insult at the admins, so don't ban me plz!
  9. Suggestions

    OK, was pretty bad, I'll admit :-)
  10. Questions

    If I insulted you, please, show me. I'm not taking the mick because you're new. I'm entitled myview on this situation. I have, however, got a problem with the fact you come here and start stirring things. Why notcheck out the forum's hostory on rokhed and not just base it on a few pics you were here on time to see. As I said, if it were the pics alone, I would've dealt with it, but they were the last straw. mr-paul who's fairly new, I has no problem with. He didn't stir anything, and kept out of discussions he knew nothing about. Just base it on facts next time, not your opinion.
  11. Suggestions

    At least it'd make the forum so much more exciting... at least consider it.
  12. Questions

    You just don't get, do you? The point is, it isn't against the rules. If it is, please show me it.
  13. Questions

    Seriously, you don't the half of it. The whole point of infractions are a guideline or a warning to anyone who steps out of the rules line. mcj, as far as I'm aware, did not flame/insult anyone, post porn, spam or have a multiple account. So, why did he get the infraction? And a group of members have been having a problem with rokhed for a long time before you came. The inapproprate images were, for many, the last straw. motion and Fields, two members who stood against rokhed, are now banned. Ant-Shimmin, another one, is now- you guessed it- banned. Stop pretending you know this forum becasue you clearly don't.
  14. Suggestions

    May I sugeest you tell someone in advance before you ban them? Like, a day? Give them a chance to say their goodbyes, why they're going etc. Maybe start a 'Im going to be banned now, here's my goodbyes' thread.
  15. Questions

    All mcj as ask the admins a question- not neccesarily in a polite way, but not in an insulting way either. He got an infraction.