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  1. i wonder wich character will be playable also. i think more from the six sages from ocarina of time. i would love to see a zora fighter in, zora link from majoras mask reminded me of the guyver lol. and indeed an gerudo fighter who would smash them all hulk style. and for villains it would be awesome to see lots of final bosses return. Majora, ganondorf, demise. etc etc. and make them extremely powerful.
  2. the woman with the boobs, she looks a bit like twinrova?
  3. I wonder.. with subspace gone, if every character will have his/her own ending with namco working on it it could be like they do for tekken that every character would have his/her own ending cutscene. I loved the cutscenes in brawl. And i hope smashbros wiiU is packed also with mini games and trophy collecting etc. i like the fact that he showed that the music that will be in it is packed already lol. I will definitely wait for the WiiU version.
  4. i really loved this ND, i saw some new movesets for link in the video cant wait to see more from this game. I will buy the 3ds first and then in the winter the WiiU version.
  5. I would love to see Young link return again and becoming an adult later in the game like Ocarina of time. I want a deeper story line also from Link his childhood and they have to make it more dramatic, like twilight princes it gave you a feeling that the world is going to end like Majoras mask. Like majoras mask i loved the mask transformation it made link look invincible. I think it would be awesome to see more of his childhood and then after thinks go really bad, and he is hounted in his nightmares warned that things are about to happen but no one believes him, and he is being bullied alot. after a huge attack takes place and many of his friends are killed or kidnapped and turned into slaves then link saves them all after that his real journey begins when the sages aprouch him. lol just dreaming...
  6. I hope they give Luigi a new Final smash from the 3DS game: Mario & Luigi Dream team. He has some awesome attacks in that game.
  7. Man o man i really want this game. I really love the anouncement of Lil mac. i hope captain falcon is still in the game, and Pokemon trainer. Or an option to choose between red and blue :P when you switch from costumes your pokemon also switches to the color of you costume. lol just dreaming
  8. i want Demise to be in Smashbros, and they have to give him new moves not the moveset from ganondorf lol. He is so much cooler and more powerful than ganondorf
  9. wow, i really liked this trailer, and i am a hardcore Zelda fan, i really like the idea of Hyrule being at war, play co-op with Link Zelda and some more famous hyrule wariors, Zora, goron, sheiks etc. from pictures the screens look nice. but there is alot of room for improvement i like links design, but they should upgrade the enemies design
  10. Pokemon WiiU. they listened to their fans.
  11. hahah i laughed because of your comment, it is soo true! lol
  12. Is that fire coming from link his sword? or is it from the background?
  13. i'm hyped, and that has been a long!!! time, since i have been this way lol. i also hope to see more from the New (Epic) Zelda, and a blown away video trailer from Xenogears, footage from Smashbros, etc. I also want to see a Naruto game for the WiiU, i loved the Clash series, more than Storm. so i want to see a return, they can go all out on the wiiU, with the 25Gig Disc space lol. and if they show an awesome (beautifull) starfox game, and F-zero. than i will wet my pants. The retro, game. i hope there will be a Metroid (firstperson game, where we can play with like 18/16 players online. something like halo, flying with your craft etc, different weapons.
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