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  1. Google Wave

    Anyone got invited yet? Thoughts? WIN?
  2. The Music Thread.

    SHE ruined the cure. She needs to die. I say the yeah yeah yeahs on sunday. It was amazing.
  3. Won't someone love the baby?

  4. Piercings and/or tattoos!

    Letty ftw. this is mine and this is what i did to my ex. Except her name is imo. We did it the wrong way. It says OWl.
  5. Im coming. Now all of your lives are 100% complete. Also anyone who has met me before, my epic hair has now gone forever.
  6. Tickets Touts

    Hi, Today i woke up at 8:30 so i could buy tickets to see the yeah yeah yeah's, which were released at 9:00. I like them alot. I actually buy their music. By like 9:05 they were all sold out, and sever fail ment i didnt get one. Now i look on ebay and see THIS Seriously? 50 quid. They were only like 18. This bellend bought tickets. Which i could have had, specificity to put them on ebay straight away, hes not even doing it right and waiting till closer to the even so the price rises. Not only is he a scumbag but hes also a n00b. FAIL. Touts are fail.
  7. Twitter

    http://twitter.com/_twelve http://www.digsby.com/ is amazing, all in one chat client ftw
  8. Learn to design? No one covered this. Have you got any examples?
  9. You Cockney Raggamuffin'

    Tits or gtfOwen.
  10. The Music Thread.

    http://www.myspace.com/emmythegreat New album out in febuary. Shes totally good.
  11. Your internet history...

    Got dialup sometime in the 90's. My mate would stay over and we would sneak downstairs and look for porn. We were in primary school. Later in year 7/8 this evolved into looking for fucked up porn. I remember one time he rang me and was like "DUDE, I JUST SAW A DWARF AND A MAN THE DWARF WAS AT CROTCH HEIGHT" He was so proud of himself. He has now grown out of this habbit and got severely pissed off when i showed him and his girlfriend 2Girls1Cup. I then started using forums. TutorialtombForums. It was lolz. We did graphics. Then I joined Here. Then TTF Closed down. Then i joined some Bike forum. That is why I am here less. Throw in some random social networking sites and that is all.
  12. Rap Battle y'allll!

    Your bring flavor to the table like big mac? just because you smoke weed and think your black? shit son your seriously lacking in the ability to rap oh i forgot, tell your mum not to be late for her pap smear. You mean like this?
  13. The sterling is finished?

    Euro ftw, we should have joined at the start then we would have so much less currency fail