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  1. I do believe I have found the BEST PICTURE EVER.


    David Tennant and a kitten.

  2. why thank you :P


    I think I may just refrain from posting and enjoy the nice round number. mmm 5k =D


    p.s your profile is very....dotty. I approve!

  3. Heyyy :D I saw yer reply on the Relationship thread, but its gone a few extra pages over so I'll reply here. I was lifting until the start of this year, sadly i had to stop due to various health problems :( I miss it a lot!

  4. Martinnnnnniiiiiii <3

  5. I heard that Martin wants to do stuffs with yer ma?

  6. *poke*


    Hello my dear friend, haven't seen you in a while, you fallen down the bog or something.... ?


    Much loves x

  7. ahh that's good, would be nice to see you about msn more often *BIG BLOODY HINT* :heh:


    Hope all is well for you, glad you didn't fall down the bog, lol xx

  8. Hey suckah.


    You're IT.


    No tagbacks.

  9. so we listen to the same music but yours is good and mine is poor.... Well that's logical.. :heh:

  10. Send your goons around to sort my boss out would ya? :heh:

    You are mega whyzaphon(!) dude. Thanks for all the support and kind messages ^___^

  11. I love your profile too! Nice contrast going on! \o/

  12. wheres ma tuna? x

  13. You were right about Haruhi being awesome! :P


    p.s - Your page makes my eyes hurt somewhat. xD

  14. do eeeet naaaaaaaaaaaaaow.


    (has no idea what's going on)



  15. Truths. My eyesight is awful. But I'm not colour-blind! xP

  16. Haha, you know I'm only kidding ;) <3

  17. hahaha :D i'm not too bad, how are you? :)

  18. AS long as you don't steal jaysevens eyes, because that would be worse! x

  19. lo do you even know me at all, I am innocent :P

  20. hehe sounds awesome, i hope they have special powers of evil, or something. :heh: