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  1. Old NE Members

    Hannah is the only one I think I’m still in regular contact with. I follow a bunch still on twitter etc but I’ve no idea if they’re still active on here or not or if they remember who I am 😅
  2. Old NE Members

    Hey all
  3. Pets are funnies

    dog barked. cat wasnt amused.
  4. Weight Loss and Fitness 2015

    Went to the Flamingo cause of R but she got married and left :p
  5. Weight Loss and Fitness 2015

    I just miss the gym. My trainer left my current gym so I need to find somewhere else :/
  6. Job woes/wins

    Bit of a nightmare at work right now. People seem to be arguing a lot / gossiping about each other and it's making work not a nice place to be right now. It's a shame cause up until a few months ago I loved my job. Kinda hard to look forward to work each day when you've lost respect for half of the senior management. But saying that I passed the last diploma that I did so I'm a bit more qualified to start looking elsewhere for jobs!
  7. What Have You Bought?

    ... Because I've nothing better to do with my evenings for the next month or 2
  8. Pets are funnies

    Captain Sooty of the Starship Enterprise Reporting for Duty
  9. Pets are funnies

    I'm sure fats will love you too!
  10. Finally...(56k warning)

  11. Pets are funnies

    I got 2 cats. Sooty. Grumpy. Likes to steal food Harry - Chubby. Havent called him Harry since the day I got him. He's been called Fats or Fat Cat instead (hes a tad overweight) Both FIV cats so have to be indoor etc etc Also.... HI NE! How are things etc. Long time no talk.
  12. Pssst.


    I see you lurkin'. =P


    Good to see you're still, y'know, alive and stuff. Don't be a stranger! (I guess if I catch you too late today, this'll be a nice(?) surprise when you come to lurk next time!)

  13. You still come here! Thats cool. You should post again/more.

  14. You Drive Me Crazy!

    Congrats!! Clippin the curb over here is an automatic fail I think. No minor about it! I thought I had hit the curb within the first 5 minutes of my test and had the "feck this" approach to the rest of my test which ended up being a good thing cause I was REALLY relaxed and ended up with only 2 minors. Cant believe I've had my test 3 years now!
  15. One of what now? I dont even have one! Used to take my dogs there during the summer very pretty part of Ireland