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  1. Less than an hour to go 'til closin' time, pals. Things appear to have slowed down, so if you were unable to sell earlier, or wanted to sell more, you should hopefully get in without too much hassle at this point.Dodo Code is still 03FLN. Mabe is now clooooosed. Sorry to those who wanted to explore by the way, but I figured it was for the best to fence everything but the shops off so people could just do their business and let the n-ext person in (and prevent RedShell from vandalising my noticeboard). In all honesty my island and house is a bit of a tip at the moment and the only visitor I have is Leif, so you weren't missing out on much anyways. Even then, it still turned out rather chaotic, so if another big spike happens in my town in future perhaps there can be a way to make this more organised next time.Maybe a dedicated Discord channel or something that people can queue/chat in "live". Also, thanks to those who gave tips and gave thanks here and whatnot. I know there were some folks both here and in-game mentionin' adding me as a Switch/New Horizons friend and stuff, but, uh, I couldn't tell who most people were just by their Animal Crossing name, so hit me with a notification here if you were intending on adding me, along with who you were if you wanted to do that for whatever reason.
  2. I guess I forgot to mention so just to be clear, I do intend to keep the gates open until either closing time at 10pm UK time or until everyone has finished their trading (including if you decide you want to make an extra trip or two, or change your mind on how many turnips you wanted to sell), so if you're unable to get in immediately, just keep trying. And I'll let everyone know if the Dodo Code changes for whatever reason, too. "Looks like someone is on their way here!" and "Looks like someone's leaving." shall forever be ingrained into my memory.
  3. Psst... Hi. You don't wanna sell at Kaepora_Gaebora's island. 'Cause my island is selling turnips for 539 bells. For now, the Dodo Code to visit Maidens' island of Mabe is 03FLN. (Sorry if I was too late to stop Aneres11 from selling I am bad at this oh goodness.)
  4. I feel kind of bad that the last time someone posted here was me wishing you happy birthday last year...but happy birthday! Hope its a good one.

    1. Ashley


      Hah same again this year!  At least I'm consistent :)

      Have a great birthday.

  5. Happy birthday!!!

  6. Okay! Firstly, late response, but I had fun the other day, @RedShell. I think the Pikachu match was my favourite. Lay dem match GIFS on me, I can take it now. =P I'm also grumpy though because I didn't get to record my replays before the patch hit, so they're all gone... As for using Tourney Mode, after giving it a look over the weekend... it's hard to call, but there are drawbacks. Players can't choose whether matches are 1v1, free-for-alls or team battles. You can only have free-for-alls (the amount of players chosen depending on how successful the search for players is). To my knowledge, only one person per Wii U console can take part. That means people who share a console won't be able to both compete, which is a bit of a deal breaker for some n-e members. The majority of "win conditions" basically comes down to who has the most time to play. You can limit the amount of total matches a player can take part in, but this has it's own problems. Players could use all their matches playing against the same opponent/s, or a player could join but have nobody to play with because everybody else has played all of their matches. There is no way to monitor who is actively in the tournament at the time. Furthermore, given how active both Smash topics are, the amount of participants would likely be quite low, so players would probably be required to arrange their matches here... and if that's the case, then we may as well just arrange a tourney on n-e by ourselves. I'm not sure if using it for a "proper tourney/league" is the best idea, but it could be used somewhat effectively as a convenient meet up spot to play without needing to exchange friend codes and have multiple people host rooms, though we would still require some organisation on here to pull it off. Someone could create a Tourney at a set date that runs for, say, an hour. This tournament would be created about a week in advance with a password that will be shared on the forum (you could make it a friends only tourney instead, but that would require players to be friends with the tourney host). Players could join the tourney in the game (and can forfeit whenever they like beforehand if they can't make it any more), in addition to declaring themselves "IN" in the thread. Players could come online a few minutes before the tourney starts, and fight to get the most points or wins or whatever once it opens. This is basically a long version of what RedShell's last post said, because why write something as a sentence when you can write it as a convoluted paragraph! Doing it this way will make theme nights run more smoothly compared to several players opening rooms, adding each other on friend lists, etc., and the idea of not knowing who you're going up against each match could be exciting. But you're limited to free-for-alls, no 1v1s or team battles. Furthermore, if we don't get many members to sign up, players are probably going to get matched against the same people a lot (and even with many players, there will likely be times where some players are left hanging in the waiting room for lengthy periods of time, which of course is no fun). And again, I'm not sure we can ignore those who share a Wii U but both want to take part if the occasion arises... That said, nothing stopping people from playing outside these meet ups, especially if it isn't a proper league that keeps track of scores and such. What's most important though is getting members to play in the first place! Considering we can barely get enough people to play a four player game in this thread most of the time, and the super response so far, I think we'd have our work cut out for us. =P I haven't tried making a Tourney myself yet, but I was considering making a public one where people could try out the DLC stages without buying them. Perhaps if we could get members interested, it could serve as a trial run for the above method instead? I could also perhaps cut out Suzaku Castle and add Kongo Jungle 64 (and maybe Battlefield and Final Destination) to make it an N64 themed tourney. This post was faaarrr too long...
  7. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    After taking another look at my mention list, I noticed that Jonnas' mentions for me haven't worked since the 12th of July. Also, when I quote his posts with tags after that date his tagged text looks like this: @[*URL=http://www.n-europe.com/forum/member.php?u=364]Cube[*/URL] But when I quote the last post he made on my mention list his tagged text looks like this: [*MENTION]Cube[*/MENTION] (minus the * for both) Jonnas, are you sure you didn't just... forget how to tag users, pal? =P
  8. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Forgot to post, pals, sorry (I don't think the @ tags worked in the write-up either, as it doesn't show when I check my list of mentions), but, uh, yeah. Don't have anything to report because I assume most of us couldn't do anything. Essentially gave the thieves one free incrimination last break and a session free of voting, as there's nothing much to talk about probably. Cube's list is accurate based on the info we have, and we could probably just pick one from the list and have a 50/50 shot of nailing a thief, pals... but I'm not sure if we have the capability to reach a majority. When you have a majority of 5 and not even that many people have posted over the course of two days (again, sorry it took me this long to post), it might be time for Jonnas to just buy more grape juice instead. He looks rich enough anyway, pals. =P
  9. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I don't think I was ever special, I just had plenty of free time and few other games to play. =P /Wii U joke That said, congrats, that one can be a pain to tackle! But unless you only have the Regal Crown left to get, then the actual "hardest" challenge is... You can find a list of the challenges and what you can unlock for completing them here. This isn't like the days of Melee where you had to clear Classic or Adventure with everybody to get Mr. Game & Watch, so aside from the challenges Glen-i mentioned, all you're gonna get out of clearing Classic and All-Star with everyone are the fighter trophies. If the prizes aren't worth it for you, then there's no need to bother. Oh, and if you have someone you can play the game with locally, you can partner up with them for Classic and All-Star and cut the time it takes to collect those trophies in half. However, you'll only unlock the short fighter ending movie for whatever character player 1 is. Here's a reminder of the type of movie I'm talking about. I miss that taunt...
  10. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Heh, maybe. It is a hasty theory, pal, and he could also know how he drove you away because he may actually be a protector and know how it works of course. I just figured it was something worth considering so I threw it out there in case I'm not here next session. Thinking about it more though, MadDog and Diageo contradicted each other during the previous session (MadDog was redirected to Rummy, scared by a shadowy figure, Diageo wasn't). So there is that. In any case... it looks like nothing happened to the votes? ... Don't scare me like that, pal! We got an hour left and we're one away from majority. No hard feelings to Diageo, but I think it's time we made some progress, good bad or otherwise, pals.
  11. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Guess my trust won't be in question at least if it does have an effect, Mr. Edgeworth, sir. =P I'm assuming it doubles all votes. Gonna quote DuD so I can use his ability again and Vote: Diageo just in case. This is a hasty theory but we don't have time and I don't know if I'll still be here next session, but if Diageo is a thief, then I think MadDog is probably one, too, pals. Diageo was very knowledgeable that he knew how Cube couldn't reach me. Chances are he forged Cube's PM, pals, so he knew exactly what the message would say. MadDog later also said he couldn't reach me with the same reason. None of the stuff that he has found out has been new information, just stuff that's already been mentioned (and also contradictory. He claims he took handcuffs off Rummy and that his ability takes things from people, but he never mentions how he got the info that Sheikah wouldn't like to be made angry in Session 2). I think it's worth investigating, pals! Double Post: On the flipside, Diageo could actually be telling the truth about bein' a protector, but I'm just throwin' somethin' out there that people may not have considered. Also, they could have forged Sheikah's PM in the previous session to give Diageo an alibi, which would pretty much clear up all contradictions I think.
  12. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Remove Vote for now because we haven't heard from some members yet and I don't want a verdict to happen too soon. Gotta let people have a chance to talk, pals.
  13. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Well, the first line of my post was a joke. =P As for the rest, it was just intended as a friendly message (or at least I thought it was) that echoes what Rummy said when the previous session ended, and there was no intention to cause conflict. Jonnas, as game moderator, can judge whether my post was condescending and act accordingly, but really, I'm just not that type of guy, and I'm sure people here have seen me posting and known me long enough to agree with that. It wasn't intended as a starting point for an off-topic discussion, but that's what has happened, so I apologise to Jonnas for that. Oh, and I'm from "the north", so I'm pretty used to swearing, heh. I'm also not gonna speak for DuD, but I agree that he shouldn't be bringing stuff from outside of the game into here. ---- To get back on topic, pal: I don't think Jonnas has any favouritism over me, certainly not to the point where I'm an overpowered "Gamemaster". I have to use the "Hey Pal!" bubble to activate it which makes it more obvious, and as I don't know the roles of others at the beginning of the game, I have to use it through my own deduction or guesswork. Cube was a guess. DuD was believing in him after what he said about his target lined up with my info. Maybe I was a bit lucky, too. I chose to target somebody other than Diageo because I figured that you, Diageo and DuD would have a high chance of interference of some sort. I chose Rummy because his posts towards the end of the previous session were a bit suspect. Take the results however you please.
  14. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    [email protected], can I just say that when you were dishing out the roles for this mafia, you gave Sheikah the perfect character, pal. =P That said, whilst I get that Mafia games can be stressful sometimes, there's no need for becoming frustrated to the point of swearing or getting aggressive towards others. This is a game, and I'm sure we all want it to be a fun to play with a non-hostile environment. Please try to be more respectful to your fellow players, no matter what alignment in the game you think they may be.
  15. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    I said no such thing, pal. That's what you just assumed. I said that I copy a person's power with the "Hey Pal!" bubble and use that person's power the following break. And during the previous session, I used it on DuD, pal.