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  1. Old NE Members

    Hannah is the only one I think I’m still in regular contact with. I follow a bunch still on twitter etc but I’ve no idea if they’re still active on here or not or if they remember who I am 😅
  2. Old NE Members

    Hey all
  3. Pets are funnies

    dog barked. cat wasnt amused.
  4. Weight Loss and Fitness 2015

    Went to the Flamingo cause of R but she got married and left :p
  5. Weight Loss and Fitness 2015

    I just miss the gym. My trainer left my current gym so I need to find somewhere else :/
  6. Job woes/wins

    Bit of a nightmare at work right now. People seem to be arguing a lot / gossiping about each other and it's making work not a nice place to be right now. It's a shame cause up until a few months ago I loved my job. Kinda hard to look forward to work each day when you've lost respect for half of the senior management. But saying that I passed the last diploma that I did so I'm a bit more qualified to start looking elsewhere for jobs!
  7. What Have You Bought?

    ... Because I've nothing better to do with my evenings for the next month or 2
  8. Pets are funnies

    Captain Sooty of the Starship Enterprise Reporting for Duty
  9. Pets are funnies

    I'm sure fats will love you too!
  10. Finally...(56k warning)

  11. Pets are funnies

    I got 2 cats. Sooty. Grumpy. Likes to steal food Harry - Chubby. Havent called him Harry since the day I got him. He's been called Fats or Fat Cat instead (hes a tad overweight) Both FIV cats so have to be indoor etc etc Also.... HI NE! How are things etc. Long time no talk.
  12. You Drive Me Crazy!

    Congrats!! Clippin the curb over here is an automatic fail I think. No minor about it! I thought I had hit the curb within the first 5 minutes of my test and had the "feck this" approach to the rest of my test which ended up being a good thing cause I was REALLY relaxed and ended up with only 2 minors. Cant believe I've had my test 3 years now!
  13. One of what now? I dont even have one! Used to take my dogs there during the summer very pretty part of Ireland
  14. You should so do the Giants Causeway - its like 40 minutes from my house but anyway I had to film up there a coule of years ago for my uni course and its sooo pretty - pretty damn cold though cause its windy as heck around it but yeh if you are in the area you should definately go!
  15. Some advice from a girl :P Goafer is right. The best way to talk to a girl to "chat them up" (awful phrase) is to not talk to them as if you are tryin to "chat them up". Unless you are tryin to give them a giggle for the night then go ahead use all the chat up lines you can :P
  16. bad stuff thread.

    Been Made Redundant! Bah Humbug - Happy Bloody NewYear and all that Jazz! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16366095
  17. What's keeping you up this late?

    Only taken them 3 times before and it was only a last resort. I wasnt sleeping at all for like 4 months and for like 6 months last year i only slept 2 hours a night. ive already tried the exercising / diet thing. Trust me. Been to the doctors about it loads of times and tried everything. First time they worked ok , second time not so much, 3rd time yeh i never slept. FRAK. Followed the stupid instructions (ie not taking them everyday, like once ever 3-4 days)... sigh
  18. What's keeping you up this late?

    I took heavy duty sleeping tablets like an hour and a half ago. According to instructions I should be in the land of dreams right now. OH WELL >:|
  19. bad stuff thread.

    Im gonna be at uni! So thats the only reason why im gonna be jobless
  20. bad stuff thread.

    im on 2!! Potentially 3!! Better not do that i couldnt afford that on my stupid income >;|(no income in january gonna be jobless bah!)
  21. Blindfolded Students Kiss Their Parents....

    Someone should take a really good look at those parents. I mean no sensible parent would do that!
  22. When do you put your Christmas tree up?

    We dont put a christmas tree up anymore :-( Which is why I CANT WAIT to have my own lil place someday so I can go mad with decorations. Woot
  23. Nigella & Friends Talk Dirty

    Jamie: "and again and again and again" ^^ found that the most funny!! Oh i love Nigella haha
  24. What Have You Bought?

    whyyyyyy? If you go into one of the pound shops you can get one for a couple of pounds that does the exact same job!! Sky remotes are way too expensive
  25. Your TV Schedule

    ehh I never buy anything brand new / full price so im usally seasons behind everyone else on stuff but yeh lot of money courtney cox is amazing in that show!!