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  1. Naice work! ^__^


    It's so much better than I thought it was gonna be. :D I loved it more the second time as well!


    Hit Girl is serious buisness. O___O


    *adjusts his gogges*

  2. I'm not even sorry. :p


    You are starying to see the way of the Coolness Bears. :grin:




    Eat the insanity pepper and prove your worth!

  3. Oh no! :o


    Not too long to wait now anyway. :) wait it's the 5th April, I need to make a cake.


    I saw the Scott Pilgrim trailer the other day, I thought at first of Michael Cera doing the same thing again but at least there is a bit of a comic book twist. :D I also thought it was Lazy town the movie for some reason. :heh:


    Iron Man 2 looks badass. Although is it just me or does Mickey Rourke as the whiplash guy look slightly camp? Made me laugh immensely anyway.


    Sherlock Holmes was better than I thought, just fun a bit throwaway though. I could do with a number 2 though I'm not dying to see it.


    The Next Harry Potter needs more Ron regardless of whether they stick to the book or not.


    THE WHIMSICAL ADVENTURES OF RON (with a bit of hermione) is what I want from my Potter films!

  4. OH HO HO!


    When you do, you will love it even more. She is awesome. Is it bad that I laughed at her killing people?


    probably. :heh:


    I'mma watch it again with my other friend when I roll back to Uni! Ooh what other films do you want to see? :)

  5. Gracias. :grin:


    I take it you've seen Kick-Ass?

  6. Is it worrying I'm imagining you sleeping on top of that Snorlax? :D

  7. Thanks! :D


    I didn't put it in the rate your sig thread as I'm not wholly pleased with it. It lacks that shine and polish but the roughness is why I actually like my sig. It took me about 5 minutes to make but I like the idea behind it.


    Anyway! I was gonna say I wouldn't have gone with Tribal Sheva but with her in a her red hood and BAM! you changed it but now you've changed it again which is cool but Sheva in the hood. :heart:


    I want the alternative edition badly. I rented it first time round! :)

  8. I love the new signature and Avatar. Resident Evil 5, Naice! :D

  9. I CAN FEEL IT COMING! :grin:

    Song is addictive.

  10. Haha! :grin:


    Great Now I'm going to be thinking about your erection in every thread I post in... o__0


    Combine my sigature while you are playing Bayonetta and you'll have some sort of Climax Action all on your own. :o

  11. Thanks! :D It is Etopen the penguin!




    Which I'm definately getting in Plushie form! :yay: (if in stock!)


    Also thanks that's the first time anyone has kinda liked my face. :)


    Yeah if I ever meet you I will do a dance singing Bear Pants Bear Pants Bear Pants. It will be awkward it will be beautiful it will be Legen...


    ...wait for it...

  12. Haha! That Bear is awesome! :grin: I want one or a real one guarding my door at night. :)


    Also THAT IS ME putting on my pants how did you get into my private picture collection!?

  13. Thanks. :) I know it is a bit of a mess in its current form but I wanted to get my idea out there and spark interest! I will take any suggestions to improve it and come up with a revised idea in due course. :D

  14. Woah! :o




    I haven't seen that video for years. awesome.



  15. OMJ! :o


    your Xbox live is Rumdumcious. I didn't even realise!

  16. I know I didn't help but can I just have a drink? I'm thirsty :p

  17. Rumdiddliumcious! Firstly your crazy font arouses me.


    Secondly..no wait I can't get over this font...


    and thirdly I apologise for the lateness of this message! Ooh thanks for thinking me about for bish. Unfortunately I won't be able to participate this time!


    I'd go into details but then the badger would have to kill me.

  18. Haha, It does a bit yeah. :grin:


    What can I say I am a Coolness Bean as well! :p

  19. Oh noes!


    Completed World 1 today On World 2-3 now.


    That Lady Boss was annoying as hell. So frustrating when I killed her with half a bit of health left and as she is burning a Silly bean thing knocks me in the head and I die before it cuts to her defeat!

  20. The Boxart is sexual!

  21. ReZ you little weasel! :p


    Your alluring avatar and Signature combination have worked their magic over me and today I caved in and




    I've done two levels so far! :D



    Woo, I didn't realise it was only £19.99. :) I had some spare change!


    Judgements on whether he is a pervert or not later! :p (and whether I like the game)


    I have complete two levels thus far.

  23. Okay he may not be. :p He just looks as if he has the potential!