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  1. tumblr_mn9ceoc1Zp1s9g1qmo1_500.gif


    Mmm...delicious Birthday thank you treats!!! :3

  2. Yay a personal birthday message from months ago. my warmest thanks and my loudest penguin noises to you! :grin:

  3. Thanks for the personal birthday message and keep up those noises soon you'll reach my level and start shouting "PEACE BE WITH YOU MY CHILD" to random people in the streets. :D

  4. I want the penguin necklace. :)


    I want the penguin necklace. :D


    I want the penguin necklace. :grin:

  5. DO NOT DO TIER 15.



  6. It will be now. :grin:


    Time to listen to it non stop until its ingrained into my brain for eternity. :D

  7. Was in comicbook stores yesterday and saw some small press stuff, you should aim for that maybe? like to get stuffs out there? :)Thawts.


    Was tempted by some New DC trades but do not have the money. :)

  8. Yes! :D This sounds rad.

  9. Gotta love his cheeky charm! :D

  10. Thanks! This time it was to do with the security I was using for my wifi apparently! :grin:

  11. Goddamn, I forgot that when at home I had deleted my wifi from where I live at Uni, so I got back and hadn't checked it and so couldn't get online in time as I have to sort out putting the 3DS back on a DMZ client for it to work otherwise my wireless router considers it a hacking threat!



  12. I think the anime is much better if you don't read the manga as well! :)


    I started reading the manga of One Piece once I caught up to where it was currently and because I was so hooked I had to see what happened next! :grin:


    Naruto is different, I enjoy reading the manga and pick what I think would look good in the anime. :D

  13. Yes! :grin: I may be 2 or 3 episodes behind in the anime at the moment but I am fully up to date in the One Piece manga.


    Death Note is always a great place to start. Probably the second anime I watched and it has a clever, exiting story and great characters. You can't go wrong.


    Eyeshield 21 I have not watched or read but I believe that the manga is better than the anime. It's meant to be a good sports anime though. :D


    Fairy Tale, I personally enjoy. The manga has a One Piece vibe to it which I feel is lost in the transition to the anime but either way it is good fun.


    How much anime have you/do you watch? :)

  14. No worries! :D


    Luffy is what makes it awesome!

  15. Love your Monkey D. Luffy Avatar. :)



    Imagine Samus Aran with no arms.

  17. Awesome, I play as the sniper as well. I'm weirdly better at long distance in this game. Do you have the bow? do you use it? or do you prefer the sniper rifle?



  18. What is that video I think you linked us to in the chatroom with this odd man wearing a mask dressed in like trash reading a poem/story.

  19. Fun Fact: I sung safety dance at karaoke.

  20. Teddy McGee is considered cool? :p


    How did you learn this? :o

  21. Awesome! :D Why do I remind of A bonsly? :p

  22. Yes! :D


    I've not really done much Street Figther online!


    Pokemon has taken up all of my time but yeah I am free all evening.

  23. Thanks for the unfortunately short lived thread. :grin: