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    I like a lot of computer games I watch some sport mainly Irish sports hurling any Gaelic football
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  1. General Switch Discussion

    What other games have "have next level games" made. I have the luigis mansion 3 the multiplayer is brilliant.
  2. Remembering the Nintendo GameCube

    @S.C.G is there a homebrew scene anywhere, making gamecube games? i got this book off amazon called the games machine encyclepedia and it said there still making some games for gamecube. i did do a bit of searching on the internet but nothing showed up.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    @Kaepora_Gaebora yes they really do need to release some totally new game. i bought a few games which cost around 500 euro but i just keep playing fortnite
  4. General Switch Discussion

    @Helmsly i hope they release a first party totally new game
  5. General Switch Discussion

    @Ashley why do you have your wii console number, can i still use my wii online?
  6. General Switch Discussion

    @markderoosdo you mean a new eternal darknes game ( a totalally differenet one from the first one ) or a remaster ?
  7. General Switch Discussion

    @Ashley a new warioware game would be good, did you maybe here anything about one?
  8. General Switch Discussion

    @nekunandometroid prime 4, out in 2024 are you serious?
  9. General Switch Discussion

    @Nicktendo Where did you find all these's games release's?
  10. General Switch Discussion

    @markderooswhat have you heard about Metroid prime 4?
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    @Sméagol that looks brilliant, a bit like titan fall.
  12. General Switch Discussion

    @Tim Bwhat do you think the game might be?
  13. Why are Nintendo games so expensive?

    I had a stroke when figured out what DLC stands for.
  14. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    i really liked them little tunes on the zx spectrum like rick dangerous, manic miner, dizzy,