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    I like a lot of computer games I watch some sport mainly Irish sports hurling any Gaelic football
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    I do horticulture and greenkeeping


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    Nearly all nintendo systems game and watch series, nes,snes,N64, gamecube , wii
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    zx spectrum, commodore, amstrad, atari,
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    Eternal darkness
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    rick dangerous
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  1. General Switch Discussion

    @Nicktendo Where did you find all these's games release's?
  2. General Switch Discussion

    @markderooswhat have you heard about Metroid prime 4?
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    @Sméagol that looks brilliant, a bit like titan fall.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    @Tim Bwhat do you think the game might be?
  5. Why are Nintendo games so expensive?

    I had a stroke when figured out what DLC stands for.
  6. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    i really liked them little tunes on the zx spectrum like rick dangerous, manic miner, dizzy,
  7. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    little fact about this country. there was more PS2's sold here per head than any country in the world...
  8. ok so i have seen the console, now as the fella says what are the games like/
  9. SEGA Game Gear Micro

    its a bit dear with just 4 games on each at 50 euro each
  10. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS4/XBoxOne)

    @dwarflook forward to it, a game with some gameplay at last. i'm sick of breaking my back playing computer games.
  11. Apex Legends

    @Kav I never really played it on pc. i play a lot of fortnite on switch, but is apex legends any good?
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    so Nintendo are starting to scale down its 3DS. they never done much with it anyway, real pity it could have been deadly
  13. What Have You Bought?

    i bought a Nintendo GameCube "LONG BAND" broadband adaptor. not sure what the LONG BAND bit is. find out when i get it. cost 200 euro.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    @martinist did you ever play the game total recall on the sinclair zx spectrum it is really good. you should play it. it might keep you busy
  15. General Switch Discussion

    @Ronniehow many switches have been sold world wide?