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    I like a lot of computer games I watch some sport mainly Irish sports hurling any Gaelic football
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    I do horticulture and greenkeeping


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    Nearly all nintendo systems game and watch series, nes,snes,N64, gamecube , wii
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    zx spectrum, commodore, amstrad, atari,
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    Eternal darkness
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    rick dangerous
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  1. PC Gaming Discussion

    @ArtMediocre where can I get that game EPIC are giving away ?
  2. PC Gaming Discussion

    @Happenstance whats a terraria server ?
  3. is there a busy Fortnite thread anywhere. I searched this site bit nothing turned up.
  4. General Switch Discussion

    Sunshine was a really brilliant game. But nintendo didn't release many gamecube games in the first year of gamecube so some games got over used and repepative
  5. General Switch Discussion

    @killthenet what does drifting mean?
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    @Vileplume2000 is it all the game or do i need DLC.
  7. General Switch Discussion

    @Ashleyi suppose this is a bit late. but theres a thing called a dongii its aportable switch dock . it cost between $29-$65 its about twice the size of a match box. it was strated on kickstarter a while back and i think its availble now . theres a review of it on another nintendo forum called "nintendo life" its an independent review have a look its exactley what your looking for. or check kickstarter...
  8. General Switch Discussion

    do I not get my nintendo points for buying a new switch and I just bought yet another zombie defence , really good game
  9. General Switch Discussion

    @Goafer what tv programme was Goafer in ?
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Games on switch , you will wana have a good look at them before you buy them, otherwise you will get a big disapointment and will stop buying games at all. I bought bit trip saga , it cost €20, costing €20, I tought it should be very good . I never saw a bigger load of rubbish, this has happened alot. You really need to buy an unofficial mag like nintendo force of pure nintendo ( there good value ) so you don't make any mistakes
  11. General Switch Discussion

    So when will the new switch be for sale and what will be different about it to the first one , how much will it be, will it be a lot dearer than the first one