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  1. General Switch Discussion

    @darksnowman i had that game Aeolis tournament on for about 3 hours trying to get an online game going but no one showed up. I have on now for 2 hour's ( it's 1:00am here ) . i suppose it might get online play if nintendo slow down game releases. also sorry i need to get the hang of replying on this site. the game came out in july last year. So maybe most people have played enough of it already. ???????????
  2. General Switch Discussion

    is anyone playing Aeolis tournament online, i tried to get a online game going for 2 hours but no one showed up. i do not understand why theses games have online play but there is never anyone playing them ?
  3. General Switch Discussion

    @Ronniethat is some really good news, any mention of the new metroid game ?
  4. General Switch Discussion

    i just noticed that switch can do VR. ( i probly did'nt really like labo ) anyone got VR games. There's no VR selection on switch eshop for them. So i am just wondering what are the VR games like or if anyone plays them ?
  5. General Switch Discussion

    So Mario kart for switch is selling very well .might buy it after seeing those good sale numbers
  6. General Switch Discussion

    What other games have "have next level games" made. I have the luigis mansion 3 the multiplayer is brilliant.
  7. Remembering the Nintendo GameCube

    @S.C.G is there a homebrew scene anywhere, making gamecube games? i got this book off amazon called the games machine encyclepedia and it said there still making some games for gamecube. i did do a bit of searching on the internet but nothing showed up.
  8. General Switch Discussion

    @Kaepora_Gaebora yes they really do need to release some totally new game. i bought a few games which cost around 500 euro but i just keep playing fortnite
  9. General Switch Discussion

    @Helmsly i hope they release a first party totally new game
  10. General Switch Discussion

    @Ashley why do you have your wii console number, can i still use my wii online?
  11. General Switch Discussion

    @markderoosdo you mean a new eternal darknes game ( a totalally differenet one from the first one ) or a remaster ?
  12. General Switch Discussion

    @Ashley a new warioware game would be good, did you maybe here anything about one?
  13. General Switch Discussion

    @nekunandometroid prime 4, out in 2024 are you serious?
  14. General Switch Discussion

    @Nicktendo Where did you find all these's games release's?