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  1. Okay, time to get this ball rolling. As nice guys always finish last, it is a dog-eat-dog world etcetera etcetera, I have chosen Team Trick!

    Team Trick

    - Vileplume2000

    - Nicktendo

    Team Treat

  2. I've booted up my NES Classic to start this little piece of mischief today. I like the playstyle of it, and the lack of mobility of Simon. You really have to calculate your jumps, as you cannot easily change direction mid-jump etc. Makes sense for a guy carrying a whip and heavy equipment with him. Having to push in a diagonal direction to climb a stairs is also priceless.

    But the controls never feel unfair, and I think it's a game that you can really master. Soundtrack as said is amazing. I got up to world 4 (had to use a continue in world 3), and died there again so I gave up for now but I will push on! What I love about this as well (and a number of NES games do this) is give you power-ups in completely useless situations. I always get that Cross for example when there is no enemy in sight. :grin: 

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  3. I'm currently at rank Silver 2, but hope to at least get to gold this week!

    But wow, that crash issue is bad. I had it myself a couple of times, didn't know the workaround was closing the game. I noticed it always crashes on the loading screen after character selection, and when I restart the game I don't get reconnected but just start in a fresh cue for a new game. But they fill in my spot with a bot then?

    Anyway, hope they fix it soon, as I get way too much joy from this game. It's also funny playing with people who have no idea what a MOBA is and just run around like mad, or dive face-first into a turret without minion backup.

  4. Tried being a Jungler for the first time yesterday. Apparently you can buy exclusive Jungle items if you have Punish as your ability.

    It actually went pretty okay, was using Violet and I could quickly gain some money. Seems a lot easier being a Jungler here than in League of Legends for example where you need to get some help of others to take down your first Golem.

    Anyway, I found this list and it basically ranks all Switch champions, also providing some tips about what role they fit best and what are their strong and weak points. Pretty useful!


    So good job @Sméagol, reaching gold rank with the worst rated champion. :p

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  5. Great theme and a good selection of games!

    Limbo is a great one and I highly recommend anyone to play it. It is one of the few games on Steam where I have all achievements, so that already says how I think about the game.

    But Castlevania I've never played and is a series I should really look into more. The only games I've played in the series are the DS ones. And with Smash coming up, and season 2 of the series launching on Netflix this month, my vote goes to Castlevania as well!

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  6. Nice! Should also play more ranked, I think you can unlock extra stuff in ranked as well.

    Yeah I bought the Ctulhu elephant guy (can't remember the name) as I didn't have a support character available and he was cheap as well with gold. But it baffles me how few support characters there are compared to the other classes. I was looking for a healer as that is always fun to play but couldn't find a proper one.

    Violet is fun as well, and Krixi is my favourite mage so far. She even has a tongue-in-cheek reference to The Legend Of Zelda, as she sometimes shouts out "Hey, listen!". Valhein is an ass, I refuse to play the guy as everyone else plays him and he feels a bit overpowered.

    Anyway, fun game, I think I will be playing this a lot! Would be nice if we could get more N-E people on board.

  7. 13 hours ago, Sméagol said:

    That was hilarious and fun. Thanks for the game!

    Clapping: 90% sarcasm.

    How do you do that whistle by the way? Any other actions?

    Oh and this version of SMB3 was a bit buggy. Those solid coins..?

    Controls are as tight as ever, it's the controller that's lacking (well that, and being rusty :D). NES controllers are superior for actual NES games.

    Good fun indeed! My clapping was at least 95% sarcastic :p Didn't notice any whistling though! But it does need more communication options next to clapping. Text chat would be good as well.

    And yeah I think those solid coins are because they are bricks with a coin in them (so unbreakable), and that's why I couldn't go through it. Messed up those Koopas trapped inside though.

  8. I've played some games with @RedShelland yeah there was definitely lag. Noticed it during Balloon Fight and RCR the most. Was fun to play Ice Hockey, never played it before so had to find out controls on the go! Luckily NES controls involve a hell of a lot less buttons. RCR I never played as well but recognized the style from Crash & The Boys Street Challenge. Hope that comes soon as that's great in 2p mode!

    Currently playing SMB3 with @Sméagoland aw man I am sucking big time! Either I am very rusty or the controls seem less tight, because I die a lot.

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