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  1. For the USB to ethernet adapter a lot of them work, but I think this one is used a lot as it's cheap on Amazon:


    For a cable I think a Cat5e cable is good enough, unless you will have a lot of them running alongside each other, then go for a Cat6 cable. Don't know brands of these, there is difference in quality but I used the one that came with my modem/router.

    Finally the network hub. I've got a Sitecom 5 port switch meaning 1 in and 4 out. I've got a gigabit one. Other good brands are TP Link, Netgear or Linksys.

    I think this is the one I have, sorry for the Dutch website: https://www.sitecom.com/nl/gigabit-switch-5-port/ln-120/p/81

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  2. 14 hours ago, Ashley said:

    Everyone is playing Spider-Man, right?

    No. But I do have FOMO. Not so much with new games, but more with weekly events, limited time unlockables and the likes. There are a lot of games nowadays that have weekly login bonuses, weekly or even daily objectives. Often they reward you with stuff like gold or extra XP and I don't care if I miss some of that (well maybe a little). But timed events with exclusive unlockables are when my FOMO kicks (or at the moment luckily kicked) in.

    Some examples I can think of are for example Pokémon Go. Getting a 7 day streak at Pokéstops rewards you with a rare item. I remember getting very frustrated when one day I broke my 7 day streak on the 6th day. Lately Battlefield 1 had a bunch of exclusive skins unlockable if you played some weekly missions. I didn't really want to play the game, but this was the only time I could unlock these! Stress!

    I remember a surprisingly frustrating weekend when there was a Splatfest in Splatoon 2, a special tournament in Rocket League (with exclusive unlockable items) and I think either a beta weekend of some game or an event in Battlefield 1. I could only play for a couple of hours, and I was stressed about what I had to play because it was all tied to only that weekend.

    It's an issue with online games, you have to keep playing them if you don't want to fall behind or miss out on exclusives like this. But there are too many to upkeep them all. Lucky for me I got my mindset reorganized and I realize that 1) most of the items you get are purely cosmetic and nobody is really going to notice and 2) it is impossible to get it all anyway (especially now more and more games introduce season packs with even more unlockable content).

    My solution is put more focus again on single player titles. There I can at least go for collecting it all on my own pace, instead of being tied to timed events. Because I think that was my problem, FOMO combined with Completionism. And it's still a struggle as I often only have half an hour to play in one session, and then it is easy to just boot up Paladins/Rocket League and play a couple of matches, instead of diving into a more meaty single player game. But in the long run I get more satisfaction out of the latter.

    Edit: I was just reading this thread and I saw similar situations mentioned there about online games and their incentive of dragging you back in on a weekly/daily basis. And yeah it did have an exausting effect on me as well.

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  3. Back in GC days I borrowed it from a friend but I remember not getting very far. We played it co-op as well but also didn't finish it. And I really did not remember that co-op was with GBA link only, oh those days!

    But I really loved the art style (still do) so yeah this will be a buy if it does have online co-op. The mechanism of combining attacks is great.

  4. 42 minutes ago, MindFreak said:

    Did Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze add anything new?


    Would be awesome with a new Direct. I would also like to see some big games coming out, though I'm more than enough occupied by the indie yes that are out and coming soon.

    It had the Funky Kong mode.

  5. So I was thinking to write a Throwback Thursday article for this game as I really loved playing it again, and it brought back a lot of memories. Seeing as you all played and (mostly) enjoyed it as well, I imagined why not make this a team effort?

    Basically, I was thinking to either use some of your quotes from this thread (of course with permission of you), or that you could write a little piece (nothing too long, like 100-150 words) specially for the front page.

    Or, you can all say sod off and I will just write my own piece. :grin:

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  6. That is quite a long wait! I also expected them to put out the Showdown game a bit earlier.

    Anyway, still got Plague Knight to play, so April actually is not too bad, means I can spread out my Shovel Knight fix a bit.

    Awesome support by the way from Yacht Club!

  7. This game is really growing on me! There is still a lot of unpolished stuff in there (music disappearing, glitchy stuff in the menus), and some frustrations like team mates not knowing what they are doing and people not accepting a match or making a choice). But actually playing the matches is great fun. Mostly I play healer (Jenos) or frontline (Makoa), but I actually don't mind what to play. May need a bit practice as flank though.

    The new mode is okay, but I think I prefer Onslaught or TDM. Not the biggest fan of Siege. Anyway, I have accumulated almost 60K of gold so I can buy myself a new Champion. Any suggestions? I'm thinking Seris.

  8. Oh wow, that screen looks dashing! I've been going back and forth about getting one, mostly because I was expecting an RP4 this year. 

    I would probably use it as a media center, for series, movies and music. But a little bit of retro gaming is also an option. Yeah like @Sméagolmentioned, it is great for a lot of stuff. I know people who use it as a security center and pass all their mobile data through it as a firewall. Or use it for home domotica. Mail server, website server. Or build an arcade cabinet around it!

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor raspberry pi arcade machine

  9. Tencent Games (Paladins) had confirmed you don't need the online subscription to play Paladins online. So I think it's safe to say Fortnite and other f2p titles will also not require the service.

    And I don't know if it was mentioned already, but the NES titles will get voice chat support... through the app. Oh lord.

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