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  1. Quickly updated my game this morning to check it out, and yes he is there! As an alternative costume to the other Link. Didn't check the stats of the Master Cycle Zero yet, I wonder if they differ from the Master Cycle.

  2. 1 hour ago, drahkon said:

    Enter the Gungeon will receive a quite substantial update today.


      Patch Notes (Long List) (Reveal hidden contents)

    Patch 2.0.0

    New Features

    • New guns, items, enemies, shrines, NPCs, rooms, and secrets
    • Tons of new and powerful synergies - look for the blue arrow and improved item notification
    • New minibosses (Blockner's Ghost and the all-new Fuselier)
    • New Spread Ammo box - adds a small amount of ammo to all equipped guns
    • Slide over tables by dodge rolling toward them!
    • Save hearts for later when at full health - pick them up at the new heart dispenser located at every floor entrance and shop (note: stored hearts are reset each floor!)
    • Added teleporters to more rooms (including chest rooms and exit rooms)
    • Turbo mode - delve into the Gungeon to find a new NPC who can enable this high-octane mode
    • Added a new gameplay option to increase movement speed when not in combat (for those who wanna go fast but don't want to be shot at fast)
    • Added additional aim assist options (particularly for those who can’t or don't like using the right stick)
    • Added Ultrawide support (set the graphics scaling to “Fast Scaling” or “Uniform Scaling”)
    • [Consoles] This update also includes the Payday items

    Gameplay Changes/Improvements

    • Added a new loot profile which improves shop contents, increases room reward frequency, and tweaks item/chest drop rates to be more generous, particularly early in runs. This is enabled by default but can be changed in the options menu.
    • Replaced “key forcing” with tweaked key drop rates and guaranteed keys in the shops of the first two floors. There should no longer be any benefit to leaving a key uncollected.
    • Removed locked shops
    • Modified Robot balance (now receives casings for health up items and +1 armor for mastery tokens) [this is a buff on most platforms, but a reduction from what shipped on Switch]
    • Increased Hegemony credit drop rate, enabled credits to drop in shortcut runs, and added a credit reward for the first tutorial completion
    • Reduced the required kills on some of the longer Frifle hunts
    • Gave the smash tent and lost adventurer their own minimap icons
    • Added a new type of challenge for the Gunsling King
    • Glass Guon stones will no longer be stolen by the Resourceful Rat
    • Bullats can now drop casings if killed before they fire themselves
    • Charge guns can now be charged before entering a boss room and will keep their charge through the intro
    • Added an option to enable controller aim assist for beam weapons (formerly only worked on non-beam weapons)
    • Removed player-damage from several explosive items
    • Players now drop all items when killed in coop
    • Gave the Chaingunner a new attack with some range (watch out!)
    • Placed limits on boss attacks that leave the boss invulnerable for extended periods of time (High Priest and Cannonbalrog can each only use their immune attacks twice)
    • You may now receive a gun from the “shopkeeper” on taking the shortcut to the second floor, similar to the other shortcuts.
    • Skusket's now spawn their bullets more slowly when the player is nearby (to reduce cases where the player takes damage immediately upon entering a room)
    • Reduced the effectiveness of player explosions destroying enemy bullets when many explosions are used rapidly
    • Sped up blobulon death animation speeds (to reduce the time you need to wait for them to split)
    • Made balancing changes to many guns and items (too many to list here)
    • Probably many other small things we've forgotten about!

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where firing very large bullets could fail when the player was standing near a wall
    • Fixed an issue where Lead Maidens did not remain open when frozen
    • Fixed a dungeon generation bug that could cause hallways to incorrectly connect to nearby rooms (including corners of boss rooms)
    • Fixed an issue where starting weapons/items couldn't be dropped by *any* character (should only be locked on the character that starts with that item)
    • Fixed an issue where moving platforms could become desynced, making some rooms difficult or impossible to traverse
    • Fixed an issue where ammolets failed to give extra blanks when loading a midgame save
    • Fixed an issue where some shootable projectiles were not considered targets for aim assist (specifically the Dragun, High Priest and the boss in the Pilot’s past)
    • Fixed an issue where some non-shootable objects were considered targets for aim assist (the Mine Flayer’s mines)
    • Fixed an issue where purple lanterns didn't appear for some NPCs
    • Fixed an issue where aim assist behaved unpredictably on the Kill Pillars
    • Fixed an issue where Rubber Kin and Tazies could get stuck in doors, or clip through them causing a soft lock
    • Fixed an issue where the Resourceful Rat could steal some items from the floor of secret rooms
    • Fixed an issue where Keybullet Kin weren't affected by aim assist, homing projectiles, orbitals or companions
    • Fixed an issue where debris would hover in the air after falling on a moving platform
    • Fixed an issue where the Yellow Chamber could fail to remove enemies
    • Fixed an issue where curse values didn't persist on death in coop
    • Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn in the back wall of the Bullet King’s throne room
    • Fixed an issue where the Gorgun's stone gaze didn't affect some types of weapons
    • [Switch] Fixed an issue where an active item was missing from the Pilot's past
    • [Switch] Fixed an issue where the right stick wasn't zooming the minimap correctly
    • [Switch] Fixed some phantom Ammonomicon entries
    • [Switch] Fixed an issue where the Big Boy item could be stuck in an infinitely reusable state
    • [Switch] Fixed an issue where player beam weapons could create duplicate beams when affected by some status effects
    • [Switch] Fixed a crash caused by using the Sense of Direction in the shortcut shaft
    • [Switch] Fixed an issue that causes the game to become choppy after resuming from a long sleep
    • [Xbox/Windows Store] Fixed an issue where achievement catchup code was not properly running
    • [Xbox/Windows Store] Fixed a rare issue that could cause save corruption

    Some Other Notes

    • We’ve also updated our game engine (Unity) and sound engine (Wwise) to resolve some systemic bugs that have been out of our control. While upgrading our game engine comes with many small performance tweaks and bug fixes, one side effect is that our engine no longer supports DirectX 9, meaning the old "-force-d3d9" launch option will no longer have any effect. Note that the issues which have caused people to need this option in the past should be resolved now; as always, if you run into any issues let us know here on reddit or send us an email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
    • We've also restructured our asset storage and loading considerably; this shouldn't have any noticeable impact on gameplay, but does result in smaller patch sizes and a significantly smaller install size (on Windows, this was a drop from about 1.25 GB to 450 MB)

    Patch 2.0.1

    • Fixed several crash issues
    • Polished some of the new synergies
    • Rebalanced audio and fixed several missing sounds
    • Added a tutorial for [REDACTED]
    • Chaingunners can no longer use their new attack on new players

    Patch 2.0.2

    • Fixed an issue with coop and the new secret floor
    • Fixed a possible softlock caused by the DraGun's door not opening
    • Fixed an audio issue which could cause guns to lose sound
    • Fixed an audio issue which could cause the game to lose all sound
    • Fixed an issue where using Save and Exit from the new secret floor reset players to the beginning of the run
    • Fixed an issue caused by killing a boss with the Combine Rifle
    • Fixed an issue where [REDACTED] could mistakenly spawn in the Breach
    • Fixed an issue with the Drill interacting with the new secret floor


    Just a quick note about platforms: Steam/gog will launch with 2.0.2, Xbox One and PS4 will launch with 2.0.1, and Switch will launch with 2.0.0. The Switch 2.0.1 update has already been submitted to Nintendo, we're just waiting to hear when it will go live. 

    Downloaded the game on my PS4 again and now I'm waiting for the patch :D Somehow lost track of the game back when it was released. Looking forward to diving back into it. Will probably start from scratch. :peace: 

    And it is now 50% off in the Switch eShop! Go go go! (won't go myself as I got plenty to play :p)

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  3. I got the physical version yesterday. And yes, it is a bigger outer cover with a bit of a strange construction to fit the artbook in it. But I like it. The outer cardboard is holographic, the artbook looks great and the actual game case is normal sized but has a cool flippable cover with a Mega Drive one on the other side. 

    You can easily find pictures of it online to judge if you dislike it, otherwise I can post some pictures tonight.

  4. 1 hour ago, MindFreak said:

    Is it worth it to do something in single player? I don't really want to...

    No, not really. It is good practice to get to know the weapons a little bit, you can find some tickets to spend at the food truck and finishing it gives you some new assets in Inkopolis Square. But you are not missing out much. On the other hand, you can complete it quite fast.

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  5. 18 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    I've put a fair bit of time into both versions of the game ( 100% the first book on 3DS and 100% first book and halfway through the second on the Switch version ) and I have to say, the 3DS version is very disappointing.

    The graphics on the 3DS don't bother me, it's the controls which are the issue. The game requires you to rotate the camera a lot of the time and this just doesn't work well with the 3DS nub. Trying to use the other methods seems very cumbersome and it lacks the smoothness of the Wii U and Switch versions of the game. Also, having both screens display the same image can get a bit confusing. You are looking at the top screen and instinctively want to use that as the touch screen. The problem with using the touch screen as your main screen is that little pop ups appear on it that indicate what you can touch, which obviously blocks your vision. I think i'll be happy with just reaching the credits in this version of the game.

    Good to see that we got the same issues with the controls! To quote from my review:


    With the top and bottom screen showing the same, I sometimes found myself tapping the touch screen. Vice versa sometimes I was concentrating a lot on the bottom screen, missing all that beautiful 3D action up above me. Further, for accurate camera movement I really need to use the stylus, as the resistive screen of the 3DS is not really registering long finger strokes. Here you also feel the age of the 3DS; after using smartphones or the Switch with capacitive touch dragging a stylus feels outdated. It also lead to a slightly uncomfortable position: My left hand uses the analogue stick, my right hand uses the stylus, but actions need to be done with the A button. That last bit is tricky with the pen in hand. Being able to remap A to L or ZL would have easily fixed it, unfortunately this is not possible. The C-stick I find really unresponsive at times so I ended up with a mix of all modes of input, but it did not feel too good.

    So yeah exactly that. And it feels damn stupid to tap the touch screen , I kept grumbling at myself haha. Guess I need to get my old 3DS back and find myself a Circle Pad Pro to fully enjoy it!

  6. Some nice treasures you got there @Hero-of-Time! You plan to play both versions or is the 3DS one only for collecting purposes? If you play them I'm curious to hear how you compare Switch Vs 3DS.

    And thanks @S.C.G for the visuals and posting. :peace:

    A lot of people say the 3DS one looks stunning and it is looking good on the system. But to be honest the Switch has kinda ruined it for me haha. It is okay with 2d titles, but games like Monster Hunter Ultimate and now Toad just don't look the part anymore. Crazy how 2 years ago it was amazing how great the 3DS looked, and now I'm like "meh".

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  7. Statement of Nintendo is: we didn't get many complaints about it but you can always contact our customer service.

    I checked mine, luckily no broken plastic yet. I do have screen scratching from the dock though. I have a screen protector on it so my screen is undamaged but the protector is really scratched. So I may go for a tempered glass one.

    For the casing issue I think it's always best to contact Nintendo, if only to make them aware of it and hope they recognise it as a problem and will fix it for free under warranty.

  8. I also played the demo yesterday, and man I forgot how much I enjoyed WarioWare! I think I have only played Mega Microgame$ and Touched!, but the GOLD demo immediately got me into that same vibe. Voiced Wario is awesome, and the weirdness of the minigames is still there.

    I wonder if I'll get it (depends a bit on the price and I still have a bit of a backlog), but it's good this series is getting some love still. If I get it I think I need to get a screen protector on my 3DS, as Touched! really did a part on my DS screen (luckily that also had a screenprotector!).

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  9. I must say I'm intrigued by this, with Monster Hunter and Metal Slug being two of my favourite series. I'm a bit worried though about the online aspect and already the rooms being so empty. Does this hold up as a single player as well?

  10. Last one for me guys! Playing as a squad definitely adds to the fun!

    Edit: got placed in a solo match instead and after that got a disconnect... So I'm done for today. 

  11. Nice setup! Get those six cores working!

    Game wise I recently finished Bioshock: Infinite, great game with a story that gives you the shivers. Also completed the Burial At Sea DLC, with another couple of mindf*cks.

    Further I grabbed myself the Rocksmith cable and Rocksmith Remastered to get some guitar hero action on with my bass guitar, and in the near future get an electric guitar and see how that works out.

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  12. I downloaded the mobile version yesterday, and already prefer that over the Switch version. A smaller screen plus a lighter device for touch controls. Picked Pikachu instead of Eevee as a starter this time.

    I read a review online from a non-tech/games site burning it, saying: "It looks like Minecraft but does not give you the freedom of Minecraft, so it is a bad game". Great piece of journalism there haha. 

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