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  1. User Image Gallery

    Its from Popolocrois - which I never actually did finish (I got very anal about finding all of the summon-esque beasting and got annoyed when I couldnt find the last one) Heh, I liked the name Mr_Brightside...I had a lizard named that actually! I dont remember saying that though - are you sure it was me? It sounds wittier than I remember myself being And I do remember Hellfire and Marshmellow and Stefkov...and my Holloway compadre Did someone just say Jayseven as well?? Is he back around??
  2. User Image Gallery

    Eeey, its you I have neglected Crisis Core a bit lately as I just dont have time...Im starting to get old and need to go to the gym/save for a mortgage etc I must admit Im not enjoying Dreamfall so much, probably because of the diabolical "action" sequences, but Longest Journey was one of the best games I have ever played. I havent even had time to play Season 1 of Sam & Max, and they're already well into season 2! I have failed as a gamer! A shame about Dabookerman (to me anyway - why did he get banned?), but still cool to see that most are still about! Oh man! All of the others I remember! Zatoichi, AppleNdib, Largo...back in the Uber Leet days (I think I turned up at the tail-end of those days!). I guess none of those guys are still around..? Great to see you again Roadkill - you should Facebook me if you have it!
  3. User Image Gallery

    Hey I do remember all of you (including you Letty!). And how could I forget you Jordan - synonymous in my mind with Piro & Athriller And it WAS me that bought the gashapons from Owen! Bloody hell, I wouldnt even have remembered that if you hadnt mentioned it Are Dabookerman/EvilMurray/Ford/Dom still here? Since leaving MS I have had literally no time for games - I have been playing GTA IV and FFVII: Crisis Core most recently, along with The Longest Journey and Dreamfall when I get any time. I did (briefly) own a Wii as well but to be honest - excude the blasphemy - I dont really "feel" it or any of the games at the minute. Still loving the DS though!
  4. User Image Gallery

    Well remembered - I did once have a Black and White 2 sig I believe! I hope everyone is still well - I still cant believe how many people are still here! Ah, how I miss those days of constant gaming...
  5. User Image Gallery

    Oh my word! My little sister posting terrible pictures of me! Dont make me post the webcam pics Fruitgum! Heres a much better one, for old times sake: So many of you are still here...brings back many memorie *sniff*.
  6. I finally bought a ps2

    Lol, what kind of moron are you to NOT see the sarcasm in that comment? I didnt think I would need to explain it, but heres a shot - its just like all the comments everyone seems to feel the "need" to make in these threads. How does it sound? Pretty dumb, Ill bet? Does it come as a revelation to the idiots that always hijack these threads? Probably not, as they're all to holier-than-thou to notice when they are putting their own feet in their mouths. Thats so cute. Did you even read the post? Do I need to spell it out? Seriously - complain about the actions of the Nintendo-ites and youre branded a fangirl. Well, think whatever you will while I fire up Zelda:TP on the Gamecube. Clearly its easier to make assumptions than actually THINK about what a post like that might have meant. I think some of you need a lesson in IRONY. The point of the post is to highlight that not one thread promoting any other console on this board can be left alone by some of the sad idiots that frequent these forums - and its they, not people like dabookerman, that are ruining the forums atmosphere. You know, I do feel like the adult here, having to explain a rather obvious post to some of you. Perhaps irony is a little too advanced for these forums - which I guess is ironic in itself. Oh, the mysteries of life. ________ Oxygen vaporizer
  7. I finally bought a ps2

    Why is it that no-one can have a conversation here about the PS2 without it being hijacked by childish comments? I would have thought all the fanboys would be too busy wanking over their Wiis (because, lets face it, there isnt much else to do with them is there?) to bother coming in here..? Obviously not. Like Dom, the PS2 is my most played this generation and I really dont see how anyone that loves gaming can be without one - money aside. Plus I still have a stack of games preordered for it, which is more than I can say for the GC or Xbox, both of which are younger than the PS2. If it werent for their constant arrogant comments and some incredibly poor business decisions they could be amazing. ________ TOYOTA A ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS
  8. Blue Dragon

    The game is pencilled in for March 2007, give or take a couple of months ________ Yz450f
  9. What I want GTA 4 to be like

    I want a Canadian setting, complete with Mounties and excursions into the mountains and getting attacked by bears (of course this stuff happens to all Canadians), with snow weather systems etc...some real Due South action. If I cant have that then Ill go with a prohibition aera with speak-easys, tommy-guns etc etc etc. Pretty slim on both accounts Id say. I quite liked a number of characters from GTA3-SA. Love Fist were definitely my most memorable - their missions were hilarious ________ Silver surfer reviews
  10. The GAME PS2 component cables do give marginally better picture - they eliminate some of that horrendous jagginess and the TVs attempts at anti-aliasing. This means that I have to keep switching my Ps2 and 360 over so they can use the component sockets though I didnt notice any difference in sound personally. ________ Vaporizers
  11. Zelda: Twilight Princess

    I beg your pardon? ________ Justin Bieber Fans
  12. Zelda: Twilight Princess

    W00t, Im exchanging the Wii version for this as I really cant be arsed messing about with the controls. Really looking forward to it (again)! ________ Buy silver surfer
  13. First Wii Impressions

    First impression - meh, what I expected really. WiiSports and WiiPlay are fun for a stint if youre playing with other people, but already Ive begun to look longingly back at the 360. I didnt like Zelda's controls at all - to me, they feel exactly like they have been forced on a game that doesnt really need them, and Im going to exchange it for the GC version on Friday. I tried to like it, I really did. But it all just feels like a gimmick. Im more excited about the back catalogue than I am about the Wii games themselves. Still looking forward to Trauma Centre and WarioWare (although I spoke to someone that played it at a conference already and he said that it has to explain how to use the controller before every minigame - which kind of defeats the point of a manic game like that if its left in the final game) and what else Nintendo are going to cook up for this machine as it does have some potential, but right now Im glad I still have a 360 and PS2 to turn back to when I get fed up of the Wii. 4q2 - youre back! ________ MOTOR COMPANY OF CANADA
  14. 360 HD-DVD Drive

    Whats her name/what does she look like? I cant remember who deals with the Midlands.... ________ Mercedes-Benz R230
  15. Assassin's Creed ROCKS!

    This is where we differ; I dont mind sections like this, in the vein of Gun or Shadow of the Colossus, as travelling through even empty landscape makes the world seem more "real" somehow to me. I must admit that I found Windwakers boat travelling sections mindnumbing, primarily because it was just blue water as far as the eye could see, but I love traversing Colossus' vast landscapes. ________ Corvette c5