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  1. Jim's (Flink) Last Post

    Well Tellyn you know I thought you would respond. But yeah Fierce was the best but Ashley should be demoted and Hero and Dymetrix should be promoted.
  2. Imagination vs. Realism

    I like a nice even balance in every game. This is slightly different than what I do but look at disney. If you go to wdw, disneyland, disneyland paris. When you go to those resorts, there is a huge amount of imagination put into everything yet at them same time there is an increadible amount of detail(realism). So if you can get that balance in the real world you should get it in a game as well.
  3. Jim's (Flink) Last Post

    So basically the best admin has left, damn this place is going down the drain whos taking over I want Hero to be an admin, and maybe Ashley ([Girls_Name]) a normal moderator.
  4. Wii Release List

    however they will release it at once in their 5 language versions. 1 language has been done but the others probably have either haven't been started or will be working dead slow. But get their asses in gear I would to play Tingles Rupeeland game.
  5. The Official 2006-2007 Exams Thread

    Had my software engineeering and hci(human computer interaction) exam today. Meh I know I made a couple of mistakes but should get above 40% which is a pass.
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Oh is it that time already *sigh* Mind you I loved it when shigsy called out bungie saying he could of made the game. Gotta love shigsy for that. HA HA. *Checks watch Software enginerring and hci exam nearly time*
  7. Wii Release List

    Which one the ds versions - if so, then you'll be waiting until q3
  8. Game buys Gamestation

    Tesco had wanted to takeover Safeway but the Competition commission said when the bids went into safeway that they had to reject tescos bid. And its not that rare infact its very common if you do th ratios of takeovers compared to those that were refused in the last 10 years. Ok well I'm going to go and gently persuade them to stop it. Yes I'm evil, but I think Game aren't giving decent rewards for consumers. Inwould rather have 5% + student discount off games rather than £2.50 for every £100 I spend with those assholes and student discount off.
  9. Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Whats with all these anti-FF12 comments, it was a very good enjoyable rpg. But what do you class as a proper FF game, becuase in 12 there is a form of turn based combat just very quick. Also theres chocobos/airships/blonde haired heros who save the world/ptions/phoenix downs/summons. What more do you want from FF game.
  10. Game buys Gamestation

  11. Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon

    Aren't the mystery dungeon franchise that crappy range of games that were japan only until the pokemon version came out. This is will be shit for merely being a mystery dungeon title.
  12. Game buys Gamestation

  13. Game buys Gamestation

  14. MP3 Downloads

    Did you know your not funding terroism, thats an 'urban myth' if you buy opium then your funding terroism. And everything else I agree with, however I haven't bought a new cd personally in the last 6 odd years.
  15. Simpsons Game Countdown

    It looks quite nice in motion, and one thing I have in my mind is its supposed to mock the games EA publish, so why have they got "Grand Theft Scratchy"