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  1. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Does anyone know if and when there is going to be an xbox price drop this month?
  2. Burnout: Paradise

    Same here just got the Annihilator Phoenix, took me bloody ages!
  3. Burnout: Paradise

    This game is so awesome, the only trouble is I don't seem to actually get round to doing many of the races as I'm constantly hammering it around looking for sweet jumps and bill boards. Never been much of a racing game fan before but this game has converted me!
  4. Mario Galaxy Vs Halo 3

    Both 10 out of 10. Both amazing games, don't argue just enjoy them both :P
  5. Rate the last film you saw

    Star Wars? :P Watched 'The Number 23' last night and thought it was brilliant 8.5/10 very freaky though!
  6. User Image Gallery

    Just found this in a box of old photos Oh dear!
  7. DeviantArt

    Oxi your Conscient coma pic is awesome, reminds me of the album art for Faithless - Reverence but better :P
  8. DeviantArt

    Just stuck a couple of random sketches on my DA have a butchers!
  9. DeviantArt

    Lol, cheers mate Just out of interest what camera do you have? I've just got a standard Samsung digital camera but thinking about getting a bigger one as would love to do some proper photographs. Got some awesome abandoned radar dishes from the war in a quarry near where I live and they would make awesome prints.
  10. DeviantArt

    Nice piccy Daft! http://rapture1984.deviantart.com/ is mine, there's only a couple pictures on there at the moment but I should be getting a graphics pad soon so can start some drawings!
  11. The Darkness

    Got this game on Thurs and absolutely love it. The story is brilliant, especially the hills bit The creeping dark is so much fun as well, got to love slithering over the tops of buildings to eat peoples' hearts out! Some of the collectibles are brilliant as well, "If you have been stabbed press 2, if you are being stabbed press 3, if you are stabbing someone press 4" Lol!
  12. Games you own more than one copy of...

    Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES, no idea where the second copy came from, must have accidently nicked it off one of my mates when I was a nipper.
  13. Super Mario Galaxy

    Cheers! Haven't finished Zelda yet! :P Suppose I should really get around to that sometime...