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  1. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Could be good for a new Silent Hill or Resident Evil. But they'd be multiplat and likely built around the PS4 engine so would include minor "shoved in" use. Maybe some sort of "blind maze man" game where you have to shut your eyes (or just make screen black, but others wouldn't see what's going on and cheer you on. Maybe through online? As teams or audience?) and guide yourself through a maze based on the strength of vibrations. There'd be various traps, enemies, "wall types" etc. marked by different vibrations and sound distance (that 3D sound). It could actually make a pretty incredibly unique puzzle game. Other players could even use the full-3d motion+ to interact with objects and other stuff. SLASH YOUR SWORD! DUCKk! MOVE TO THE LEFT! ^(OMG did I just describe KNIGHTMARE the video game…?)
  2. Project Octopath Traveller

    Looks great, will likely buy.
  3. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Disappointed with this news. Never actually played a FE game, and to be honest, from the screenshots I've seen it seems like this may as well be just Dynasty Warriors with similar "warrior good guys and bad guys." But then…like I said, not played one. I was hoping for something crazier like HW of DQH. Some sort of Nintendo Warriors with stuff from all across the board (including FE, obviously). Giant Bowser and Ridley stalking the battlefields. Playable Yoshi with his own army etc.squad of hatched Yoshis.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey

    Though not shown, I'm guessing this is what Miyamoto's T-shirt was about; a Feudal Japan world. I see the globe on Mario's ship and it makes me think he's travelling the world (like Odyssey) but each new world gave off a different vibe and design almost like parallel worlds. Hmmm. No sign of ? Blocks, though.
  5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Love Mario Kart, but yes, without new racing tracks this is a zero buy for me. Since it's not due out for a while, wouldn't surprise me if there ARE new tracks, though and they're just holding off showing them.
  6. Snipperclips (March 2017)

    Is this some sort of Mario Maker-like game but you use drawings/art/clip art to design games…?
  7. Arms

    With this and 1-2 it makes me glad to see Ninety hasn't ditched it's motion stuff. Heck, it all seems to have gotten better and more intricate. This is essentially Wii Boxing's evolution. Why do I now expect a Wii "Crazy" Golf Evolution where after putting the ball it goes flying through the air, sprouts wings and then you have to motion guide it through some crazy sky obstacle course to the hole...?
  8. 1-2 Switch (March 3rd 2017)

    It clearly uses the motion+ 3D movement sensing/HD rumble features, camera features etc. It looks like there's plenty of mini games (there seems a huge amount just shown, probably many more, each with slight variations on control and reflex challenges), but essentially it looks like some sort of duelling game (rock/paper/scissors is mentioned as being able to be sensed by the controller, too). Dispute/argument settler? It's meant as a simple party game and for just people wanting a quick laugh. I see it becoming a popular drinking game. While not a "gamer's game" I can see this becoming some humongous fad. You wait and see. Wouldn't surprise me if there's Wario Ware style single player, too.
  9. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Imagine what happens when we get a big budget film (Pixar Mario?) A Netflix Zelda series? Live action Metroid movie? GET ON IT!! We know they're interested and production studios are interested.
  10. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Well, Sinnoh is next in order. No problem there. The problem doesn't occur until next gen with remakes of BW. Y'know, because of the sequels and the fact BW2 has huuuuuuuge postgame and game in general. Considering ORAS ditched Emerald stuff, and no third Kalos and intended extras, BW remake is going to be barebones with ZERO BW2 stuff. It's going to be very dissapointing.
  11. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    The English trailer girl from that artificial island mentions "other worlds" as well as Pokemon from that world in her speech, then in the Japanese trailer you see UB-01 coming out of a portal/wormhole...hmm. Is Alola getting invaded? LOL
  12. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Sweet! It stores 100 people, too. Plus there's quick access feture, too. Also, the Anouma special Mii's last game played is Triforce Heroes. I hope that's a hint "don't forget the game, that last bit of dlc is due soon."
  13. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I'm sure there's something about lossless compression here; there's techniques for cartridges/cards that let you fit waaaay more data than it says it can hold, wheras bluray holds so much they don't really bother with high end compression at all anymore. In the end, storage wise, it may make no difference. Unless I've been hearing fibs.
  14. Nintendo Direct (3DS Only) - September 1st - 15:00

    Believe me they DO. I'd rather have new 3DS game news than NX news.
  15. Wasn't it like on the official twitter though...? Most at the time just assumed a Hyrule Warriors character, but that's not happened. Cancelled character...?