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  1. The Worst Movies Ever..

    I love that movie. Both part two and three have their own charm. GO ANGELA!!!
  2. Rate the film above you

    The only thing I like about that movie are the girls. 3/10 Night of the Living Dead
  3. Rate the band above you!

    Pretty good band 6/10. Dead Kennedys
  4. 3 websites you couldn't live without?

    1. Gp32x 2. Amazon 3. Gonintendo
  5. What's the scariest thing you've witnessed?

    My brothers and I almost started a huge wild fire. That was really scary.
  6. Pointless facts about yourself!

    1. I like horror movies 2. I like bad girls 3. I have high blood pressure 4. I like looking at my self in mirrors 5. I have a hard time saying the word love
  7. The recommend me some music thread.

    Dead Kennedys The Misfits (with Glenn Danzig) The Cramps TSOL (True Sounds of Liberty) Concrete Blonde
  8. Your First Love...

    Jackie was my first love. I was with her for almost two years. After I moved to New Mexico I never saw her again. I do use her name in most of my movie scripts.
  9. The Simpsons are not as good as they use to be. Family Guy is ok Futurama has a nice level of comedy with out going over the top. South Park has its moments. American Dad I don't really care for it. I vote for For Futurama
  10. Whats your real name?

    I am the one and only Dustin M. Spencer (A.K.A. "The Zombie King").
  11. Happy Birthday Fierce Link

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Lay back, and take it easy. Here is my present. I hope you like it. The 80's horror classic...Night of the Creeps! http://youtube.com/watch?v=BD5rBuwQkoY
  12. OMG Mountain Dew!

    Code Red taste good, but not as good as Mountain Dew.
  13. I just found out what happen. I have very little experience with girl friends, so I can't really help you with your problem. I do have something I want to say to you. Some day you will find a girl that truly loves you, but until that day comes, their are people on these forums that love you, and Im one of them. Please excuse any bad grammar. It is currently 4:00 AM, and I am very tired.
  14. movies you love!

    George A. Romero's dead series Back to the Future Trillogy Friday the 13th 1-4 Pulp Fiction The Return of the Living Dead Evil Dead Trillogy Conan the Barbarian The list can go on forever.
  15. Super Metroid is the best game on the snes. That's my opinion and Im sticking to it.