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  1. Things you look out for in games

    Music is definately something that will keep me hooked into a game. A catchy theme will always keep me coming back. Warioware Smooth Moves has me coming back all the time just so I can hear the odd soundbyte or two over and over again. I loved the music in Blast Corps, that and its tight original game play had me addicted for hours. I wish I could find another game like that.
  2. Wii Fit

    I did a body test last night after doing 40mins of various exercises and one of the tests was the Walking test in which I managed to score 100%. I was really surprised at this. Then my Wii-Fit age was calculated (I'm 33) and I came in at 26......then a green block smashed that number down to 25. That was a freaky surprise and I was well chuffed with that result. I love little surprises like that. Makes me think there are other little treats instore for me which gives me that incentive to keep coming back.
  3. Balance boarding...What do YOU want?

    I have yet to experience using Wii Fit, but from what I can tell it has two pressure sensitve pads on it, one for each foot. Could this mean you could use it for racing games with one pad acting like an accelerator and one pad being the break? It would respond depending on how much pressure you put on it. Thats my two cents.
  4. Castlevania Wii Rumour Resurfaces

    If this turns out to be true my life will be complete. I wanna whip with the wiimote and hear the crack of it come out of the speaker. Oh yes! Dear God make this happen and be a fully fledged disc based game too with that awesome castlevania music
  5. Receiver Lockup/crash

    Hello everyone. I'm not sure if anyone can help with this little problem but I have recently bought a Pioneer LX70 receiver for my home theatre set up. Unfortunately after about 10 - 15 minutes use it locks up on me. By this I mean none of the buttons will operate and I can't change any settings including the input settings, volume or even switch it off. I've looked in the trouble shooting pages and it advises I should switch off at the wall and then switch on again. Even after doing this the power will not return (unless I leave it off at the wall for 5 or more minutes. I've taken the unit back for a replacement and got one but now the replacement unit does exactley the same thing. Upon further reading of the instructions I noticed that it is recommended that I use speakers with a nominal impedence of 8 ohnms or more. My current speakers are 4 ohms (they are Wharfedales). Could this be the cause of the problem? The sales team where I bought it from don't seem to know. Any advice? Cheers
  6. I sometimes feel like I'm going through some sort of gaming puberty and my hormones are all over the place. One minute I feel like having a blast then the next I'm thinking about how it's all such a chore. Nostalgia is messing with my head big time. I keep thinking how great it was when I would buy a new game not knowing a thing about it, just looking at the back and thinking 'this looks cool - lets buy it'. This happened to me when purchasing games such as Super Metroid, Secret of Mana and Goldeneye. Back then I only had access to magazines for any snippets of info, none of this internet business. Nowadays my opinions are clouded with news and reviews from all sorts of avenues. I'm currently having difficulty getting enthused about Zack and Wiki. I have it and have started playing it but I feel that I need to devote hours of time to it and that to me seems daunting when there are so many other responsibilities in life (curse getting older). I'm also playing Tomb Raider and that has lots of little checpionts dotted through out that I can feel less pressured and intimidated by it. My feelings are all over the place right now but I think I'm losing interest which is a sad thing for me. Being a stubborn Nintendo only gamer doesn't help either but I really don't have time to play every good game on 3 different consoles let alone one. Perhaps I should just go back to picking a game off a shelf if I like the look of it and not have any preconceived expectations of it. If it turns out great then cool, if it turns out to be a pile of poo then thats my tough bickies.
  7. It's the Little Things in Games

    Watching my niece and nephew play the dance level on Warioware Smooth Moves. The smiles on their faces nearly bought tears to my eyes. As short as that game is I think it's pure brilliance in terms of fun factor. No other game as managed to make my friends and family laugh so much. The speed at which stuff happens in that game makes me feel happy and alive.
  8. Woohoo my Wii has never looked so good!

    I have also just puchased an HD TV (Pioneer 50" Kuro) and I have to say some games look fantastic while others are not so good. Wario Ware - Smooth Moves is positively chocolate for the eyes. Resident Evil 4 however doesn't look that great. Umbrella Chronicles does look lovely though. Wii Sports has a few jaggies but I'm not worries by that. For some reason I prefer sharp jaggies to smooth blurries. I like to have my Wii display on my TV at 480p. No upscaling for me as it blurrs the image.
  9. No More Heroes

    Just found out that NZ and Australia are getting the "Black Ash" edition of this game too. No red stuff for us either. Oh well thats poos but then again life is like that. I'm thinking no blood for any PAL version release.
  10. Sorry guys, I didn't realize I was supposed to comment on the above post. My mistake.
  11. I work for a citizenship office here in NZ and we have ceremonies for people who have been appointed new citizens. One applicant who was from Iraq just recieved his certificate of Citizenship and my team leader congratulated him with the following comments, "You must be so pleased to finally be a Kiwi citizen. You can wake up each moring and not worry about having a bomb go off in your back yard" God I just stood there cringing, while the poor applicant just nervously laughed the comment off. It's not the first innapropriate comment she's made during a citizenship ceremony.
  12. To be honest I'm not sure. I've heard the Wii is doing really well in Aussie but here in NZ I get the impression it's a different story. No TV advertising. Mailout brochures have pages and pages dedicated to PSP/PS2/PS3 advertisingwith little or no Nintendo products. Everything is bought to you by Playstation sponsoring. The Sony Brand is mammoth over here. Shop windows are littered with Playstation gear and lastnight I saw a PSP, PS2 and PS3 advert all within 10 minutes of each other on the tele. I'm glad the Wii is doing well in Europe, you guys are lucky to have all the advertising and support this time round. Over here it just feels like the Gamecube all over again. It's quite sad. I feel like a lone Nintendo player.
  13. I wish they would bloody well advertise down here. In the past year I've seen about 4 Wii Adverts and a trillion PS3 adverts. No problem getting a wii here folks, the shops are full of them. The last promotion I saw for the Wii was on the news the other night about a retirement home that had got one to entertain the elderly folks. They like to call it Nantendo. What a brilliant image that portrays in a country where Nintendo is generally hated. I'm bitter about the state of things down here in case you couldn't tell. It's been going on too long.
  14. Super Mario Galaxy

    Quick question. I'm going to get this game next week when it finally arrives and I like to collect everything I can and see as much of the game as I can before fighting the final Boss and finishing the game. Can you do this, can you collect 120 stars before beating Bowser and seeing the end or do you have to beat Bowser after so much and then go back for the rest? Cheers guys
  15. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Thank you Illusionary for that link. I should of thought of that site myself as I've been there previously for other guides Silly me.