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  1. Resident Evil 5

    I would say North Africa, because of the Islamic chanting, but really it could be anywhere. My prediction is probably Southern Africa - it might not be geographically accurate, but it's the least likely to kick a fuss, and is the only way to realistically have a mix of races in the game.
  2. Resident Evil 5

    Hylian King, you need to pick your diction a bit better (e.g. "Blacks"). This racism debate is over the top. But I still think Capcom only chose to set in Africa because darker people are harder to see in the dark/shadows.
  3. What's your Wii mag of choice?

    Edge, for its reports and journalism. For news and reviews, that's why God invented the internet. On-top of the latest news, it also comes with video.
  4. Resident Evil 5

    I read somewhere the reason they picked Africa was purely down to black people being some-what hard to see in harsh shadows, making the game scarier. But whatever, I don't really care. Except the black people aren't zombies. They all look pretty normal. But when they die, they melt into black goo.
  5. It's Pokemon Online, Nintendo's first Pay to Play MMORPG.
  6. Oh okay. In that case, I don't think Xbox 360 makes a profit from its hardware sales. Even if it is cheaper to make one now, a 360 originally had a loss of £150. It can't be that much of a difference today. Maybe they only just break even?
  7. I think they started making a profit in 2006. Even back then they had a ratio of 5 games sold per console. Now it's 7 games per console (i.e. the average Xbox 360 owner will have 7 games for it). For the Wii and PS3 it's only 3 games per console, so Microsoft are definitely making the most profits from their games.
  8. It's quite the opposite, especially in manga. Battle Royale and Akira spring to mind. Both featured naked minors, in sexual situations. Although it's hand drawn, it's still a 14/15 year old girl getting shagged/raped/whatever, by grown men. It plays on the same emotions as child pornography.
  9. 360 price cut, a few questions...

    Yep. It can also be used as a monitor if it has DVI too (using a DVI/VGA adapter).
  10. Wild Earth: African Safari

    It's fine.
  11. Wii Pay & Play

    Charging per game is a bit random on Nintendo's behalf.
  12. Wild Earth: African Safari

    God knows. If it was, it wasn't a funny one.
  13. Wild Earth: African Safari

    WTF? Loser.
  14. Wild Earth: African Safari

    Yes. But I am a changed man now.
  15. Wild Earth: African Safari

    It isn't always about graphics. It must be something worthwhile, cos' Playstation are copying the same idea: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/25149.html