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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

    I feared as much. Well, seems like I am going to enjoy the normal mode once again
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

    Is there actually any way to play Master Quest before completing the normal mode of the game? I think this move is kinda stupid as there are many gamers who have already beaten OoT in normal mode (more than once). It is a bit different with Master Quest though.
  3. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    One question: I read (regarding time attack) that there is not just gold but actually also something like "Shiny Gold" which is not "shown" in the limits of the level but is supposed to be 1 to 10/20/30 seconds (depending on the level) faster than Gold. Does that really exist? I mean I think Gold is already quite hard to get
  4. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    I also think the originals were better but that doesn't mean DKCR is a bad game. However, what I really don't like at all is that you can't switch between the kongs anymore in Sinple Player. I think this was a major part of the DKC series. I don't want Diddy to just run on DK's back. Furthermore, I am also not too happy to have to "shake" the Wiimote to do the spin because sometimes though I shake it (quite hard) it isn't recognized and I loose a heart. I also agree that I don't like that for the puzzle pieces I have to do things like stopping and "blow" at things. Actually, I think the whole "blowing" part is stupid in general. But as said the game itself is good and it can get even better (maybe up to old standards) with a sequel e.g. On a side-note: Regarding Skyward Sword let's see how it turns out. I am normally for changes but some things should have stay in DKC (like the character switch element). However, the graphic style seems to go in the direction of "A Link to the Past" again. It isn't completely "realism" (like TP) but also not completely "cel-shading" (like WW). Actually, I liked the newer Zelda games too. Persoanlly, I think WW was a great game and could have been the best Zelda for me, IF they had made "finding the triforce" parts more intersting.
  5. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    OK. I have now finished the first world and parts of the second and collected the KONG-Letters and puzzle pieces. The game seems to be quite fun, it would probably be even better in Multiplayer mode. However, compared to the old DKC games I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed. One of the main issues is the missing ability to swap between the characters, I always thought this is a part what makes DKC DKC. Then, obviously, the missing "classic controller" support. I mean this game just "CRIES OUT" to get "classic controller" support. Then - from what I read - because I wanted to know if they are good for anything (couldn't find anything so far), it seems the puzzle pieces only unlock artworks and such stuff. In DKC2 the euqivalent bonus coins - well not completely I never got a bonus coin by blowing at something - were used to unlock furhther levels. It seems now the KONG-Letters are "taking" care of that but I think the puzzle pieces would be harder to get. It isn't that bad but I really don't see any need to break the tradition here. Furthermore, I believe the could have made use of both (the KONG letters) and the puzzle pieces (like it was necessary in DKC3 as far as I remember but not DKC2 - I think there it was only a "nice" to have the DK coins but I am not completely sure anymore) but as said this isn't so bad but I just don't see any reason to change it. One other thing I read was (during my time searching for what the puzzle pieces do) was that I read that there are NO underwater levels at all? Is that true? IF so, this is also disappointing as underwater levels just belong to DKC too. It really is a great game though. It's just that I think some things shouldn't have been changed from the original DKC series (like the character switch function - in single player at least).
  6. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Btw. have they already explained for what exactly the two hearts are? I mean: It is quite probably what hearts are for in other games but actually they haven't said anything so far. Furthermore there is the question if the two hearts are only there in multiplay (could compensate for one player only playing one Kong) or also in singleplay.
  7. I noticed (probably others too) that they said Hyrule at the end of the presentation (after watching that part of the press conference). So I guess that it is quite likely that Ganondorf will also make an appearance - but, of course, by far not guarenteed - (Majora's Mask didn't play in Hyrule for instance)...
  8. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Have they said anything about those animals (Engarde, a.s.o) being in or not being in the game? I hope they will be in the game but just weren't in the trailer. Well, even without them I still think I am gonna enjoy the game but still...
  9. I missed the Zelda part first and I only watched the trailers and so afterwards but thanks for the info.
  10. I know this might be a kinda early question but have there been any hints on a release fram so far like this year or early next year or the end of the next year or ..?
  11. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Is there known if this game will features animals to ride or to turn into like the other games (well the turning into wasn't in DKC1 but there were still animals to ride). I didn't see any scenes like this in the video shown. Only diddy riding on DK.
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    @Emasher: Well you could use the touchscreen on the 3DS and just output the other screen on the TV - well, of course that would only work for some titles but...) Regarding DS: This would be quite easy, you could just "cut" your TV in two parts (splitscreen) and allow the second one to use the Wii Pointer for touchpad replacement. Actually, this should work quite well. But what I meant was to use the handheld for playing and just output the one screen that doesn't require touchpad over a cable from the handheld.
  13. 3DS Console Discussion

    A different question: Do you think that with the 3DS (when using the normal 2D mode but actually i could also work with 3D with newer TVs) it will be possible to connect the displays to a TV instead of using the internal ones (of course, it might only make sense for some games to do so because of the touch screen but not all have that much graphic there but just menus or something like this). Actually, this is something I wanted from handhelds for a while now. That way I can play like always when I am not at home but if I am at home I can use the big screen (TV) like it is already possible with the PSP.
  14. Arc Rise Fantasia (Marvelous/Image Epoch)

    They included the OST to the game? That's nice. I would like to see this with more games. I just find it ridiculous that the release an OST individually from the game as the game itself contains the soundtracks already anyway.
  15. Arc Rise Fantasia (Marvelous/Image Epoch)

    However, if that is the case, i guess I won't import it as the European release date would be more or less the same then and I want to encourage Rising Star to continue what they are doing in bringing such good titles to Europe.