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  1. Dare you play with Hellfire?

    Parabéns atrasados Don! Não sabia que fazias anos ontem. Achámos a thread à sorte, believe it or not! Congrats to you too Dan!
  2. I seen a ghost.

    Hey Caris, if that asian guy shows up in your room again tell him he still owes me 30€ from the asswhooping I gave him in smash bros. Fucker shows up in my room in the middle of the night, we play Brawl for money, he gets his ass whooped and then the fucker vanishes.
  3. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

    Uuuh... Nice find!! Too bad we can't see much.
  4. Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers!

    Looking awesome, but yeah, the anti-aliasing will not happen.
  5. Super Mario Galaxy

    Watch the other videos from that guy. He makes the best GMVs around, IMO. Watch his Smash Braw, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess videos.
  6. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    I don't want to be a party pooper but I don't really think this will be a very good 1 player game for you solitary video gamers out there. It will be one hell of a game for a 4 player storm though. Kinda like Zelda 4 swords.
  7. Anime and manga discussion

    Was waiting for you to post that, since I couldn't be arsed. So all that Disappearance propaganda was not vapor after all. Awesome news, and I'm really happy that it's a movie. Even higher budget and possibly HD. Hell, they released K-ON in 1080p, why shouldn't they do the same to this movie? Just hope they don't rush through it. Don't know how long the book is. Yuki fans will be delighted with this movie I heard. Didn't watch the Naruto OP. Will do it when the subs are available (hurry up damn it!), but its really sad to know that we get spoilers even in the OP, as if the previews and episode names weren't spoilerific enough. @ Shorty: Don't know if you consider that Naruto change good or bad, but I'm certainly enjoying this arc a lot. I'm really hyped for what could be next. Considered Railgun but time doesn't stretch. Is it any good?
  8. Anime and manga discussion

    It's kinda hard to recommend anything if you don't clue us in in what genre you like the most. But Haruhi S2 was very good. Not as much as the 1st because they covered very little ground story wise. Basically they just filled the chronological holes of season 1, but the details are important for what's coming. Well, since I don't see Detroit Metal City on your list, I'll recommend you that. It's a quick laugh, and a very good one at that, but it will only last you 2 hours. So if you want to kill time you better look for something else. (but watch it anyway)
  9. Okamiden

    Will this play similarly to the original one? I still have to play it on the Wii.
  10. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    What about New Super Mario Bros for the DS? I know it's way smaller but...
  11. Wii Price Drop In Japan & US Confirmed

    Well yeah, but you and me or almost anyone on this forum are not their targets. We already got the Wii.
  12. The Wii Audio/Graphics Appreciation Thread

    Since this is a Wii thread, I'm sure you meat Super Mario GALAXY, no?
  13. A new Pokemon game coming soon on Nintendo Wii

    Considering the fact that it certainly won't be a full fledged RPG, I hope it's something with the polish and versatility of Pokémon Stadium 2. But unfortunately it will probably be something by Genius Sonority again.
  14. Nintendo Business/Sales Discussion

    Well, back in the day there weren't as many western videogame software houses as there are today.