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  1. Uz = yous. It (intentionally) fails in grammar, not txt spk.

  2. Without the ''s...?

  3. I actually had no time yesterday. Got to the studio at 8:45, did some DVD authoring, went to the printers twice, prepared my DVDs, helped others, went to Green Park, Tottenham Court Road, Russell Square, Tottenham Court Road, to another printers, to uni to do some desk decoration, back to the second printers and then had our degree show. So...yeah :p


    But yeah just let me know when you're around.

  4. I do. But that's not why I've not added it. Its because I spend 12 hours a day in the studio atm :p

  5. I was thinking more "if you mistranslate me I'll cut you" but whatever.

  6. Not entirely sure why but saw this and thought you'd be amused.



  7. Its small and tree like. I thought the connections were obvious.

  8. I saw a Bonsley stuffed toy today and thought of yooooou.

  9. Hey,


    Cheers for the link. Some pretty impressive stuff!

  10. Well my animation is obviously nowhere near the quality of WW but I like the bright almost child-like visuals (I mean that in a good way of course) and my story also has a nautical theme. A random image from it, or at least from an earlier version. But I keep looking at WW for inspiration. For example yesterday I needed an idea of how wind may be blown in that style and even tweeted asking for help on the site's twitter but got none unfortunately. Figured it out in the end but...yeah I'm rambling.

  11. Vote: Strip Search.

  12. 23mn0hj.jpg


    You sicken me.

  13. Will do. If you are around just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get too messy but if you head off then don't worry. I wouldn't blame you! Cheers dude :)

  14. Hey. You staying online during the Sony conference (until 2am) or shall I just change permissions so anyone can start a thread?

  15. Your vagina is an island of flowers.


    I don't have the time to watch that. Remind me in two weeks?

  16. Just looking through the site stats and your profile is the only one to feature on the top 100 page views (for both forum and site) in the last month, coming in at 89th.


    Although I now see that it was all ReZ.

  17. I predict a riot.

  18. And you can't thank a news report but I'm glad you approve :p

  19. New avatar = awesome.

  20. Good thinking batman! Thanks.

  21. The youtube user?