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  1. Got me 7A*'s and an A. Just waiting on the other three results tomorrowzz
  2. Post Your Purchases

    Gots me a fresh cart. Now just to fill it full of DIRT!
  3. :p I misread your post is all: thought you said is it necessary to play pikmin 1 or 2. Ya, never even finished pikmin 1 myself, probably due to the fact I got it for 50p and 'tis blatantly inferior when compared to the second.
  4. Games you Hate, But everyone else loves

    Mario Kart 64 is OTT 'orrible.
  5. YES!! no, it's rather sucky..
  7. 80's Music

    It's sorta on the same peg as '80s music, but I've always found chiptune (gameboy music and what-not) music always cheers me right up when I'm feeling down: harks back to old memories and rose-tinted summers. Alot of chiptune artists are really '80s in their style anywho, with their emphasis on melody and downbeats. Check nullsleep's myspace and download his new album. Should cheer ya up!
  8. First Aid

    I've got a few years experience as a St. John Ambulance cadet so I hope I don't sound arrogant when i say my first-aid skillz are major ownage and what-not But ya, they could always do with a quick refresher =/
  9. ¿uǝʞoɹq ɔd ʎɯ sı

    This thread actually made me do a full blown chortle :p
  10. Beautiful countries:no 1

  11. Yaya, Resident evil on friday and my m3 simply arriving soon is more than a kick in the teeth
  12. It was a personal joke. In the same week both my wii and ds have broken equating to a pile of hassle and a rather hefty, meaningless hole in my pocket. I'm out of money and this is what has initially ruined the start of my summer as I had other plans for it; i.e; An Erol Alkan gig on Friday. So, speedfreaks; fook aff And Jordan, thank for sticking up for me. I lurv yhoo
  13. Hitman movie trailer online

    It's horrible All the big explosions, Hitman wasn't about big explosions However, I do like that whole "divinity" stuff. 'tis new, I suppose.
  14. Question for GMC; How much did the P&P for the wii (in the box, I assume) come to?