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  1. Forum Love

    He is not sexist -10
  2. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Can't wait for many games Too bad I have no money :P
  3. Forum Love

    GTFO + 10 You is awesome
  4. Football Season 2007/2008

    I hate International Breaks But Liverpool have been doing bollocks so It's alright....This time around
  5. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Simply Brilliant The World and the Bunnies 10/10
  6. dynastygal welcome thread

    Now you Say it!
  7. Football Season 2007/2008

    Simple Answer Shit But we got a Point away at Porto and losing and home isn't a catasrophe. The group is still their to be qualified from...
  8. dynastygal welcome thread

    I become an Aficionado in June
  9. Maase presentation

    1: I was being nice, and welcoming her 2: Whats Harribo got to do with this thread? 3: Stop being such an ignorant know it all, I don't like your attitude considering this thread has been just full of mis-understanding and mis-interpretation, Was all that really nessesary, apart from the welcome? 4: Who are you and what on earth have I done to deserve such Demeaning comments?
  10. 2007 Rugby World Cup

    Ohhh Aye I'm going the Everton v Liverpool Match Pub Afterwards Watch the Final! Jesus if Liverpool win and England do I might just wee myself a little!
  11. Maase presentation

    What people Insinuate and Mean are two different things, The Fish was just helping out. Now...I think this calls for a lockage Welcome Once Again to both new members
  12. Forum Love

    Domjcg's Friend Good Laugh Good to speak to Speaks sense as well