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  1. Finally managed to find a copy of Modern Warfare 2 today from Costco today! £31.58... Look forward to playing it after Japanese class today
  2. Managed to find one today! Got it from Costco for £31.58 Last one they had instock though, so I was pretty relieved
  3. Scene it? Box Office Smash, with the 4 wireless pads. £14.99 from play.com
  4. I have to admit I did sell a majority of mine, I think in total 5 left :/ Baten Kaitos (NTSC) Eternal Darkness Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Starfox Adventures Super Smash Bros Melee Wish I kept some of the ones which I sold (Zelda, Luigi and mario)
  5. Only relised today that my copy of OPM had arrived, just had a quick run through of the Uncharted 2 Review, which ofcourse got a 10/10 ;D
  6. Ultimate Avengers #2 (Although I am still waiting for #1 to arrive ¬_¬) And that Moon Knight Saga was free ^^
  7. Got my Beta key this morning from play.com, have yet to play it as I had Japanese classes. Also signed up for that Red Bull deal... Holy shit that is awesome, 12 free cans??!!
  8. Will definitely buy the Invincible volumes from Amazon next week when I get paid, since that seems to get alot of attention on these forums ^^ Think I saw that Ulitimate Spider-man in the comic store today, so might aswell pick that up when I am next in town (This Friday), might pick up some other random ones which I like the look off. I honestly didn't know comics where this cheap, I thought they were something like a £5 - 6 each. I swear when I originally had some X-Men comics like 8 or so years ago I paid something like the above price >.< (Although their paper that was used was much thicker?)
  9. So I read Red Tornado #1 today, was pretty good, can see myself buying the furture 4 in the series. The whole race between him and his evil sibling (Red Volcano) to who can find their other siblings (Which I geuss are all other elements?) first is interesting... I want moar comics nao!
  10. Correct that its a comic, while I was in town I popped into the comic store just to browse, then decided I wanted an issue 1 of something, then this beamed out to me. (Red Tornado Issue 1) Will also look out and try to get Invicible too then
  11. So its good then yeh? ^^ Mine probably won't be here till the end of the week, I look forward to reading it, since I haven't read a comic in yonks!
  12. I just bought my first comic in years... Ultimate Comics Avengers #1
  13. Cheers for the reply, unfortunaly I don't have a HDMI able 360 so will have to rely on the switcher, which I will now pickup when I get my Wii component cable Yeh I know there isn't a big difference in quality from composite to component, but even a little is good enough for me ;p
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