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  1. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Really ? Just I thought if there are no publisher restrictions then if I gave you the disc and you install it then you will have to pay a fee to play it. Just like fifa is today
  2. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Ok fair point on the lending a game to your friend (Never lent a game in years) But if there are no restrictions on games then selected retailers and private selling are not points
  3. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Yeah the option is there because console change. The 360 from launch till now is totally different. So if no publishers put a restriction on games then its the same as PS4. (Apart from the 24 hour check) All this rant and rave about used games is stupid when no publisher has said anything
  4. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Which publishers have came out and said they are blocking or putting some sort of restriction on used games ?
  5. The NEW New Super Mario Bros. U Thread

    Finally finished with 3 stars on them all. Took some time !
  6. Really ? Im sure we have still got a good year left for the 360/PS3 Just becasue the Wii U is coming out doesnt mean its next gen yet. Not one game for that system seems next gen yet
  7. Wii U Can't Replicate Xbox Live/PSN

    Haha well played, even tho it wasn't made by Nintendo so they stole it !
  8. Wii U Can't Replicate Xbox Live/PSN

    Really ?! I'm sure the Sidewinder had motion control years before the wii came out. And Miiverse look like a cartoon version of PsHome
  9. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    The thing that worries me is online gaming. All the games that were showed we're all single player or local multiplayer. If Mario U isn't online multiplayer then it's very worrying.
  10. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    I got my code bought Escape Plan with it and got Frobisher Says already
  11. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Question about "Near" Can people see your address or where abouts you are on a map ?
  12. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Just got in and it's arrived got it with wipeout. Need another game tho. Tennis or golf ?
  13. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

    Normal post Nightmare it hasnt come m8. I was pissed off with it being a day late
  14. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

    Mine just arrived Off to play
  15. 3DS eShop Thread

    That did the trick. Thx