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  1. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    cheers getting ps4 in next few weeks will add then
  2. What Have You Bought?

    ps4 in next week or two for my birthday cant wait
  3. Should Nintendo go 3rd party?!

    the way things are at mo they should defo continue with the 3ds and future handhelds. with nintendo they gone a mountain of old games and with everyone now owning smartphones perhaps the next step for ninty is to make a phone which has an nintendo e-shop to get nintendo games. as for the wiiu id make that the last console.....stick with it a couple more years and if it continues to struggle and making a loss then end production. make games then for the ps4/x1 but stay in the handheld/phone market. Nintenphone anyone?
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    is there a psn gamertag thread about? cant see
  5. Dark Souls II

    that puzzles the hell out of me too hopefully will see some sort of dark souls 2 "complete pack" or something in the future i sold my 360 late last year.....the only reason i part wanted to keep it was for this game. ill be gutted if doesnt make the jump one day
  6. Found out yesterday my wife is pregnant our boy is gunna have a little brother or sister
  7. Gunna pre-order next time in town Sooooo glad its not always online, can trade in games etc
  8. That project spark looked bloody boring Now we play the waiting game The ps4 is tad more powerful but surely wont be in region of £429 wat a pi$$ take i knew with kinect bundled in wouldnt be cheap but thats £429+gold+game best part of £500! Sony best make ps4 325-350 pleaseeeeeee
  9. Nice mcclaren p1 There showing games my god!! :0 Mgs5 looked awesome glad that isnt exclusive O no probs with bf4 trailer
  10. good stuff thread.

    booked up honeymoon last week going to florida for a week then newyork for 3 days....hurry up next june
  11. Xbox One Console Discussion

    5:30 set your alarms for more tv tv tv tv tv tv skype tv tv tv film tv tv sports tv sports film tv tv calllll of duty tv tv tv winning no prizes ere so far hopefully the sony conference will be good as if they do u-turn and get all evil like MS will just be getting a wiiu
  12. The Wrasslin' thread

    i dont understand what cesaro has done so wrong lately. First he was very impressive showing feats of strength beating everyone and now hes yodeling and lost his title....and didnt appear on raw or wrestlemania :/
  13. good stuff thread.

    im getting married on a week thursday (25th) yey and nearly all paid off.....just stag do to pay off getting limo and taking mates to cardiff for night out yey 4 more shifts then 2 weeks off cant bloody wait.
  14. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

    Looks verryyyyy nice Loved wind waker but was too easy and too short hopefully nintendo will add new temple :bowdown:
  15. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    skyrim. darksouls.